777As the 7 energy of 2014 merges with the 7th calendar month of July, we are experiencing a powerful month-long concentration of 77 (double 7) energy.

July 7th, 16th, and 25th, are 777 (triple 7) days. Three 7s are 21, which adds up to 3, and places a substantial emphasis on the power of people, issues of population and popularity – and the power of communication.

There are 4 other triple 7 days in July – July 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th – infused with dramatic 9 energy which takes us backwards so that we can learn from past experience. Everything that is happening in the present is the result of what happened in the past, and this is profoundly visible on the world stage, as well as in our own personal lives. In fact, as we continue to move away from the 1000s into the 2000s, we are experiencing the inevitable chaos that comes from living in two different eras at the same time!

77 is a master number with deep 14/5 karmic vibrations. It focuses on the abuse of personal freedom by curtailing the freedom of others. 77 represents celebrity, aristocracy, plutocracy, wealth, power, self-indulgence, privilege, position – and the fight for position. These are huge issues of our times, derived from misplaced feelings of superiority. 77 involves snobbery, bullying, excess, delusions of grandeur, revenge, tyranny, and grabbing freedom at the expense of others.

At the same time, it is important to remember that 77 also holds the most marvelous potential for peace and harmony which comes from fairness, balance, and loving intent.

Notice how our own habits give power to the system that controls us. This is an ideal time to escape from behaviors and routines which distract us from reality.

Much of our addictiveness is derived from our fear of 7, the number of aloneness, introspection, and privacy. Fear of being alone with our own thoughts and feelings. Fear of learning anything which could disturb our sense of security. Fear of facing reality. We are discovering important areas of our own consciousness from which we have disconnected because we are too afraid to be afraid.

7 is the number of learning. It triggers our fears like no other number – so that we can learn what needs to be feared and what does not. All too often, we are afraid of the wrong things, petty things, while pushing matters of survival into denial.

5’s focus on the physical body accentuates humanity’s fear of sex and the feelings (and fantasies) that sex involves. Relationships can be difficult to sustain when they are based on some idealized notion of what a relationship “should” be. We are all unique individuals, and our relationships are the result of our unique chemistry. Without this understanding, our relationships (including friendships) will always feel as if they are lacking common ground and like-mindedness.

77/14/5 emphasizes our sense of right and wrong, but this focus on morality is often reduced to sexual behavior, (doing what comes naturally), and deflects the right and wrong of war, greed, cruelty, indifference to suffering, etc.

77 focuses strongly on the excesses of the very rich, especially in terms of both sex and slave labor. The cruel “trafficking” of human beings is a flourishing industry, and a large part of the 77 dynamic. The trafficking of animals is also involved here.

5 = sex. 7 = scandal. Sex scandals abound in this energy. When money is ‘no object’, you can have anything your heart desires in the physical world. But where denied guilt has turned the heart cold, those desires can be frighteningly cold, too. In some people, the desire to ‘lord over’ others – against their will – brings perverted satisfaction to their sense of superiority and entitlement.

For as long as the rights of women remain in the hands of men, the world will remain dangerously out of balance! In the 2000s, feminine energy (the will of the people) will continue to rise until balance is restored. This is the age of equality!

77 highlights the self-proclaimed “ruling class” or, as they are called these days, the 1%. They may consider themselves to be ‘above’ (superior to) everything and everyone else, but they too are learning that when your freedom takes away someone else’s, you do not have freedom. You have a moral compass that is clogged with greed, delusions of supremacy, incompetence, and denial of reality, the imbalance of which makes their ‘position’ unsustainable.

Now, all the extremes of days gone by are pouring through the cracks of a dying way of life. While this is most visible in the Middle East, it is by no means confined to that region, just as greed and cruelty is not confined to only the rich. There is good and bad in all walks of life. Neither wealth nor poverty determines a person’s capacity to love.

No matter where in the world we live, the old imbalanced system is desperately trying to stop balance (equality) from forming. We cannot make a safe and full transition into 2, the number of equality, until we LEARN what 1 has to teach – the number of leadership (as in leading one’s own life; not being ‘led’ by others). 1 represents YOU, the individual – and 2 represents WE, all of life.

1 is the number of beginnings, origins, independence, and individuality. 1 is the number of SELF, and self-acceptance must be achieved before we can progress. Self acceptance means accepting and loving ALL of ourselves, including our emotions. Self acceptance means using our mistakes and faults as an intelligent basis for improvement.

