the lesson continuesIn this volatile, evolving world, why do the people who were consistently wrong in the past still have so much influence in shaping our collective future? Their words are hollow. Their actions are shallow. They have no viable answers. Just the same old exhausted rallying calls and sound-bites! Their minds were not open enough to anticipate the devastating results of their past actions. They could not look far enough ahead to see what could possibly go wrong.

A true leader intuitively knows that learning from the past brings correct understanding into the present and opens the way forward.

Greed renders us incapable of learning from experience. Consequently, the terror of war remains endless. The ‘old school’ is terrified of what they have created, but they deny their fear by telling themselves that winning is all that matters. But this denied fear of loss has to go somewhere and, sure enough, it is deflected towards humanity in many forms – and military force is only one. Denied fear also results in racism; sexism; ageism, slavery; environmental devastation; economic deprivation, and all kinds of heartless strategies.

Greed has such a narrow mind because it focuses only on what it wants and ignores everything else. Life is not a game, and yet the ‘old school’ keep us bound to a highly rigged system of winners and losers. And they DO see life as a game, with the general population as mere pawns (collateral) to be employed (used) as needed. We may often feel helpless to change things, and yet our constantly increasing awareness is helping to turn the tide.

“All the world’s a stage…” 
~ William Shakespeare “As you Like It”

2014 is a 7 global year – the number of the mind – a learning year. Now, humanity’s collective mind is expanding and evolving because, in the 2 energy of the 2000s, we are discovering our own sensitivity to life and our emotional vibrations are expanding our perception. Our minds are opening and we are literally coming to our senses.

The emotional range is our richest dimension … and we are just beginning to become aware of its complex and essential function. As a result, honesty is infiltrating this dishonest system, and denial of reality is crumbling. The entire emotional range is opening up now and, at the same time, our minds are opening up to our emotions, letting them in, (admitting how we feel), and giving our feelings consciousness. As our feelings gain consciousness, our thoughts gain depth.

Awareness of this inner movement helps us to see through what is being ‘presented’. We can see the strings being pulled and deceptions being performed. 2 is the number of transparency. 2 activates our ability to feel and sense, and clears our minds of the programming and disinformation that this “class system” feeds to us. 2 gives us clarity.

The system must control education, otherwise the knowledge gained will eventually turn against the system itself – which is exactly what is happening! The class system rules by hierarchy and denotes rule by ‘turn’ rather than ability. 2014 is a class all its own – a class room – a time and place of higher and deeper learning.

We are aware of the dumbing-down process we have all been put through. Knowledge is indeed starting to incapacitate the system because emotion (feminine energy / magnetism) is our openness. Transparency reveals the TRUTH. But the system fights this by insisting that science is wrong and that its own self-serving ‘ideology’ is right.

June 2014 is a 4 month in this 7 year. (6+7=13/4). 4 represents order and system, work, and how things work, restriction and breakthrough. The lessons of karmic 13 must be learned before we can move forward. In this industrial system, our reliance on WORK to stay alive enslaves us. This is why modern-day slavery (trafficking) is being exposed more frequently now. 13 is a practical energy which weighs the individuality of 1 and the joy that comes from 3, and reveals those areas which extract happiness from our individual and collective lives.

As the old heartless and inefficient industrial system continues to collapse, the fight to be #1 is reaching new extremes. 1 is the number of leadership, which is not a matter of controlling others but of enabling others to freely lead their own lives. True leadership does not dictate. It facilitates, fairly and honestly.

The pioneering 1 energy OPENS the way forward. 2 is the number of openness itself. We are all 1. We are all opening up. We are all evolving – including those who are fighting it. The old techniques of mind control and mental enslavement are having less and less effect as we recognize how the system drains the population of its natural power.

Each of us plays a vital role in the shaping of the future and have as much ‘right’ as anyone else to be here. But we have limited ourselves to masculine dominance (electricity) because we are too afraid to give equality to our magnetism – our feminine side. Only when our thoughts and feelings work together – CO-operate – willingly within the biological body – can we WILL our world into balance with a mutual desire for peace. 2 is the number of COOPERATION and TEAMWORK – and like all progress, it starts within.

