Groundhog Day – a day to REMEMBER!

Master Numbers

A cluster of MASTER NUMBERS dominates the world today. February 2 = 2/2 (22) And it is the 2nd day of the 2nd month (22)

22 is the most balanced form of 4.

4 represents limitation, being stuck, and the power of determination to BREAK THROUGH those restrictions. 4 brings order and foundation to chaos.

22+22=44, and 44 is the most balanced form of 8. 2015 is an 8 year. (2+0+1+5=8).

8 is the number of POWER in the material world, of which there is none greater than Mother Earth herself. Humanity’s power comes from the correct understanding of information – knowledge.

2 is the number of the new millennium – the 2000s – the number of transparency, openness, cooperation, caring, patience, and peace. Unlike 1 which symbolizes the individual, 2 symbolizes the many, the masses.

February 2 (2/2) is the 33rd day of the year. 33 is the most balanced form of 6 – and 6 represents stability, community, family, responsibility. A species is a family, and so, humanity is indeed a family. But we are a family at war.

The entire date adds up to 3. And the 21st century also adds up to 3.

33+33 = 66 = the most balanced form of 3.

All master numbers are units of 11, and on that basis, 77, 88, and 99 are also active.

February 2 is the 5th day of calendar week #5 – 55 – also = 10.  February 2 is “Groundhog Day”, and even the word GROUNDHOG adds up to 55.

55 is the most balanced form of the number 1.


5 = UNEXPECTED AND SUDDEN CHANGE, often the result of 1’s smaller changes all reacting at the same time.

February 2015 is a 10/1 month in this 8 Global year. 1 signifies change, while 8 signifies power.

concentrated ten10, the number of fundamental change, is also the number of the current decade.

We need to understand the importance of 10 in the evolutionary journey. There are only 9 numbers in existence. After that, all other numbers bring us back to the beginning again. (1+0=1). Therefore, 10 is the number that brings us, potentially, to the NEXT LEVEL. And yet, every time we reach 10, instead of learning and moving forward with the power of what we have learned, we cling to the past and repeat it over and over.

10 is the potential for INNOVATIVE CHANGE brought about by everything we have learned from the previous 9 numbers. We advance by learning from the past and letting it go. In the decade of the 10s, we must take this numeric route OUT of hate and destruction, and devise a new way to exist on Earth which is based on love and creativeness. 9 = LETTING GO. Until we develop the courage  to stop clinging to the past and break FREE (free will), we have no choice but to evolve slowly and painfully.

PunxsutawneyPhil_286366_10150259553101794_5677102_o-e1419816442734GROUNDHOG DAY is an old tradition in North America in which the end of winter and the arrival of spring is gauged on whether a little creature sees his own shadow or not. The groundhog checks out the weather on other days besides February 2, but on this particular day, year after year, the poor thing gets scooped up by a big burly man dressed in black, surrounded by other males dressed in black – held up triumphantly to a reveling crowd – and televised extensively. Of course this is nonsense, since this group of men called “the Inner Circle” don’t wait to see if the poor animal sees his shadow or not. They decide on the forecast beforehand and announce it on February 2 – on a patch of land called “Gobbler’s Knob” – yes – not far from Pittsburgh, PA. So why keep this cruel and inane tradition alive?

The continuation of GROUNDHOG DAY is a reflection of history repeating itself. It teaches us not so much about the weather, but more about the overall climate here on Earth – a climate of ignorance and indifference which reflects into the outside world as cruelty, destruction, and mindlessness. In order to stabilize the chaos, we must first recognize the extent of the damage already done, to learn from our mistakes, and stop repeating them. Groundhog Day is an important reflection of what 22 has to teach. This is the number of the master builder and architect whose goal is to build something which will improve conditions for THE MASSES (2), not just the individual (1).

Groundhog_Day_(movie_poster)As we move further into the 2000s, (and we have now crossed the halfway point of the decade of the 10s), we find ourselves stuck in an endless loop of the past which we cannot leave until we learn what it has to teach. This was the premise of the amazing comedic film, GROUNDHOG DAY, starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell, which was released in the 22/4 year of 1993. It was written by Danny Rubin, who was born in the 22/4 year of 1957.

It’s certainly worth seeing, or seeing again. In 2006, the film was added to the US National Film Registry as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” And it  is. It’s release date was February 12, 1993 – a 9 day in the world, the number of LETTING GO of the past.

With so much concentrated master energy occurring in the numeric stream today, (and with similar formations on February 11, 13, 22, 24, and 29), the whole month of February 2015 presents us with opportunities to help balance the world by bringing greater balance into our own individual lives – by learning from the past and letting go. This unusual numeric movement represents shifting points of view and changes of heart and mind which lead to changes in the outer world.

The 33rd day of 2015 represents extensive communication, with an emphasis on creativity: how something was created, or what needs to be done in order to create something else. This includes the way we communicate with ourselves as well as with each other. Our thoughts and feelings communicate constantly within our biological forms. What are we telling ourselves? Notice how the masculine mind fights off any feminine feeling that it does not like. We cannot make the necessary changes because we simply don’t want to look at anything that makes us feel ‘bad’, or mad, or sad. How can we change what we will not look at?

33 is the master healer, educator, and communicator which, in compound form, gives us 6, the number of stability, responsibility, and balance. But 6 also represents chaos, extremes, cruelty, tyranny, and control over others.

3 is the number of appearances which can be most deceptive. 3 represents the arts, and with the help of technology and the greedy entertainment and advertising industries, deception has become a horrifically dangerous art. 33 can bring great awareness of these practices and reflect truth on a global level – or it can be used to deceive and control on an equally large scale.

The 21st Century is also represented by 3, the number of communication.

Today, and throughout February 2015, is the PERFECT time to make a significant change which will enhance the quality of YOUR life. This inevitably means looking at a situation just as it is, letting go of an old way of thinking or doing things, and proceeding in a way that is in tune with today’s reality.

“Happy Groundhog Day”, as they say!


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1 Response to Groundhog Day – a day to REMEMBER!

  1. I’ve been thinking on this, and your blog along with the events of the day present to me an opportunity to be transformed. My last Near-Death-Experience in 1995 produced tremendous change. Somehow an event in 2005 arrived again today, with a bit of drama that caused me to revisit 2005. In conclusion, I’m adapting a nickname which may disassociate from 2005. (Hurricane Katrina, and my name is Catherine.) I thought I will sleep on it and if dreams produce no drama, I’ll adapt a nickname for close friends and family, and leave Catherine (my serious name) as such.
    …And so it is….

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