The Scottish Vote

scotland_flag-672x372With only hours to go before the people of Scotland vote to remain a part of the United Kingdom – or not – the numbers involved are very interesting indeed. The UK, (including Scotland as of voting day) is in a 9 national year. Voting day is 18 September. This gives us 9-9-9, which happens to be the emergency code for the United Kingdom (just as 911 is the emergency code for the USA). 

9 is the number of endings, drama, emergency, and deep emotions. 9 signifies the end of an era. And these qualities are relevant even if Scotland says ‘no’ to independence, because never again will the United Kingdom look at Scotland in quite the same way. Without equality, unity cannot hold.

As we move deeper into the 2000s (2 is the number of unity and equality), we are seeing areas in which ‘established’ unity could possibly fall apart. The United Kingdom, The United States, The United Arab Emirates, to name the most obvious, are not as united as their names imply. The divisions are forged in history and run very deep indeed.

9 brings the past into the present and enables the old to end so that something new can emerge. The Union between Scotland and England goes back to the Jacobite uprising of 1745 – a history worth looking up if we are to better understand how Scotland became part of the UK to begin with, and what is happening to the UK now. Of course, this not only applies to Scotland and the UK – there is popular uprising everywhere.

September 18th is also the 261st day of the year. 2+6+1=9

Everything must change in the course of time, and how this particular change takes shape, we have yet to discover.

Oh ye’ll take the high road,
and Ah’ll take the low road,
And Ah’ll be in Scotland afore ye,
Fir me an’ my true love will never meet again,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomon’.
~unknown ~ Circa 1745


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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4 Responses to The Scottish Vote

  1. Dear Christine, As much as we in the UK want unity, one must remember the Scots get £1600 (say$2400) per person more a year than the UK people do. There is a short fall that I have read of between, £14 and 17 Billion Pounds, (say $24 Billion USD) each year. If there is any inequality it is in Scotland, that’s what the majority of the English, maybe the Welsh and Northern Irish may see now it’s been all over the news.
    The North Oil is running lower each year. The financial services industries in Scotland have been built off the incomes of their Southern friends. I should know I worked for two Scottish Life Companies in the past. The Banks have already said they will move Head Offices into London, or near it.
    The Yes vote will give the Scots Independence, but they will become poorer for it. The old UK will become poorer for their courage and spirit. It will be a No Win situation for us all.
    I was reading today what happened when Quebec wanted to leave Canada. Their was a No vote of course, but both Banking and Insurance Companies moved to Toronto, just in case a Vote took place again. Quebec lost over 800,000 jobs in the process.
    It will be interesting to see if there is a NO vote how much the British Government and two other leading parties, will give them from promises made to obtain a No vote. Remembering of course that there are 58 Members of a UK Parliament based in Scotland that will NOT vote with a Conservative Government. Scotland in general are Socialists. Nothing is Free, yet they want free University Fees, Elderly Health Care and Nursing Homes. At the moments the South is paying for it. On their own, they won’t be able to afford it….where they think they will find the money is another matter. They haven’t even thought what the English and Welsh will do if they leave the Union. I suspect many will stop using Scottish product and services?!!
    …I wonder too what would happen IF the South-East of England including London will say, enough is enough. The UK Election next year will be very interesting indeed, whether there is a Yes or No. Fireworks indeed.
    By the way 18+9+2014= 34=7 in a 7 year. I reckon a Close NO vote, don’t you?

    As ever, my best regards, and keep up the good work. By the way my Hummingbird Foundation is getting ready to fly, and I will be in touch, at a guess in the New Year. An 8 Year will be appropriate for it too! Gerald.

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    • Keith says:

      A close no vote it is Gerald. Well done. Do you do personal readings?

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      • concordiavestal says:

        Dear Keith,
        I have done personal readings, in Numerology, Tarot,Clairvoyance and Spiritual Healing in the past. But, this is MY time now Keith. From when I was 10 in 1960 when President Kennedy and Martin Luther King triggered something within me; and between 1960 and roughly 1967, I had day and night dreams of talking in front of people and travelling. In 1983, when I got more involved in ‘Spiritualism’ and other esoteric learning, I myself was given confirmation of what could be possible. 10 years later after rising up through a Financial Services industry I was shown the possibilities of being able to raise enough funds to start my Foundation which, if I am able to reinvest monies, I could build a fund to help spread messages of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT for many, from School leavers to the Elderly. I must see this next stage through now and with luck I can launch the Foundation in 2015 (an 8 year).
        My advice to you. Meditate by yourself or in a group if you can find a small group, no more than 8 of you. On your own, best sit in a quite candle lit room in a hard back chair and close your eyes imagine LIGHT coming into you and then send out the light through your heart to those in need around you and to the World, where it is best needed. 10 minutes first then gradually build to 30, that may be enough every day. Gradually your link to Spirit will gain strength. Be Patient, for they in spirit will only give you a little at a time. Your Intuition will improve…Importantly READ Christine’s words well. I believe her writing is INSPIRED. I have not seen better words from a Numerologist or Astrologist than hers. Look into the writings of the Masters. WHITE EAGLE is worth looking by Grace Cooke. Look into The Lucis Trust (New York, London, Geneva) and Alice Bailey. The life of Edgar Cayce is also worth reviewing. If you want a reading use Christine’s services if you can manage her fee. It will be worth it. However, understand that life is moving along and changes with the Sun and Moon. If you have a goal, take each day as it comes, never rush a decision in your life and most importantly BE PATIENT. We are here in life to learn and to help one another. Be HAPPY and share your smile and happiness with everyone. Things will gradually come to you, that is best for you. It is 54 years since I had those early dreams, and I have not given up my goals. Fortunately I have good genes and have never been ill in my life, if I start next year I could have say another 20 plus years to serve. Jesus spread his messages in 3 years only. Much can be done in a short time. GOOD LUCK KEITH, keep a lookout for the HUMMINGBIRD name, in America, Canada, Europe and Australasia, for now! If one day you see where I am, come and say hello. Best regards to all, Gerald


        • Hi Gerald.

          I am lost for words, which makes a change. 🙂

          Thanks for your words of encouragement and your lengthy reply. I will hold you to that Gerald. I turn up like a bad penny and ask you to put the kettle on.

          Best of luck with your foundation.



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