ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ~ (week 33)

Slide1WEEK 33 runs from August 13 to 19.

This 6 week is derived from master 33 energy, and occurs in a karmic 16/7 month. 7 is the number of the mind, and 16 highlights secrets, lies, conspiracy, and the abuse of power.

The combination of 33 and 7 offers tremendous opportunity for learning, teaching, healing, creating, communicating, networking, alliance and group effort. Mix this with August’s 88 energy of power, abundance, manifesting, and personal satisfaction, and the potential for breakthrough is astonishing.

The inner condition of humanity is projected into the outer world. 3 represents reflection, communication, the arts – the stage. The world stage is a reflection of ourselves. This is the origins of ART.

From July 23 to September 30, we are in a ten week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3, and the reflections are extremely vivid, triangular, and ‘larger than life’, (a product of 3 and 8 combined).

The system deceives us into believing that we cannot change anything. But we know better than that. As humanity progresses in the direction of openness and free will, those who control the old system ruthlessly attempt to block our natural evolution.

The road ahead is filled with encouraging ups and devastating downs, and in times of radical change, turbulence is inevitable. However, the sense of responsibility we feel when 33 is present, helps us to overcome our fears for the sake of caring for and protecting who and what we LOVE.

This parental energy is touching us all, whether we have children or not. Pets fall into this category. They are the source of much love, joy, and healing in our lives, and should be cherished and respected as the individuals they are. Or perhaps the child involved is you – needing to understand and heal from past experiences, needing to understand how to let the past go and move on. Perhaps it’s you, needing to know who you are, why you’re here, and how you fit into this evolving journey of life. 33 brings answers, forgiveness, and healing.

3 represents harmony and rhythm – and only when you live in harmony with yourself and move at your own natural pace can your life unfold in just the right way. And only by being completely honest with yourself can you intuitively make the right decisions.

8 illustrates the contrast between wealth and poverty; the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ . In the 8 energy of 2015, reflections of the 1980s are everywhere – to show us what we still have to learn from that era in which greed became a preferred way of life – instead of being seen as the lack of satisfaction it actually is; lack of contentment, the inability to know when we have ‘enough’.

Because we did not learn these things back then, we are now dealing with the consequences of greed and over-consumption. And now, as we see what is happening in the world, we find ourselves crying out in desperation: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

“They’ve got a wall in China, it’s a thousand miles long… to keep out the foreigners they made it strong…”   Paul Simon

150628100138-donald-trump-mexico-immigration-wall-intv-tapper-sotu-00013814-full-169Donald Trump is a huge reflection of the 80s. He wants to build a wall – a huge wall – along the US/Mexico border.

However, August 13 marked the 53rd (8) anniversary of the day that the building of the Berlin Wall began – which would split Germany in two, separate families, divide Europe into separate regions (East and West), and start the ‘cold war’ with the oppressive Soviet Union. Both the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union collapsed 24 years later at the end of the 80s.

On 9 November, 1989, (9/11 in Europe), the WILL of the people (emotions) rose up and tore the wall down. In this age of openness, walls are not the answer to the migration of people who are running from war and extreme conditions. Look at what’s happening on the Greek Island of Kos, to the thousands of living, breathing, men, women, and children who are fleeing the horrors of Syria.

Humanity is in crisis and must move beyond the barriers and boundaries of the ‘class’ system if we are to survive as a species. Donald Trump uses the word ‘class’ a lot. But of course, there is no greater reflection of the class system than Donald Trump.

80shair3 80shair2Everything in the 80s was bigger and louder – even the hairstyles and fashions. It was the age of shoulder-pads for women to make us appear more powerful, more like men. 8 = power! But we had such a limited grasp of 8’s meaning back then.

And yet a whole generation of people who were born in the 80s do seem to have a good grasp of what is happening in the world today, or at least an interest in learning more. 8 represents the power that comes from accurate understanding of existing information.

imagesBill Cosby, like Donald Trump, was an icon of that era in which inflated EGO led the way. What they have in common is a need to overpower (rather than empower). Their delusions of male superiority are real and well documented.

Week 33 may prove pivotal for Cosby because his Expression Number is 33 – (derived from all the letters in his birth name, William Henry Cosby). One of 33’s undesirable aspects is the gratification derived from CONTROL, which is what rape is ultimately about – not the sex itself, but the satisfaction achieved from forcing oneself on another – controlling their WILL, their feminine energy, and in this case, deadening their very consciousness with drugs. This is extreme misogyny – the pathological hatred of the feminine, and masculine dominance. And this is the precise imbalance that we, as a species, men and women alike, are evolving from.

