INNER CONTACT ~ (week 27)

Week 27 runs from July 2 – 8.

2 + 7 = 9.

9 is the point at which the old gives way to the new. 9 represents endings, dramatic events, awareness, emotion, letting go, giving, forgiving, and completion.

Because 9 is made up of ALL the numbers that precede it, (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 3+6=9), our attention is likely to be pulled in multiple directions. Problems of perception can arise when 27 is active because 2 represents feminine emotion and 7 represents masculine mind.

When these two crucial inner parts of ourselves meet, conflict can arise as to how to interpret a particular experience. Or, they can COMMUNICATE with each other on the basis that both are equal, and that together they can produce a balanced response. Male domination and the ‘war on women’ is the outer reflection of this inner battle going on within us all. This mayhem is what we are evolving from.

2 is the number of UNITY and when the individual parts of ourselves UNITE, our Personal Power expands. 2015 is an 8 Global Year, the number of Personal Power.

The mind does not want to feel anything that does not feel pleasant or interesting. But as we move further into the transparency of the 2000s, denial cannot hold. Not only are we starting to FEEL on a much deeper and intelligent level, but are also being more honest with ourselves about what we are feeling. Consequently, we are coming out of the shallowness that has kept us so ‘dumbed down’ and unaware (denial of reality), and are gaining depth, understanding, strength, and unity. The more we speak ‘truth to power’, the more powerful we become because truth in itself is power.

2 represents sensitivity and feelings, while 7 represents the mind and knowledge, This enables us to connect at an inner level so that mind is no longer fighting off the emotions, and the emotions feel safe enough to express themselves.

When 2 and 7 make inner contact, mind and emotion (masculine and feminine) work together in a way that is far more powerful than either can achieve alone. In this 8 year of POWER in the material world, individuals are realizing just how powerful we have it in us to be.

As we passed through 2015’s mid-point on July 2nd, we entered the second half of the year with far more awareness of what is happening on Earth than we have ever had. In fact, the realization of how rapidly we have evolved since the 2000s began, is evoking an even greater evolution in which we see not only what is holding us back from living freely, but actual solutions.

We are not powerless. We are powerful beyond our current comprehension. But we need to learn what our Personal Power consists of, and how to take it back from the false power structure that stole it.

The class system controls us by controlling our emotions. Emotion is the WILL of humanity. Feminine energy. Emotion is our honesty. But the class system, (which runs on dishonesty), holds us against our will and forces us to serve the system. There is certainly a need for government – not for the purpose of controlling the population, but of facilitating the population – and all of life – to be the free and evolving beings we are meant to be.

In an 8 Global Year, all the different aspects of power take center stage. When 8 is abused, it becomes the fuel of the bully – many of whom are currently in the spotlight. What a spectacle they are now that their tactics are recognized and in the open. The manipulation of emotion, fear mostly, is their principle maneuver.

Donald Trump

There is a global contest going on as to who has truly mastered the arts of intimidation and manipulation – and who has the hardest and coldest heart. In the USA, it will be interesting to watch the verbal discourse between presidential contenders Donald Trump and Chris Christie, neither of whom are accustomed to being challenged. They communicate so loudly and ‘in-your-face’, and lie so effortlessly, that people feel unable to stand up to them. But when we listen to what they are actually saying, instead of being made to feel too ‘small’ to dispute or even discuss, we realize that their pompous and self-aggrandizing manner carries no actual weight. Their words are empty. Their “facts” are frequently wrong. And when challenged, they cannot support themselves without revealing their ineptitude. But this is not confined to politics. Bullying exists in all walks of life – family, school, workplace, communities – everywhere.

Bullying imposes fear on others to get one’s way. And since terror is the most heightened form of fear, bullying is a form of terrorism.

