week 2621 year old Dylann Roof, did not get his wish of starting America’s second civil war. Instead, when he decided to wipe out 9 beautiful black lives as they engaged in bible study in their church on June 17, he illuminated the fact that the first civil war never ended in the minds of whole generations of people.

But it is ending now as the old structures of hate, cruelty, and racism come tumbling down.  The southern states are dominated by symbols of that war, which was based on slavery and the ‘classification’ of human beings – and modern day policies which continue to oppress and suppress black citizens. It is the class system at its worst, its very existence based on the practice of ‘divide and conquer’. 

9 people were killed by a shard of hate that originated from that system. 9 is the number of endings, and this sad ending is quite visibly evolving into the beginning of something major – something better. A more loving and peaceful way.  9 is the number of LETTING GO for the sake of healing. 9 is the point in the numeric spectrum where the old accepts itself, and in so doing, generates the new. The HEALING OF GENERATIONS is starting to form.

Forgiveness is not a function of the mind alone. You cannot think your way to forgiveness. It can take a long time to truly forgive because you have to FEEL the pain of what needs forgiving, which then triggers other emotions that also need healing. Forgiveness occurs in the HEART, which is where emotion and mind meet.

Calendar Week 26 is an 8 GLOBAL WEEK in an 8 GLOBAL YEAR. In this double-8 week, which runs from June 25 to July 1, the focus is on POWER, especially THE POWER OF PEOPLE. In Week 26, we are likely to see the energy of the BULLY in force – or the bringing down of the bully through exposure. Bullies have learned how to give the perception of power by deflecting their own fear onto others so they themselves won’t have to feel afraid. Bullies are cowards in disguise, and they exist at all levels of life.

WEEK 26:




infinityClearly, the common denominator here is BALANCE – and a balance of power is exactly what is happening on Earth as we move further into the illuminated and transparent 2000s. The current shift is enormous. A catalyst. The Power of People is rising. Right now, the power of black people is rising. The timing is perfect. This move towards balance could not have waited another second. Enough is enough!

Balance is equality. Balance is fairness. Balance is constant adjustment – arranging things so that life (all life) can flow freely. Balance is peace. Balance has no superiority or ‘supremacy’. In Balance, power does not overpower – it empowers. 8 = perfect balance – and 2 REVEALS conflicts of balance in great DETAIL, which in turn broadens and deepens the big picture – and awareness grows.

The human mind is getting very uncomfortable at the shallow end of life. People are tired of communicating mere trivia and sound bites. We want to express the realness of our feelings. As the 2 energy brings DETAIL to light and expands consciousness, the dumbing-down process loses its power.

In the 2000s, the more the system strives to keep us powerless, the more we realize how powerful we have it in us to be – individually, and as a connected force. 2 is the number of UNITY and PARTNERSHIP – the number that brings people together. 

The POWER OF PEOPLE enables us to create a new reality while we are in the process of letting the old one go. We are transforming one thing into another. That’s the magic of 8 – the number of manifestation and making things happen.

This is why the world is filled with historic parallels at this time. These reflections have been there all along, but people are noticing them more now – and this recognition of reality is the key to current evolutionary movement. As the walls of denial continue to crumble, and intellectual and emotional dams continue to give way, the past is pouring into the present so that we can LEARN from it, HEAL from it, and EVOLVE into a more sustainable and peaceful existence.

We are evolving emotionally. Emotion is our ability to FEEL. It is the feminine energy within all of us, regardless of our gender. It is our natural magnetism. We heal our anger, sadness, grief, fear, and pain by allowing these feelings to express themselves out of the body, without hurting ourselves or others in the process. In that manner, we keep healing and mending and reinventing ourselves, as we leave denial behind, one revelation at a time. It is the vibration of our feelings that opens the mind to let new awareness IN.

That is what is bringing balance into our world. That is where THE POWER OF PEOPLE begins. And that is why the system curtails feminine energy wherever it can, hence the war on women, and why emotion always gets blamed for bad behavior. The truth is that the cruelest acts are committed by people who are unable to feel anything at all, other than their own perverted gratification.

“The oppressor’s most powerful weapon is the mind of the oppressed.” ~Steven Biko

It was in the 7 energy of week 25 , that this terrible mass-murder occurred. 7 is the number of faith and spirituality. It is also the number of learning and the masculine mind. 7 also represents secrecy, conspiracy, and feelings of superiority (which is what the whole idea of “supremacy” is based on).

