Week 36 runs from September 3 to 9. It is a 9 global week in the 9th month of the year.


“Those who control the present, control the past, and those who control the past control the future.” ~George Orwell, “1984”


We are living through a major shift in time, and Week 36 has the potential to be a major turning point for humanity, especially when it comes to accepting the imbalance and unfairness on Earth right now. We are evolving at the same measure that awareness is expanding.

As we transition from the 1000s to the 2000s, we find ourselves living in two different realities simultaneously. We know we cannot change what we will not look at, and are now much more aware of the old reality we are evolving from, and how it constantly drags us backwards to the cruel imbalances of the masculine 1000s in which everything must be allotted a ‘market value’ and capitalized on.

At the same time, the feminine 2000s offer hope of a new system that actually has a point of balance – a center – a heart. A system in which we are able to recognize ourselves as individuals, (I AM), as well as a species, (WE ARE).

Human beings have never really known our true purpose in the great cosmic scheme of things. We cannot escape the effects of the 1000s until we face our own reflections and accept ourselves as we really are.

The move from one millennial cycle to another activated a massive alteration in numeric frequency which is forcing us to adapt to the increasing power of our emotions – our feminine energy. We are learning who we are and why we are here by knowing how we feel.

369 grid

This graphic shows the infinite nature of the 369 sequence.

Where there is 3 and 6, 9 always follows. And where there is 369, there is an opportunity to increase our awareness of the past – which created the present – and which holds the potential of the future. The laws of cause and effect are major lessons for us to learn as the concentrated 2 energy of 2020 draws closer.

9 is the SUM of all the numbers that precede it. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36.

3+6 brings us back to 9 which in turn brings us back to whatever is preventing us from moving forward. We cannot advance into the future if we do not understand the past.

Masculine consciousness is expanding and evolving through the acceptance of our feminine emotions. Consequently, people are now remembering issues they ignored because they didn’t understand them – or are now dealing with the problems caused by ignoring them. The heartbreaking refugee crisis that is developing around the world is the effect of our inability to look at the big picture and see how 1 thing leads to another.

War does not end. It changes shape, it even changes sides, but it can never end because the emotional wounds that war incurs are never allowed to heal.

In Week 36, the numbers open and expand in the form of potential – for constructive change. 369 = infinite movement and visions of possibility and likelihood. 369 =  continuity and survival.

3 creates,

6 balances,

9 brings the old to an end and opens the new.

Week 36 provides the potential to produce tangible results – answer burning questions – devise workable solutions – and find our way through whatever it is that’s holding us back. This weeks 369 energy also provides opportunity to heal humanity’s broken heart and allow ourselves to develop compassion on a deeper scale than we have ever experienced. Our hearts are the conduits of love – and yet we live in such a heartless world. Healing our hearts, one heart at a time, is our only hope of survival.

There are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum – and then comes 10 – the number of our current decade – the number of great innovation and fundamental change. 10 takes us to the ‘next level’, where we start all over again with the #1. (1+0=1). As we move towards the 9 year of 2016, a year of endings and drama, the power of 1 is giving us more time – until the end of 2019 – to learn what 1 has to teach.

Meanwhile, life will throw opportunities our way to help us do that. But they may not seem like opportunities at the time. 3 year old Aylan Kurdi, whose lifeless body washed ashore on the Turkish coast this week, along with his older brother and his mother, gave such an opportunity to humanity. His image created a spontaneous opening of hearts around the world, an outpouring of emotion, followed by some countries opening their borders to the hundreds of thousands of fellow human beings who are fleeing the atrocities of war in Syria, Libya and other global death-traps. But this cannot be just a government thing. The solution lies with humanity as a whole. Only when individuals start genuinely CARING about other individuals can a more loving existence on Earth begin. 2 is the number of caring.

We are currently in an 8 global year – the number of POWER on the material plane, money, position, title, and incorporation. This form of power all too often turns to greed, materialism, ‘power-plays’, bullying, and depravity. But 8 is also the number of power through correct understanding. 8 is calculating energy by nature which can be used for good or bad. It all depends on whether the INTENT in one’s heart is loving or not.

Throughout 2015, it’s as if we are reliving the decade of the 80s in one 12-month cycle. Children of the 1980s may be feeling the 8 vibration very strongly at this time, or perhaps ‘differently’ because their generation is tasked with bringing LOVE into the equation since 8 represents power, and love is the greatest power of all! This applies to all of us of course, but those with strong 8 energy do seem to have a special connection here.

Of course, it is up to all of us to let our love reach a little further than our immediate circle of family and friends. How foolish we would be to create our own extinction because we do not understand the natural emotion of fear – our fear of each other, specifically…. which exists because we do not know the roll we play in nature. The very fact that the word ‘nature’ exists at all shows that life is multi-dimensional, multi-connectional, and multi-functional.

Life on Earth is a stream of diversity – vibrational variations – differences. And as we venture from 1 to 2, we have a chance to imagine – and create – a more sustainable future in which caring takes the place of selfishness, and cooperation replaces competition and war.


“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~George Orwell, “1984”


1 is the number of origins, and it is important to know the root cause of a problem – where it started. Most of the wars in this world start at the very “top” of this competitive, industrial, hierarchal, CLASS system – as the “powers that be” fight among themselves to BE #1. That’s why we’re hearing so much about ‘winners and losers’, and what’s ‘classy’, and what’s not. That’s why we’re hearing so much about being the best, the biggest, the richest, the most austere, the meanest, and a whole slew of echoes from the 1980s – an era in which greed was almost normalized, but not quite. Greed did not completely destroy the human will. In fact, those people fleeing the wars that the oil-hungry countries started, symbolize the human will which is struggling and striving right now to save itself. By helping them, we help ourselves. We are 1.

1 is the number of ego, and there is nothing more dangerous than an over-inflated ego at this point in time. The vibrational mix of 1 and 8 can transform one’s sense of superiority and entitlement into egomania, and even megalomania, as the ego jumps ahead of itself.

Inflated ego, some of which has been carefully hidden, is rising to the surface all over the world now, so that it can face its own reflection and heal, before it does even more damage. In a world in which our minds have been dominated by the “virtual reality” of TV and computer, it is important to remember that life is NOT a “reality show”.

1 is the number of leadership. Everything on Earth is evolving, including our understanding of what is needed in a leader; not control over others but the ability to open the way forward so that individuals can ultimately LEAD their own lives. However, when 1 and 8 combine, inflated egos sense this as an opportunity to seize control. The true power of 8 comes from accurate understanding, including the role that LOVE plays in our evolution. We are currently traveling through numeric energy which can open our hearts to a deeper love for ourselves and each other.


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