Bullying is a common tactic of the class system and manifests as police brutality, austerity, public shaming, the inequity of opportunity, and the sheer horror of racism, war, sexism, rape, and all forms of cruelty and violence. The class system imposes its power on the population to increase the wealth of the already wealthy by imposing hardship on the poor and middle ‘classes’. But in their denial of reality – their ignorance – and in trying to ‘have it ALL’, an imbalance has formed which is causing the class system to collapse. When you syphon everything to the top, sooner or later, the weight of this top-heaviness will bring it all crashing down.

Austerity measures are imposed on the ‘lower classes’ to make up for the mistakes of the ‘ruling classes’, and there is no fairness, balance, or goodness of heart in that approach. 6 is the number of FAIRNESS, BALANCE, RESPONSIBILITY, FAMILY, and LOVE, and July 2015 is a 6 GLOBAL MONTH in the world. (7+2015=2022=6).

Flag_of_Greece.svgThe focus is not only on the beleaguered country of Greece which is in a 9 National Year, and the future of the Euro and the European Union,  but every government that is using ‘austerity’ to keep the WILL of the people down. No progress can come from piling hardship upon hardship and misery upon misery. Only more imbalance.

6 represents BALANCE, RESONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and HEALING. But when 6 is misunderstood or abused, it represents EXTREMES, the TYRANT, BULLY, CONTROLLER, and OVERWHELMING FORCE. So, with 6 and 8 BOTH pertaining to bullying and overpowering others – AND – the peace that occurs when balance is restored – July 2015 is likely to be alive with emotional and intellectual response.

Flag_of_Israel.svg6 and 2 are also emphasized in the flag of ISRAEL, whose 6-sided star within the ‘equals’ sign signifies that regional unity is possible if there is a WILL to make it happen. Thus far, under the hardline Netanyahu government, this is not the case. Israel is in a 9 National Year.

However, IRAN this week restated its readiness to comply to the nuclear energy agreement made with the USA and the UN Security Council on april 2 of this year (April = 4 + 2=6).

27 takes us deep into our own hearts and minds. This week, 2 reminds us that we are all fellow travelers on the road of life, while 7 reveals hidden secrets that have kept us divided.

8 represents titles, entitlement, qualification, money, currency, economics, business, the way business is conducted, incorporation, and corporations. It is no surprise therefore that all of these issues are illuminated so brightly this year.

UnknownIn July, both the USA and THE EURO are in the 1 Year, and the 8 month. But we may have to wait until week 28 – a 10/1 week – to see the outcome of the Greek referendum.


As we move further into the transparency of the 2000s, everything that was hidden will be exposed. This year, the power of 8 is highlighting abuse of power. The warmongers, bullies, abusers, embezzlers, rapists, phonies, liars, sadists, and the corrupt, will be seen for who and what they are. As a result, emotions are going to burst through the psychological cages in which they have been confined, and it is up to each of us to BE RESPONSIBLE for the way we express them. The key to emotional healing on Earth is to express ourselves honestly and openly without harming ourselves or others in the process.

Both 2 and 7 are extremely intuitive, and are perhaps the most vivid reflections of our inner radar – the sensory system – the emotional range. When 2 and 7 merge, the 9 energy of regeneration forms. 9 teaches us that if we try to travel a new path and follow an old one at the same time …. all we achieve is standstill. We cannot find our way ahead until we understand how we came to be where we are. Learning from past experience – history – enables us to create a more livable future. This is a principle law of cause and effect. This is karmic healing – basic intelligence – BALANCE – which connects us back to the 6 Global Month of July 2015.


27 is the result of 3 9s.

3 is the square root of 9. (3×3=9)


The power of communication is what enables us to know we EXIST. Communication is the very basis of consciousness.

The focus on communication is a major part of our learning experience here in the 21st century (2+1=3).

2 = UNITY.


21 symbolizes humanity pulling its fragmented self together, and uniting in a spirit of friendship.

Next week, WEEK 28, takes us into a very different space in which the OUTER RESULTS of this week’s INNER CONTACT become more apparent. 



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