July 22, 2014 – A PIVOTAL DAY

July222014There has been an enormous emphasis on the number 22 for months now. It started around February 2, (227), and has had consistent influence ever since. Today, July 22 (in this 7 global year), we are experiencing 7227 in the US (a palindrome) and 2277 in the rest of the world – two master numbers combined, resulting in another master number – 99.

7+22 = 29 which gives us 11. And July 22 is the very last day of calendar week 29 which gives us another 11…. which gives us another 22…. which gives us 44. Then, of course, we have the month-long energy of 77 – add 22 to that and we have another instance of 99. The variations go on and on. Today, we are traveling through expansive numeric energy in which ALL the master numbers from 11 to 99 are active.

The fact that we are in a 22 global day, in an 11 global week, in a 77 global month, means that we are experiencing 110 energy which, of course, is an intensified version of 11.

77 = 14 = 5. This is both a master number AND a karmic number which can bring major progress if we can only LEARN from past experience and stop repeating the same old mistakes. Let’s look at some events that happened on July 22 in previous years and notice how they are repeating themselves right now. The form may have changed, but the reflection – and the principle lessons – remain the same:

On July 22, 1942, 72 years ago, the nazis began the systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland. 1942 was also a 7 year, and just as in 2014, the 777 energy was sending out its sharp warnings. Triple 7 = 21 which adds up to 3 – the number of communication in all its forms.

2 years later, on July 22, 1944, 70 years ago, The “Polish Committee of National Liberation” published a manifesto which would begin the long and bloody period of Soviet/Communist control in Poland.

This little look at history provides a vivid connection between what is happening in Israel/Gaza and what is happening in Russia/Ukraine.  Since Crimea was returned to Russian control in May, there is much nervousness in former soviet countries, including, and perhaps especially, Poland.

And just 9 years ago, on July 22, 2005, 15 days after the horrific July 7 bombings in London, a young Brazilian man named Jean Charles de Menezes, aged 27,  was gunned down by British police in a tragically botched case of ‘shoot first, ask questions later.’ This occurred in the 777 energy of a 7 global year – bringing attention to the crisis that exists within police forces all over the world. Police brutality is a major issue of our times.

7 is the number of belief and faith. Religion is emphasized. The 9 pointed star (above) symbolizes all the numbers, and therefore all the master numbers. The 9 pointed star also happens to be the main symbol of the Bahai faith which is Iran’s second largest religion, after Islam. This brings Iran clearly into the picture, along with the extremely complex and delicate diplomatic process that is underway between Iran and the USA, and how certain American politicians, of both political parties, along with Israel and other factors, are trying to prevent a diplomatic solution and are pushing for measures which would very likely lead to war with Iran instead.

The vibrations of July 22, 2014 seem to be connecting everything together – not only on the world stage, but in our individual lives, too. Whatever happens today is likely to be linked to something that happened in the past which needs to be recognized, analyzed, and taken seriously. With so much numeric energy at our disposal, REAL solutions are out there, waiting to be discovered and implemented.





About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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2 Responses to July 22, 2014 – A PIVOTAL DAY

  1. Meniyka says:

    Love your monthly readings they are spot on! Cheers, Meniyka


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