Balance and equality are the same thing, and for as long as women’s ‘rights’ remain in the hands of men, the world will remain totally out of balance!

f06b0dfc0b1ed072e8316de07fd10468Feminine energy is the WILL of humanity – and despite the battering it has taken throughout time, it is freeing itself now and is very much alive! The free will of the people has been rising since the beginning of the new millennium. The more acceptance given to the essential role of the feminine, the more our minds expand with knowledge. Correctly understood knowledge is power. 2 is the number of PATIENCE. This enables us to pay close attention to detail which in turn brings the understanding we need.

Ongoing war is an important component of the system because it prevents humanity’s evolution into free will. When the awareness of the people reaches a certain level, the system must protect itself by starting or accelerating a war. Rape is considered to be a weapon of war because all war is against the feminine. All war is against the WILL of the people.

No matter how reluctant the people may be, once war has been declared, the majority usually rally behind their country or cause. But times have changed, and that tactic doesn’t work as well as it used to. In the 2000s, the appetite for war simply isn’t there any more. 2 is the number of PEACE through cooperation, diplomacy, and the desire to bring ourselves to the next stage of our enormous, untapped, hidden, and LOVING potential.

In order to move forward, we must put the past behind us. But fear of change causes us to cling to the past instead. This is reflected vividly in the conflicts and wars which never end. Wars cannot be ‘won’ because the emotions involved – the hatred, the fear, the grief – cannot heal in an atmosphere of injustice and imbalance. The only thing that can end war is genuine forgiveness and the desire to heal. The world economy runs on greed, and war is the extent greed will go to in order to have what it wants – or to destroy what it fears and hates.

History cannot help but repeat itself until these vital lessons are learned. And here we are – in 2014 – a 7 Global Year – the number of learning. We all have unique stories to tell about our experiences in life. The honest expression of how an experience makes us FEEL accelerates our ability to learn from it.

 “Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”
~ Gloria Steinem

7 is the number of planning. If we can dream it, we can plan and orchestrate it into existence. Our minds are opening – and we can come up with new solutions, methods and systems which respect and nurture life instead of ripping it to shreds or blowing it up with unconstrained greed. We can come up with new and beneficial ways of approaching health and longevity – and happiness. We can find balance within our bodies between our masculine minds and feminine feelings so that equality between men and women can prevail on Earth. It is there – at our sexual origins – that peace in the outer world begins. We can evolve into both the heights of intellect and the depths of feeling without one overpowering the other. We can rescue and heal our WILL. We really can “be the change we want to see in the world”.

Mistakes of the past are painfully visible everywhere. That’s coming from the 14 in 2014 – a karmic energy which forces us to learn from experience. And if we don’t? Then we ride the same old groove over and over and over – and history repeats and repeats and repeats. 1+4=5 … and 5 is the number of freedom.

We tend to look at life in unconnected slithers and segments, and it is those gaps which prevent us from connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture. We are in the 2000s now, and 2 is the number of connection. In that sense, humanity is finally adding 1 and 1 (thus the enormous global focus on the number 11) and pulling itself together in 2 – the number of unity. (The fight against unions and worker’s rights reflect the system’s fear of unity and fairness among the population).

Those who advocate violence in any form, including so-called ‘austerity’, as a means of solving problems and “controlling the population”, are the die-hard hangers-on to an obsolete way of life. Their ideals are ‘extreme’ and belong in the past, and cannot survive the evolutionary wave that the mass of humanity is creating with its desire for a more loving, sane, and fulfilling existence.

7 represents matters of secrets and privacy. A free society cannot prevail when people are watched, snooped upon and judged. Technology must be protected and secured for the population to use, rather than have it used against us.

In the midst of fundamental change, there are bound to be times of chaos and confusion. Everyone has feminine energy. Everyone has a will. But in the same way that not all spirits have loving intentions, neither does every will. When the will has been unable to heal from its experiences, there is a lot of pain and anger just bursting to be expressed. Numerically speaking, the will of humanity is getting stronger and the intention is generally loving. By 2020 it will probably be impossible to deny that the will of the people not only exists but is an essential power which we never realized we had. The collective heart is also developing its power to orchestrate and facilitate freedom by generating love. Love heals all. But we have to learn to let it. Love cannot reach us if we are not open to receive it. And just like the spirit and the will, hearts get broken too …. and they too can heal.


