INSIDE OUT! ~ (week 34)

week 34

Week 34 runs from August 20 to 26. It is a 7 global week.

34/7 has a surreal atmosphere about it in response to what seem like new conditions. Then, as we trace the effect back to its cause, we realize that the situation has been going on behind the scenes for quite a while. 3 = communication and appearances. 4 = logic and system. 7 = questions and answers.

Ideally, as this cycle plays itself out, the parts of us that are aware recognize parts of us that are ignorant and in denial – and great progress can be made individually and collectively. The problem is that facing reality triggers deep emotions that the mind does not want to feel. But knowing this in advance can help us stay optimistic (3), focused and determined (4), and open minded enough to analyze and absorb new information (7).

7 represents secrets, orchestration, scandal, slip-ups, being ‘found out’, and the subsequent ‘fall from grace’. 7 is the ultimate ‘conspiracy’ number and often involves ‘secret societies’. Of course, in the age of the internet, a secret society can take on a very modern appearance – such as “Ashley Madison” – a dating service and social-networking website that helps orchestrate secret affairs for married people and those in committed relationships (mostly men it seems). Their “secret” database was recently hacked, making the names and other details of the ‘cheating spouses’ available for all to see.

Imagine the turmoil in the lives of the people involved – all of a sudden, thousands of people discovering that their spouses are cheating on them. All of a sudden, being found out for having cheated! The internet offers only a thin veneer of anonymity. The karmic 16/7 energy which emphasizes secret relationships is at work here. August 2015 is a 16/7 month.

Week 33 was a 6 global week, the number of marriage, the home, responsibility, and dedication. August 19, 2015, was the last day of Week 33, and also a 33 day in the world. (8+19+8)=33/6). On that day, it was revealed that Joshua Duggar of the defunct reality show, “19 And Counting”, (who molested his younger sisters when he was a teenager), was exposed as being a paid client of the Ashley Madison website. Even his birthday, March 3, reflects the number 33, and his year of birth, 1988, adds up to 8. Karmic 19 is also very active here.

It is also more apparent this week, that hatred is breaking through legal and social barriers and is surging into mainstream reality. As dangerous as this is, we cannot evolve if these sick feelings do not surface, because out in the open is the only place they can ever heal.

As we continue to move into the feminine 2 energy of the new millennium, the diversity of our feelings is reflected in the deep divisions between people all over the world. These gaps need to be bridged, healed, and brought together – so that a more peaceful existence on Earth can emerge. Large sections of humanity are moving from place to place, forced out of one location, only to force themselves on another, through no fault of their own. We are experiencing the worst refugee crisis since world war 2.

This week, an American radio host openly suggested that illegal Latino immigrants should be enslaved. Xenophobes in England and Europe referred to the thousands of desperate African and Asian refugees in the camps in Calais, as scum, cockroaches, and vermin. This is the identical language used in nazi Germany against the Jews in the 1930s and 40s. (3+4=7).

It needs to be remembered that nazi-ism is based on racial “purity”., and the belief that one type of person is superior to another. That is why Germans, back then, believed they were the “master race”. By this definition alone, Nazi-ism and racism are the same thing, and this superiority complex exists everywhere, in different forms. However, there does seem to be a growing concern at the present time about Germany’s economic dominance in Europe.

Also this week, 2 Boston men – brothers – urinated on and beat up a homeless Mexican immigrant who was sleeping on the street. They were caught and arrested, and one of them stated to the police: “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported”. In response, Trump said that he had not heard of the case, and it would be a shame if his comments on immigration had inspired the attack. But instead of condemning the violence, he added: “the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate.”

Thuggery is not passion. It is the cowardly tactic of the bully. Hate is not passion. Hate is light which is devoid of love. Light inspires – and even unloving light is able to ‘inspire’ – in unloving ways.

34/7 teaches us to take responsibility for the emotional atmosphere we create, and that there is a choice of constructive or destructive anger. It all depends on what triggered it, how it’s expressed, and whether it is expressed at all. Denied anger accumulates and builds up within the body – until it can no longer be contained. Eventually, it becomes physical or mental illness – or it explodes in the form of hardened rage and hate. This process is reflected in the outer world as a build up of both personal and militaristic weaponry, and the desire to use it.

In the transparent 2000s, the truth inside must come out. Everything starts on the inside – including war. Living from the inside out is not something we must learn to do. We already do it – by nature. What we must learn is how to do this with a much fuller awareness, and with peaceful intent.

As contradictory feelings confuse us this week, the inner war between our feminine emotions and masculine minds becomes more apparent. And yet the convergence of this 7 week and 7 month can bring major breakthroughs if we are open-minded enough to recognize them.

In week 34, as more secrets are exposed in the outer world, we may find ourselves dealing with secrets of our own, including those secrets we keep from ourselves, the ones we keep in denial. So if you find yourself shocked by your own feelings, do not aim them at other people. Just feel them. Knowing how you feel, is how you know who you are and why you’re here. To accept how you feel is to be honest with yourself.

We are all recovering from old emotional wounds, whether we know it or not. We have been using denial to hide our damaged emotional energy, rather than accept our pain, really FEEL it, and allow it to pass through and out of the body and mind.

Our inability to accept reality has created a deep-seated fear of being ‘unacceptable’ to others. We are traumatized by rejection. But we all know that there is more to life than being born, schooled, given a job, working for the industrial system during our most productive years, and then growing old and dying. There has to be more than that! As a species, we are struggling to understand ourselves and our potential.

We exist here on this living planet, at which we heartlessly hack away to provide for our ever-increasing ‘material needs’. That’s what happens in a system of ‘supply and demand’, instead of demand and supply. It’s all back to front. It’s all inside out. And we are left with the task of figuring out how to change things. We each have a role to play in this regard. Remember that 2015 is an 8 global year in which the power of correct understanding is both the goal and the next step.



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3 Responses to INSIDE OUT! ~ (week 34)

  1. Linda Forgues says:

    I feel privlileged to read the information you put out weekly and monthly. The insight, without any BS helps me to tap in really quick! Thank You for sharing with us and for allowing us to FEEL when it is most important. I look forward to your posts weekly with anticipation.


  2. janina browarska says:

    Hi Anne,

    For you personally and globally and might I add our own huge political scandal finally coming to the surface…….this 34 week……

    Have a great TGIF:-) Love Nina


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