TELL IT LIKE IT IS ~ (week 30)

Slide1Week 30 runs from July 23 to 29 and marks the start of a 10 week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3. Until September 30, we will be traveling a powerful vibration, consisting of:

  • the originality of 1 – the nucleus of all other numbers.
  • the transparency of 2 (the 2000s).
  • reflective and creative 3 (including the 3 energy of the 21st century).
  • Symbolic 8, and its sliding scale of satisfaction and greed. 2015 is an 8 year.
  • innovative 10 (the binary code – and our current decade) .
  • enlightening 11 (the merging of 3 and 8).

11 is the number of illumination and inspiration. 11 lights things up and shows us how it really is. But this complex master number can appear in mysterious and metaphoric ways. For instance, the highly suspicious suicide verdict in the death of Sandra Bland has produced more questions than answers. When the details are pieced together, which is not too difficult in this case, a big picture emerges that overshadows the ‘official version’. The cop who pulled her over for an unwarranted traffic violation, reflected 11 when he said “I will light you up!” 11 lights things up to bring attention to what needs to be seen. He did not use the taser, but the moment he said those words, Sandra Bland ceded her rights and got out of the car. This was compliance under THREAT; it was bullying and terrorizing.

Sandra1+1=2, and 2 is the number of transparency and openness, and as we move deeper into the 2000s, the systemic horrors of racism within the class system are becoming increasingly clear, and as the old system continues to break, reality pours through the cracks. And as the walls of denial fall, we see life exactly as it is.

As mentioned last week, Sandra Bland was 28 years old. She died in week 28, on a 28 day in the world (7+13+8=28=10), in the 28th state of Texas. Four 28s add up to 112, which also reflects the direction we are taking at this time in the evolutionary journey. 1+1=2.

Highway28Also in week 28, On July 22, a section of Highway 28 in California was shut down due to collapsing infrastructure. Again, reality is reflected in metaphor. A crumbling infrastructure signifies lack of care – carelessness – lack of priority – fear of progress – fear of change – ignorance – arrogance – limited knowledge – incompetence.

calculation-grid7 is the number of wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and dignity, and Sandra Bland exuded these qualities. She was born on the 7 Destiny Path which means that her entire date of birth adds up to 7. (2+7+1+9+8+7= 3+4=7). She was also born on the 7th day of February, in 1987, which was a 7 year in the world (1+9+8+7=2+5=7). Her Expression Number was 7, which means that her full birth name, Sandra Annette Bland, when converted into numbers, also adds up to 7.

Slide07But like all numbers, 7 has its underbelly, which involves secrets, conspiracy, lies, feelings of superiority, criticism, fault-finding, abuse of power, and sudden falls. I believe this is what she encountered when she was unnecessarily pulled over on July 10, 2015, which was a karmic 16/7 day in the world. (7+1+0+8=16/7).

Slide08She was in her 8 personal year – the number of power in the material world; the number of personal power and recognition; the number of influence. 8 emphasizes the power of correct understanding. Knowledge is power, but 8 does not hand us true understanding on a plate. 8 gives us the desire to seek true understanding. 2015 is an 8 year in the world (2+0+1+5=8), and is affecting us all.

And here in week 30, with so much emphasis still on 28, the energy of Tuesday, July 28th is very interesting indeed. It is the 209th day of the year (11), and a 7 day in the world – (7+2+8+8=2+5=7).

Tuesday, July 28th is also the 101st anniversary of WORLD WAR 1.

101 is a palindromic number – it reads the same backwards as it does forwards. Its message is therefore direct and specific. The two 1s depict humanity (life forms) and the zero depicts the gaps between us which cannot help but form in a divide-and-conquer system.

101 implies basic knowledge, or an introductory level of learning. The term 101 is frequently used in book titles and college courses. For example: “Geology 101 teaches us that we cannot build a reservoir on sandstone.”

1984firstAnd from George Orwell’s classic and predictive novel, “nineteen eighty-four”, which is regularly quoted as metaphor for much of what is going on today, ‘Room 101’ reflects the torture chamber – the place that holds our greatest fears and renders both courage and cowardice meaningless. Our greatest fears, especially the ones we deny having, converge and emerge as war – the ultimate terror. The numbers 1+9+8+4 add up to 22, the master number which helps us improve conditions under which people, the masses, exist. But without peaceful intention, 22’s potential turns to chaos. Sandra Bland was buried on Saturday, July 25, 2015 – a 22 day in the world. (7+2+5+8= 22).

3 represents outer appearances and life on the surface. It shows us that for as long as the rights of women remain in the hands of men, this great imbalance can only widen. Power over humanity begins with power over women – power over honest response.

And there on the world stage is Bill Cosby, born on the 3 Destiny Path, reflecting this very concept back to us in terms of power over women and the powerlessness of women when drugged and raped. However, this also reflects what happens when emotional response is free to express itself. People come forward, sometimes in droves, for the purpose of righting a wrong. It’s happening in Britain, too, where people in positions of prominence and trust, who habitually abused children, are being exposed. One day, these cans of worms will burst open, but until they do, the pushback is harsh.

