OUTER RESULTS ~ (week 28)


Week 28 runs from July 9 – 15

2 + 8 = 10 = 1.

The energy that comes from the number 28 enables us to take measurable steps in the direction of equality and balance.

2 = desire.

8 = power.

10 = next step – new level – moving forward.

10 always brings an opportunity to evolve. And whatever the effect turns out to be, preferred or regretted, we need to be aware of what caused the result we got. 10 brings us to a point at which cause and effect can no longer be denied. This implies that we have something vitally important to learn this week. 1 is the number of individuality, and 2 tests our understanding of relationship with other people – and other realities.

8 gives us the power to interpret information accurately if we are prepared to look at life without denial. That’s the only way we will ever know how to organize our priorities.

2 is the number of responsiveness, and 10 provides reflections of how we respond. 1 is the number of ACTION. 2 reveals the results of our actions. We cannot change the past. We can only put it behind us. And we can only do that by acknowledging what happened, and soothing old wounded feelings by letting them express themselves. That’s how they HEAL. Only then can forgiveness be authentic and lasting.

flag downThe need for healing was vividly symbolized on July 10, at 10 a.m. when the confederate flag was removed from the grounds of South Carolina’s State House.

Flags, insignias, and titles carry a great deal of power, especially when they are imposed on others as a means of oppression.

The USA is in a 10/1 year – derived from the karmic 19. (7+4+8=19/10/1). This is helping us recognize where healing is most needed. The archiving of an old symbol cannot eliminate hatred and racism. This can only be healed, inwardly, by the individual. We are evolving emotionally. And until we are able to bring ourselves to a new level of FEELING, humanity’s heart cannot gain warmth, and the world remains a very cold place, against an equally nightmarish backdrop of a planet that is heating up beyond all norms.

THAT’s how imbalanced our species has become within itself, and with the natural world. This applies to all of us, no matter where we live, and especially where large groups of people are fighting over false versions of their own history. Week 28 offers a positive change of direction if we have the WILL to accept truths we have denied.

1 teaches us that 1 step leads to another, and we reap what we sow. And as 1 and 2 continue to fuse, the world is traveling through some deep karma pertaining to the sheer abundance of our planet and the destructiveness of greed.

85Pope Francis is in a 10/1 personal year – and an 8 month. While a racist flag came down in Charleston SC, the pope, speaking in Bolivia, gave a heartfelt apology and begged for forgiveness from the indigenous people of the Americas for the brutality committed against them in the colonial era. I humbly ask forgiveness” he said, “not only for the offenses of the church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America”. Here he practiced one of the basic steps of emotional healing. ACKNOWLEDGE where harm was done and pain was inflicted. The word “SORRY” holds massive healing powers when expressed sincerely.

CHINA, PORTUGAL, the UK, and USA, are all in their 10/1 national year, and July puts them in an 8 month. 8 is the number of money, and how money is used. Entire economies are moving along the lines of ‘cause and effect’ at a rapid and confusing pace. Greece is in an 8 National Year. The European Union is made up of 28 member nations. The Euro is in a 10/1 year. 10 is the basis of the decimal system on which most currencies and many other essential aspects of our daily lives are based.

“If-you-wish-to-understand-the-Universe-think-of-energy-frequency-and-vibration.”-Nikola-TeslaPhysicist Nikola Tesla’s birth was remembered this week. Not only was he born in Week 28 (10), and on the 10th of the month, but his entire birthdate adds up to 10 as well. (July 10, 1856 = 7+1+2 = 10 = 1.) He was born on the 10/1 Destiny Path.

1 is the number of electricity, originality, and inventiveness – and if ever there was a master of the 10 energy, it was Tesla. When asked what it’s like to be the most intelligent man in the world, Albert Einstein replied” “I don’t know. You need to ask Nikola Tesla”.

Binary code numbersThe internet runs on pure 10 energy – the binary code – and there is a massive battle brewing to control it. The internet is a vivid reflection of humanity’s collective mind. If something exists, it can be found somewhere on the internet. To control the internet while we are so dependent on it is to control human consciousness.

The internet has a multitude of functions, one of which is MEMORY – and we must be careful about transferring our personal memory to the internet and simply trusting it will always be there. If we allow the convenience of the internet to take away our ability to remember; if we do not use our memory, we cannot make connections or think for ourselves, reality is a blur, and nothing makes sense. Remember too that the binary system of 1s and 0s focuses only on what is present, not on what could be. 28/10 makes us remember our own talents and qualities, to look ahead, see a bigger picture, and create what we imagine.

This week is filled with pertinent connections.

2 connects us to the millennium of the 2000s.

8 connects to the 8 year of 2015.

10 connects us to the decade of the 10s.

10’s potential for drastic and positive change remains until 2020, when once again the 1 energy of the 10s will be infused with the 2 energy of the new decade. In order to understand and navigate your personal journey in the 2000s, you have to FEEL and SENSE your way along. Being able to feel, sense, and think for yourself, creates an opening for accurate understanding to come through. This is how we make peace with ourselves. Outer peace cannot happen until we pull ourselves together on the inside first and become whole.

28 signifies power and progress through partnership, cooperation, and teamwork. It is the ultimate “strength in numbers” number, where people get where they want to be by purposefully pulling together in the same direction..

The industrial world is always looking for the ‘next big thing’, believing that technology must lead the way in every instance. But in the transparency and sensitivity of the 2000s, the next big thing is more likely to be the mental, emotional, and biological evolution of PEOPLE – to a new level of thinking, a new stage of emotional awareness, and a new understanding of physical health – all of which leads to SELF ACCEPTANCE – which is WHOLENESS – which is PEACE.

Feminine energy is pouring into what we always believed was a ‘man’s world’. Without this infusion of magnetism, we will never find balance in this electrical world – or even know what balance is. 2 holds the POWER of PATIENCE which is essential as our sensitivity increases, the emotional healing process unfolds, and we evolve from one depth of consciousness to another.

Remember: we cannot reach a destination any faster than reality allows. But when guilt implies that we should be going faster than we can, or doing better than we are, we push ourselves and others harder than is necessary or wise – as if we can somehow get ahead of ourselves. We cannot. So, breathe easy and move at your natural pace…



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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  2. I’m so grateful to you Christine, for you bringing this important information to help us evolve as humans. Thank you!!


  3. phoebedylan1 says:

    There is a wonderful talk about women and the internet here
    It is one of the best speeches I have heard about the power of coding and women, and the enormous challenges and opportunities that are ahead. Thanks Christine!


    • Thanks for sharing, Phoebe. I am particularly struck by this:

      “Being in tech and not caring about tech culture is a luxury, only affordable to those with enough privilege to ignore it & too little empathy to care.”


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