5737935_mThe shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on the war-torn Ukraine/Russia border – followed hours later by Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, have one gaping reality in common – WAR.

We instinctively know that this is not how life is supposed to be. War is the absence of reason and the destruction of life. However, the hatred that drives war is only part of the problem. GREED for “victory”, territory, resources, power, money, control, and the belief in “supremacy” are the deeper causes behind all this lethal effect.

Whenever an event affects us on a global scale, its impact sends out clusters of numbers which do not tell us what happened, or who did what to whom. But they do reveal how everything is connected.

The tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 occurred during a month in which the numbers 7, 77, and 777 are prominent.

Many instances of 17 also formed out of this disaster.

Most obviously, Flight MH 17 was shot down on 17 July, 2014.

However, according to Boeing records, the date on which this particular Boeing 777 flew for the very first time was 17 July, 1997. Therefore, 17 July 2014 was its 17th anniversary.

(Both 1 and 7 represent the self. 1 focuses on one’s outer reality, while 7 takes us inward.)

The Serial Number of this aircraft is 28411, which adds up to 16. (1+6 = 7).

Even the type of missile, (the BUK), suspected of shooting the Boeing 777 down adds up to 7.

Both events contain several instances of 16, which is the karmic vibration of 7, and implies that there are serious lessons to be learned about the abuse of power, conspiring and plotting, and the impossibility of covering things up in this age of increasing transparency. 16/7 represents the classic “fall from grace” and the higher up you find yourself, the harder the fall. 16/7 is the number of downfall. 7 represents scandal (real, imagined, and contrived).

While 7 does indeed provide fertile ground for real conspiracies to be planned, plotted, orchestrated, and hatched, it also sets the tone for all manner of “theories” to be hatched as well, some of which can throw us completely off course on the search for truth.

(Added on July 20): It is astonishing that July 17 also marked the 18th anniversary of TWA’s Flight 800 which exploded in mid air just 12 minutes after takeoff from New York’s JFK Airport. That was in 1996, which was also a 7 global year, (1+9+9+6= 2+5=7), making this another 777 event.

It does appear that the 7 energy is screaming to be noticed at this time, as if our very future depends on it. Everything begins on the inside, and manifests in the outside world. 7 is the number of the inner self – the number of INTROSPECTION and SELF EXAMINATION, which we need to explore individually, nationally, and as a species. 7 represents LEARNING – THE MIND – AWARENESS – KNOWLEDGE. And in the 77/14/5 month of July 2014, we have the ability to recognize and rectify past and present mistakes and learn from experience!

Karmic 14 relates to both experience and lack of experience, and we are seeing just how INEXPERIENCED and incompetent we are when it comes to using our own technology and cleaning up our own messes. Karmic 14 shows how lack of caring produces carelessness.

July 1 not only marked the half way point of 2014, it also brought us into a 5 month – the number of sudden and unexpected development and CHANGE. 5 is also the number of CONSEQUENCES which, of course, is another word for ‘cause and effect’. Ultimately, 5 is where everything meets, producing moments of truth that open our senses, minds, and hearts. 5 represents the FREEDOM to exist just as we are.

Israel came into being on the 14 May in a 22/4 year (1948). Its Destiny Path is 5. (5+14+22=4+1=5). 

imagesBenjamin Netanyahu was born on 21 October, 1949 (3+1+5=9). He was born on the 9 Destiny Path which means that he came into this lifetime to develop compassion and learn how to let go of the past. He does not appear to be learning these lessons and, furthermore, he is in a 2 personal year in 2014 – the number of peace through UNITY. He cannot win. He cannot push his way through the slow and deliberate 2 energy without it pushing back with greater force. If you do not slow things down and act peacefully within the 2 vibration, 2 will bring you to a standstill. The old ways of the 1000s are over and by October, and certainly throughout 2015, Israel’s standing in the world may change drastically. We are in the 2000s now.

images-2Vladimir Putin born on the 7 October, in the 8 global year of 1952).  He was also born on the 16/7 Destiny Path. (7+1+0+8=16=7). In July, Putin is in a 4 personal month of restriction, breakthrough, planning, and detail –  in a 6 year of balance, extremes, responsibility, and accountability…


It would seem that neither of the men who are leading these wars will get what they wish for in 2014. When enough numeric energy is backed up against you, your actions can backfire very easily. Unfortunately, that does not mean that unprecedented damage won’t be caused in the meantime.


2014 is a 7 Global year, and July 17, 2014 was a 22/4 day in the world. (7+1+7+7=22/4).

22/4 is the number of MAJOR OCCURRENCES and GLOBAL PROPORTIONS. 2 represents the balance achieved when humanity finds its own balance which comes from equality, fairness, justice, and the constant improvement of conditions for everyone, not just a few. 2 indicates the energy we are evolving INTO (the 2000s). 4 represents restrictions, roadblocks, and obstructions, and all that stands in our way. 4 also improves our ability to break through these barriers.

There are direct connections here to events that took place in CALENDAR WEEK 22 (May 28 – June 3).