In Chicago this week, Lorenzo Davis, a supervisor with the Independent Police Review Authority, was fired when he refused to change his findings in 3 cases of police wrongdoing. The whistleblower often comes forward at considerable risk.

The last day of Week 30, Wednesday, July 29, 2015, is an 8 day in the world. It is also a day in which everything is amplified – doubled – by the 9 energy that comes from the month and day. The 29th day of the month increases the 11 energy, and this 210th day of the year, increases the 3 energy, considerably.

3 is the number of HAPPINESS and the ENJOYMENT of life. Reflective 3 mirrors everything we do back to us, and we often try to give the appearance of happiness and having fun, when really we’re not. 3 represents keeping up appearances, and altering appearance, shaping things to suit an agenda. In 3, our emotions are easily manipulated. The entertainment, media, and PR industries work tirelessly to blur the lines of reality and illusion and, unfortunately, our fear of reality gives us an appetite for diversion.

3 represents acting, the stage, the big picture, larger than life, and the world platform. 3 demonstrates why art, in all its forms, is SO important. Art reflects our evolution and how far we have come, and reminds us of the possibilities ahead. The WILL is made of emotions – and ART has the ability to MOVE our emotions and help us express them OUT of our bodies. 3 helps us to express ourselves honestly and tell it like it is.

HAPPINESS is part of who and what we are. This natural feeling lives within us – at the highest point on the emotional scale. JOY. While no one can take that away from us, some can, and currently are, making life as miserable as possible for the majority of human beings, which ironically is made up of “minorities”.

As we continue to look deeper into reality, we see a layer of cruelty that had always been kept hidden from mainstream view. And the mainstream attitude was that if it does not affect me personally, I don’t want to hear about it. The innovative and forward moving energy of 10 is reflecting the danger of not turning when there is a bend in the road, or in one case, not signaling when changing lanes, or not realizing that the old selfish ways of the 1000s are no longer sustainable. We are in the 2000s now. 2 is the number of empathy and caring. 2 is feminine energy, and is being attacked by desperate hangers-on to a time that has passed.

Guilt tries to convince us that we must not feel joy while others suffer, and it is important to remember that guilt is not an emotion. Guilt is judgment. Its purpose is to prevent emotion (the feminine vibration) from taking the course it needs to take. Guilt prevents us from expressing ourselves honestly. The truth of how we FEEL drives us forward, but guilt stands in its way. The class system depends on guilt to keep the masses down – under control, obliviously spending hard earned money for the supply of the material goods it offers. The material world is not causing this great imbalance. That is caused by the industrialization of the material world – materialism – the capture and enslavement of mother nature!

8 represents the power of abundance – which slides easily into greed when our priorities are misplaced. 8 gives us the power of appreciation, enabling us to hold on to happiness wherever possible, so that it is not extracted completely. You cannot fake happiness, but it is important to keep it alive by appreciating what does make you happy, even if it’s only a memory. 8 helps us appreciate the VALUE of what we’ve already got, instead of always wanting more!

At the other end of the happiness vibration sits grief. Happiness is LIGHT. Grief is HEAVY. Both are natural feelings. One of the most distressing symbols of our times is that of fellow human beings crying out “I Can’t Breathe” – people being choked to death, which is no different from post-slavery lynching. The expression of grief appears to constrict our throats, but in reality it is our throats that are clamping up in an effort not to have to feel the grief as it passes through us and out of us.

jonathan+sandersEarlier this month, 39 year old horse-trainer Jonathan Sanders of Stonewall, Mississippi, was ejected from his horse by a police officer and choked to death with a flashlight. The case is “under investigation”. But the town is called STONEWALL – the definition of which is to engage in uncooperative or delaying tactics – which is a common denominator in all these different cases. In the 8 year, symbolism is everywhere, even in the names of towns. Even the name Trump symbolizes one-upmanship.

At the time of writing this article, statistics show that in the month of July alone, police deaths in the USA have reached 100. The situation is out of hand as case after case after case of police brutality against black men, women, and children continue to occur, after which the victims are put on trial for their own deaths. The pattern couldn’t be clearer. White supremacy is nazi-ism – purity of bloodline – the ‘master race’. It has no place in present time. White supremacy – and white privilege – are the last vestiges of 1 energy that refuses to evolve.

This 10 week period produces opportunities in all areas of life. 8 and 3 are manifesting energies, which enable us to turn what we already have into what we want. We need to keep this in mind as events and circumstances dampen 3’s optimism and throw shadows on 11’s light. To fulfill our creative potential, we must find the courage to truly express how we feel, without harming ourselves or each other – otherwise our imaginations shrink and all we create is repetition, jealousy, and challenge.

The ‘divide and conquer’ nature of the class system tries to keep us on these superficial levels. This system of consumerism depends on consumers, not people; and addiction, which is the opposite of satisfaction. In the days and weeks to come, we are likely to see vivid examples of how addiction to power is dictating the course of the human journey.


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