Our misunderstanding of EGO ensures that the 99% – you and me – remain controllable. Ego is our sense of SELF. The main lesson of 1 is SELF ACCEPTANCE. By trying to eliminate ego, we remain trapped in the illusion that ‘self’ has no value. The evolutionary development of Self Acceptance is what is driving the ‘black lives matter’ movement. Only from that standpoint can fairness and justice ever be attained.

It should be noted that 33 is made up of three 11’s.

K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, and K K K = 11 11 11.

11 is the number of enlightenment – the power of light – which, somewhere along the line, got mistaken for the power of white!

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in the USA, but it draws its racist philosophies from the agendas of apartheid South Africa and  Rhodesia, as well as nazi Germany. 6 is the number of JUSTICE, which is why the justice systems of the world are under great scrutiny. Justice is fairness – the absence of prejudice and bias, which is our natural state.

33 is the most stable form of 6 – the number of balance. Ego is a precious part of who we are, without which we cannot be whole. The power and purpose of ego can only be experienced when it finds balance between over and under inflation.

Perhaps this is why, through the reflection of American Football, the ‘deflated balls’ saga involving New England Patriot, Tom Brady, continues into week 33. The ‘feminization’ (deflated balls) of men is one of the principle fears of the class system – because men run the system, and there is no doubt that this is still very much a ‘man’s world!’ The 8 year is filled with signs, symbols, and metaphors.

Our sense of self is a natural part of who we are as individuals. So perhaps we will experience things this week which help us to accept ourselves more fully – just as we are – and in so doing, enable our egos to evolve along with the rest of us.

Ego is the Latin word for “I”, and we really do need to stop blaming it for all our faults and problems. This has the same affect as constantly telling a child – or anyone – how BAD they are. Blaming the ego for everything is an excuse for not making the changes we so urgently need to make.

3 is the number of JOY, and one of the principle goals of 33 is to alleviate suffering on a global scale, to transform anguish and hopelessness into optimism and happiness. Both 8 and 33 inspire us to make the best of what we have, and never give up. In the 33 energy, large-scale objectives can be achieved, by unique and unusual means.

33 is a bright and alluring symbol, rich in hope and possibility. But it does come with a great sense of duty. 33 adds up to 6, the number of responsibility and balance, without which the destructive forces of JUDGMENT can dig in and reinforce the class system’s hold on humanity. The class system operates by classifying, sorting, labeling, and JUDGING. This is where RACISM begins, and is why our world is so dangerously out of balance.

BernieSandersJeremyCorbyn6 represents FAMILY, parenting, children, responsibility, care-giving, relatives, stability, safety, education, health, neighborhood, and the ‘cost of living’. Perhaps that is why we are seeing the emergence of ‘downhome’ politicians like Bernie Sanders in the USA, and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, (and others around the world) in response to humanity’s outcry for honesty, depth, and solutions, instead of ‘appearance’, sound-bites, denial, and bluster. They operate in such contrast to other politicians, (both left and right), and are attracting unprecedented numbers of people.

CMOd481WsAAwkmyOn the last day of Week 32 – a 5 week – the number of the sudden and unexpected – there was a massive explosion of hazardous materials in Tianjin, China, with 8 additional explosions reported on Saturday. Fears of poisoning by sodium cyanide prompted a large scale evacuation. With 100 (and rising) reported killed and more than 700 (and rising) injured, the issues of workplace and community safety and human rights, are raised yet again.

Bloomberg Magazine reported this week that an estimated 1.6 million people per year are dying in China because of air pollution. Looking menacingly like a mushroom cloud, one has to wonder what other chemicals are involved in the Tianjin explosions.

And here is some RIVETING VIDEO which shows the sheer magnitude of the blast. (Warning: explicit language).

ConroeThis photo, however, is not Tianjin, China. It is Conroe, Texas, on Friday, where an enormous chemical explosion occurred at DrillChem, which provides products for the oil/ fracking industry. Add this to the list of other workplace disasters, including exploding oil trains, and crumbling infrastructure, issues of work and community safety are amplified all over the world.

currencyOn the 1st day of week 33, China devalued its currency for the second time in just a few days, and shook the financial world. A few hours later, financial experts assured the jittery markets that fears of a ‘currency war’ were unfounded… and then it was back to business as usual. This will be something to watch very carefully in the coming weeks and months because 8 represents economics at every level.

Week 33 highlights our sense of BELONGING. Safety. Basic needs like food and water, and a roof over one’s head. 3 is the number of EXPRESSION, which begins with emotional expression. Emotion (feminine energy), is our WILL. Self expression is a BASIC NEED, and its suppression violates the will of humanity.

33 reminds us that “the next big thing” will not come from technology, but from within ourselves. The freeing of the human Will is the next big thing!

“And you’ve been so busy lately that you haven’t had the time, to open up your mind, and watch the world spinning gently out of time…”  ~Blur, “Out Of Time”


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