5 is the point in the numeric scale at which everything MEETS. It’s where all the other numbers come together. And so much of what we are experiencing here is a 14/5 karmic wave.

This shocking crime occurred in the karmic 14/5 month of June in the 8 year (6+8=14/5), which involves gaining freedom by learning from past mistakes. This is the energy of sudden and unexpected development, and drastic change. 14/5 delivers shocks to the system.

June 17 by itself = 14/5. (6+8=14/5)

Charleston was founded in the 14/5 energy of 1670  – another reflection of history in present time.

The USA was born on the 14/5 Destiny Path. July 4, 1776 = 7+4+3=14/5

Flag_of_Israel.svgAnd while this is going on in the USA, Israel is having its own racial ‘problems’ concerning African Jews – as well as the its disdain for Palestinians. Israel was born on the 14th of May – and you can’t be more 14/5 than that.

Even the Israeli flag contains a six-sided star within an equals sign, signifying equality and balance – a far cry from current reality – but a reminder of the potential for peace in humanity’s most torn and fractured region.

Israel was born in 1948 – a 22/4 year. 22 is a ‘master number’ which represents the conditions under which people live and, depending on one’s INTENT, can be used to improve those conditions – or create further chaos and suffering. 4 provides foundation and platform on which to build. 4 relates to order and system, and THE system in which we are trapped.

June 17, 2015, the day the Mother Emanuel 9 were killed, was a 22/4 day in the world (6+8+8=22/4).

The racial divide extends throughout the globe. The entire global system IS a race in itself – a contest to be first, best, superior.  It is a system of competition, one-upmanship, and  never-ending war. If we want to end racism, we must end this nonsensical race we are forced to run from birth to death. We are not supposed to be divided and classified in this way.

The end of the human RACE is the only thing that can restore humanity and bring peace and prosperity for all human beings – and the rest of the life on this planet that we are destroying so routinely and obliviously. Divide and conquer tactics cannot survive 2’s magnetic vibrations of unity and partnership. Life on Earth is changing.

In this 8 week, (week 26), note that South Carolina is the 8th state of the union – and that Mississippi is the 26th state. Last week, in calendar week 25, Alabama was (and still is) under pressure regarding its racist past and policies. Alabama is the 25th state of the union.

pope-environment-carouel-20150106_C69B33DEB354442D857C10FC150ED9008 is the number of POWER ON THE MATERIAL PLANE. The material plane is MOTHER EARTH. She is the sole source of EVERYTHING in this material world. And here we are destroying her in the unbridled greed of the established class system. So, who ever would have thought that one of her greatest defenders would be the leader of the catholic church?

Pope Francis, (who possesses plenty of 8 energy being born on the 17th), and who issued an environment encyclical last week, is opening some very closed minds about the state of ‘the Mother of Everything’. He does not mince words. Of course, he is not unique in his outpouring of concern for the environment. He enters the arena rather late in the game. And yet, the timing is perfect.  8 is the number of POSITION and STATUS, and his impact as the spiritual leader of an estimated 1.2 billion people is colossal. 8 is the number of INFLUENCE. (2 is the number of right-timing).

Note that Pope Francis is the 266th pope, which adds up to 14/5. Even the name POPE FRANCIS, when converted into numbers, adds up to 14/5.

88In the double 8 energy of week 26, it is important to remember that facts alone are of no use if they are misunderstood. This week reminds us that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, but only with accurate understanding. Never before has the bulk of humanity been SO aware of how this system is run.


the last day of this 14/5 month – June 30 – is an 8 8 8 day in the world. An 8 day, in an 8 week, in an 8 year.

At the end of Week 26 and the beginning of Week 27, specifically on Wednesday, July 1 and Thursday July 2nd, we cross the EXACT MIDWAY POINT OF 2015.

There is tremendous potential for positive change here, or for further chaos, depending on how we, the people, react to whatever is happening, globally, locally, and in our own personal lives.

Here is this week’s Creative Numerology Forecast for the 8 year. It applies to all of us because 8 is the main numeric energy in 2015:

“It is difficult to focus while so many doors are opening and closing simultaneously. What you already have is your means of getting what you want, and it will take time, patience, resourcefulness, and faith in yourself to orchestrate and rearrange existing conditions. A new goal is arising out of an old one. This is an important transition.”



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