MAY 30, 2014 – Newly elected Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promised to take action against pro-Russian rebels who shot down a Ukrainian army helicopter in the eastern city of Slovyansk. 14 soldiers were killed. The army sought to oust the rebels from eastern areas where they had taken control. Tensions arose as representatives from Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union met in Berlin to address Russia’s threat to cut off the gas supply to Ukraine. A third of Europe’s gas comes from Russia; much of which must pass through Ukraine.

JUNE 3RD, 2014: (6+3+7= 16/7): The U.S. announced it will recognize a new Palestinian Unity Government. After years of division,Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in a new government, bringing together the factions of Fatah and Hamas. The U.S. State Department announced that the Obama administration planned to recognize the new government, saying: “Based on what we know now, we intend to work with this government, but we’ll be watching closely to make sure that it upholds the principles that President Abbas reiterated today.”

Israel said it was “deeply disappointed by the U.S. position,” and would seek to block Hamas from participating in upcoming elections.

Of course, neither event was the original cause. They were effects of what has gone before; effects of a deep and volatile history. We live in a ‘cause and effect’ world in which 1 thing leads to another. (1+1=2).


July 19 is always a special day in the calendar because it is the 200th day of the year (or the 201st in leap years). It begins a 100-day period in which all the day numbers begin with 2. The focus is on peace. With so much war going on, this is desperately needed.

11:2 polygon

2 is the number of COOPERATION, CONNECTION, ASSOCIATION, and DIPLOMACY. In the 2000s, we must learn about these things personally and as a species. We must learn how to connect the dots, put 1 and 1 together, and make 2. This is why 11 is such a prominent vibration in our lives at the present time. (1+1=2).

We are in CALENDAR WEEK 29 from July 16 to 22. 2+9 = 11 – the number of enlightenment, illumination, connection, and evolution. The 9 in 29 brings drama and exposes loss. Deep feelings of ALL kinds, including inspiration and hope, are involved.

11 is the vibration that shines a light on these connections and enables us to learn and evolve. 11 is the basis of ALL the master numbers, just as 1 is the basis of ALL the numbers.

Right now, in Calendar Week 29 (11/2) which runs from July 16 through 22, we are experiencing ALL the master numbers from 11 to 99 – AND – all the karmic numbers: 13, 14, 16, and 19.

A climax is reached on the very last day of Calendar Week 29.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (7+22+7=36 =9), appears to be a catalyst of some kind which brings an old aspect of life to an end while simultaneously giving birth to new potential. This will affect us personally as well as make an impact on the world stage. July 22, 2014 is a pivotal day in the numeric spectrum. If we want peace, we must BE peace. That does not mean denying our emotions just because they do not feel peaceful. We cannot be fully aware if current events do not make us FEEL something profound. Our emotional responses indicate how close or how far away we are from equality, fairness, and justice.


And here is a little reminder from my article, The 777 Vibes Of July 2014, which was written on July 7:

“our tendency is to rush to judgment without digging deeply enough into the facts. And sometimes, no matter how deeply we dig, the answers still elude us. In many instances, the answers arise years, decades, or generations later. This July, there may be a new mystery to solve and/or a sudden influx of information which brings a sense of finality to old unanswered questions. This applies as much to our personal lives as it does to worldly matters.”




About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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16 Responses to FLIGHT MH17 ~ and GAZA

  1. Anonymous says:

    As always, your research and insights are so helpful in understanding situations. Thank you so much.


  2. barbrairvine says:

    Love your work. Excellent review x Thanks


  3. rhurwitz says:

    thank you-Christine- so insightful, sometimes I feel you are a prophet! – with you!


  4. Irene Kessler says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing culmination of information. It is too bad the people who need to be reading it, will not. Let us hope reason will prevail.


  5. I am born on 7-14, I will pray for peace, I don’t know what else to do. I send you and everyone positive energy. Please let me know what I can do. Thank you Christine


  6. anthony65 says:

    Did you ever hear the speech by the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde in January 2014 which included references to numerology and specifically the importance of the number 7 in this year 2014?

    It was a bizarre speech to give by the head of an international financial institution. It would seem that as an insider she was aware that events this year would take a significant turn.



    • Hello Anthony, yes I did see it a few weeks ago, and found it to be a little bizarre too, given her position. I don’t see it in such sinister terms as the video implies, but I am still curious as to her motives for invoking numerology in this case.

      Tomorrow is July 20. It is what I call a “double dose’ day (the month and day add up to 9 which, when added to 7, gives us 16/7), making it another 777 day as well. 9 has this effect on all the numbers. So the intensity in this date certainly exists — and she, personally, is in a 9 year / 7 month!

      So we’ll see what, if anything, happens….


  7. Robyn says:

    Hi Christine, I have been a student of numerology for many years and find it offers very good guidance in our lives and I understand totally your interpretations and look forward to your weekly readings we can only hope for positive world changes- with many thanks


  8. Jeanne Murphy says:

    Very interesting..Thank you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello Christine,
    I was wondering what the nummers tell us about Obama? Hè just had his birthday


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