18 year old Michael Brown – victim of police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, 2014. Photo issued by Brown family via FaceBook.

(From 2014) When an event affects us on a global or national scale, its impact sends out clusters of numbers which expose a specific theme, revealing how various aspects are connected. In this instance, 6 is the dominant vibration.

I wrote an article almost 2 weeks ago (week 32) about the 222nd day of the year through which we were passing. Although I mentioned the killing of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson Missouri, the situation had not yet unfolded into this dramatic turn of events.

Nor did I realize that Missouri became the 24th state of the union on the 222nd day of the year in the 32rd week of 1821.

The killing of Michael Brown occurred the day before Missouri’s 193rd anniversary – and on day 222 exploded into what was for many the last straw as far as police brutality against unarmed black males is concerned. 2 is the number of fairness, balance, and nurture.

Michael Brown’s body was left on the concrete, in full view of the residents of Canfield Drive, for FOUR hours. Why? This is unheard of in the USA.

calculation grid

when calculating words and names, the following sub-total numbers should be left complete and not reduced to a single number: master numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 etc. and karmic number 13, 14, 16, and 19.

222 = 6.

24 = 6.


FERGUSON = 42 = 6

MISSOURI = 42 = 6





MICHAEL = 33 = 6

DARREN = 33 = 6


And AUGUST 9, the day Michael Brown was killed, was a 6 day in the world. (8+9+7=2+4=6)

6 is a restorative, loving, and problem-solving vibration – until it is abused. All the unfolding problems in the world are directly related to unresolved matters of the past – deep and painful wounds which never had a chance to heal. Anger is a natural response to ongoing pain. But when it is correctly channeled, it brings healing and constructive change.

August 2014 is a 6 month in the world (8+2+0+1+4=15=6). 33 is a master number which gives us the most balanced form of 6. Week 33 runs from August 13 to 19th.


Abuse of 6 manifests as EXTREMES, and behavior that is JUDGMENTAL, CONTROLLING, DICTATORIAL, and FORCEFUL. 6 attracts the CONTROL-FREAK, the KNOW-IT-ALL, and the TYRANT.

6 is the number of balance. “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE” is not a threat. It is basic physics. Without justice, peace is impossible. JUSTICE IS BALANCE – AND BALANCE IS PEACE.

6’s problem-solving energy is exactly what is needed, but 6, the number of justice, is often abused in order to “justify” oppressive rules and regulations for others, while taking no responsibility for one’s own actions.

1 is the number of ACTION. But in the 2000s, 2 teaches us about RE-ACTION. As the will of the people strengthens, we are experiencing our own responses to the will’s suppression. At the same time, people are learning the deeper meaning of RESPONSIBILITY. We are learning fast now. 2014 is a 7 year, a learning year.

2 is the first EVEN number and is bringing balance into life as we evolve further into the 2000s. 2 = sensitivity and feeling, which is feminine energy – the basis of intuition and knowing – the basis of free will. The ‘war on women’ is an all-out attack on the human will – feminine energy – which we all possess – female and male alike. 2 is the number of EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and COOPERATION. Equality is balance. And balance is peace.

2 = CONNECTION and is bringing TRANSPARENCY and OPENNESS into the world. The pain of the past is pouring into the present so that we can see it, feel it, heal it, and evolve into a better way of life for everyone. Evolution is development, growth, improvement, and progress. But there are many people on Earth today who do not want change, and are trying to drag us back to the past instead. That’s why events of the past 11 days appeared to be right out of the 60s.

When the build-up of anger, fear, grief, and hopelessness that comes with occupation, oppression, and collective punishment can no longer be held back and the emotional dam bursts, nothing can stop that flow. But when we channel our feelings through peaceful and healing intent, which the majority of Ferguson’s population are undoubtedly doing, emotional expression can create the balance which creates the peace.

33 represents creativity on a deeply spiritual level, and makes us responsible for the atmosphere we create. 3 = people, population, and communication. The media is a major aspect of communication and is being criticized for sensationalizing both the provocation and the reaction in Ferguson. And yet, without the press, this situation would have been swept into oblivion without a chance of justice. 33 represents the intricacies of large scale communication – and the press must learn their own lessons from this in order to maintain their effectiveness in unprecedented circumstances. The press must be allowed to evolve with the rest of us because they serve a vital service.

33 represents the master healer, caregiver, communicator and educator. 33 possesses a strong desire (magnetism) to make people feel better by creating fairness and balance. The message of 33 is not ‘know your place’, as the dying class-system would have us believe. The message of 33 in the 2000s is to FIND your place. That is why there is so much movement on Earth right now. People fleeing oppression in the hope they can find a place that could possibly feel like HOME. 6 is the number of HOME, and so many human beings don’t have one, through no fault of their own. The refugee crisis has never been greater.

33 is evenly divisible by 11 – the number of illumination – and shines its enormous light on areas of suffering. In this age of transparency, it is not difficult to see who the oppressors are.  In this age of transparency, we can see through their antagonistic tactics even when they create chaos to cover their actions.

3 represents communication and enables EXPRESSION. And as the numbers express themselves so vividly this week, people are expressing themselves more honestly and more powerfully than ever before. Honesty is permeating this dishonest world.

Ahead of us is the potential for catalytic  change, not only in Ferguson, Missouri, but wherever basic rights are abused. These are GLOBAL numbers. The world is changing, and change can be extremely chaotic – until it is complete and the dust settles. That will be a long time in coming – but the transition has begun.


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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