We are likely to see some emotional outbursts in the months and years ahead which will demonstrate just how powerful the emotions are, in both hateful and loving form. Emotionally, we are all damaged in some way because the system controls us by controlling our emotions. The will of the people has never been free – nor can we entirely understand the potential of free will until we experience it. Rescuing our will can be a tiring business, and this 4 month is revealing a certain weariness in people, even in those who are always “up”. However, it is the nature of the will to carry on. First and foremost, the will is the will to live – the survival instinct. And every time we do pick ourselves up and carry on, we gain strength – we gain will. We become more whole. More balanced.

Our emotions are moving within us – communicating with us – telling us how we really feel. We are allowing it to happen because our hearts and minds NEED a richer experience than we are currently having here on Earth. Only by knowing how we really feel inside can we know what we really want – instead of what the system tells us we should want.

In JULY, we move into the 7th month of TRIPLE 7 ENERGY – 777 – which activates the 3 energy of creativity, communication, appearances, popularity, populism, and population. Our last brush with 777 was back in March (the 3rd month), when the Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 inexplicably and tragically vanished. 7 is the number of MYSTERY. Prior to that, on July 7, 2005, (777) London was left shocked and reeling from a series of bombings which killed 52 (7) and injured approximately 700.

JULY 2014 is a 5 month in the world which emphasizes freedom, excitement, sex, physical reality, recklessness, sudden unexpected developments and, above all, learning from experience.


new ~ Flight MH17 ~ and GAZA  ~ new

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2014 ~ (PART 2) ~ KARMA – learning to learn

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The Mystery of Missing Flight 370




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  1. Cassie says:

    Where do you get 777 from? July 7 month, 2014 7 year, and ?what is the other 7.


    • Hello Cassie – there are many angles from which to look at July’s numeric patterns, and while 7/7 is the most obvious, there are three distinct spikes of 7 energy this year on July 7th, 16th, and 25th. This also occurs (to a less precise degree) on July 17th and 27th.


  2. Hi Christine

    How are you?

    How are you managing life with all the crazy changes we are finally ‘seeing?’

    Hope life is gentle with you…..

    Christine, I read your great article below- they are all great!

    I am wondering, regarding the Ag gag laws that many states in the US have adopted and now they are trying to do the same here in Australia.

    Where do ag-gag laws (shutting our mouths) fit in numerologically?

    Maybe you can do an article on how numerology is involved with governments and companies trying to ‘shut our mouths’ which I call fascism…anyway..

    just wondering if there is a numerological connection between the two,

    thanks so much and thanks for the great newsletters!!

    warm regards

    Paris Yves

    Melbourne, Australia

    0413 530 419

    skype: paris-yves


    • Hello Paris. Yes, these laws are certainly part of the numeric landscape of our times. In the 2000s, we are in the process of freeing the human will – both individually and as a species. When we are prevented from expressing ourselves (expression is a principle component of life), it is done to subdue the human will. These actions are taken against our will.

      I have spoken of this many times in my various articles, but did not use those specific terms (i.e. ag-gag laws). I’m sure I’ll be writing about it again soon, as events unfold.

      I hope you’re doing well. It’s lovely to hear from you.



  3. No doubt emotions have been making their grand entrance in my life since last year when I was in a 7 personal year. As much as it feels overwhelming at times to have tsunamis of emotions come up, it feels awesome to feel this intensely with one’s heart. Thank you for this lovely post Christine. Love all that you write and share so kindly with us.


  4. Dear Christine! THANK YOU for your shared gifts! I am in a personal 7 year and am seeing all that you speak about in my microcosm – so good to have an explanation for all I feel and see within and without!


  5. michele says:

    Looking forward to part 2. We cannot overlook or understate the fact that under all the fear, control and greed are countless human beings victimized and dying in vain. Compassion and empathy are in short supply, at least in terms of making a difference. The collective heart may just not be aware, closed to receiving love and the mind far too resistant to let the heart have a say. Even if lessons are learned what is the expectation knowledge will be applied to work for, rather than against, humanity? Women balance heart and mind which is one reason women and girls are targeted. Part 2, if you please. 🙂


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