1 is the number of progress, implying that steps must be taken, one at a time, which lead to higher goals, with each step a goal in itself.

This shift from 1 to 2 is very painful at times because we are finally giving consciousness to our denials. If the truth was not painful to begin with, we never would have sent it into denial. Living fully in reality is what ‘awakening’ IS, with eyes, heart, and all the senses wide open. As previously mentioned, we are living in two different eras at the same time!

The manic pursuit to control the RESOURCES of Mother Earth is also highly sexual because it is a matter of masculine electricity trying to control feminine magnetism. 7 represents science, knowledge, and intelligence – and all this scientific focus on gravity, dark matter, and black holes are deeply connected to life’s fundamentally sexual nature. What else could the Big Bang be, but one almighty, heavenly, life-producing, electromagnetic orgasm!?!

5 represents resourcefulness, adventure, gambling, and taking risks. It is interesting to note that the precious ‘jackpot’ that so many seek in life is traditionally symbolized by 777 on casino slot machines.

The 14 in 2014 is the karmic vibration of 5 (1+4=5) – the vibration which teaches the laws of cause and effect like no other. In 14/5, we learn from our mistakes – and our successes – while the 7 vibration keeps our minds open enough to learn new things. Wherever 7 is doubled, it brings us back to 14/5, and whatever we fail to learn comes back to us as yet another repeat of history.

3 x 7 = 21.
2+1 = 3.

Once again, we are traveling through the highly reflective 3/7 combination of appearances and mystery which was so prominent back in March (the 3rd month of this 7 year) when the Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines flight 370 mysteriously disappeared. Nothing is ever what it seems when 3 (communication) and 7 (research) are so active. As we search for the truth, we will inevitably feel the pain of not knowing. The 3/7 combination brings out the part of us which MUST know. Unfortunately, our tendency is to rush to judgment without digging deeply enough into the facts. And sometimes, no matter how deeply we dig, the answers still elude us. In many instances, the answers arise years, decades, or generations later. This July, there may be a new mystery to solve and/or a sudden influx of information which brings a sense of finality to old unanswered questions. This applies as much to our personal lives as it does to worldly matters.

5 is the number of CHANGE, but without courage, we cannot attempt anything new. And we cannot know what our true potential is until we make the necessary changes. We cannot know how creative and resourceful we are, until we let go of our dependencies, obsessions, and habits.

Two steps forward and one step back seems to be the rhythm we are moving to these days, but it is important to keep in mind that for all the setbacks and disasters we are experiencing and witnessing, including those forced upon us by those whose interests lie in preventing change, progress is being made at the same time.

Without optimism, we will not get far. The 3 energy of the 21st century represents people, the population, and all things popular. 3 is the number of optimism, sociability, and friendliness. 3 represents all forms of communication, art, creativeness, beauty, fun… the lighter side of life. 3 is the number of expression, and it is essential that we express ourselves as honestly as possible. However, 7 is the number of learning, and it is also essential to seek deeper understanding. 3 = surface appearance and shallowness. 7 = inner movement and depth. It is fascinating how the seemingly contradictory combination of 3 and 7 attracts TRUTH.

We all have unique stories to tell about our experiences in life. The honest expression of how an experience makes us FEEL accelerates our ability to learn from it.

7 is the number of FAITH and SPIRITUALTY, which is why all the different religions are so prominently placed on the world stage. But it is faith in ourselves to cope with whatever lies ahead that we need to develop most of all.

We are reminded this month that “civil war” is INTERNAL war – a vicious enactment in the outside world of the inner conflict going on within. 7 represents the inner world in all of us.

7 is the number of privacy, and never before has this basic right been so blatantly violated. We are dealing with the sinister tactics of spying and prying on the population not only by governments, but by businesses, organizations, and individuals, too.

7 represents secrecy – which is the foremost weapon being used to control every aspect of life on Earth. Without secrecy, this system cannot operate. As we move deeper into the transparency of the 2000s, combined with 3 and 7’s determination to get to the truth, very little can go unnoticed.

There are simply so many numeric energies, in so many variations, this month, that finding the order and system in these patterns is a difficult task. 4 represents order and system – but all we see is chaos. So, with all these different numeric components in place, we must wait and see what this month will bring.


This ain’t no time for doubting your power,
This ain’t no time for hiding your care, 
You’re climbing down from an ivory tower, 
You’ve got a stake in the world we ought to share…
~ Sting,
Send Your Love Into The Future



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