Week 38 is an 11/2 global week, and runs from Sept. 17 to 23.

3 = communication

8 = power

3+8 = 11 = light through the power of communication.

We need to be more aware of how the communications industry controls our understanding of ourselves – and the world.

11 connects one thing to another, including itself. Add one and one together, and you have 2. 1 is the number of CHANGE, and at this point in the human journey, 11 represents the massive change we are experiencing as we travel in time from the 1000s to the 2000s.

1+1=2 = MOVEMENT through time, progression, evolution.

We are programmed to think that time is an artificial measuring system. But when we look beyond the simplicity of clockwork, (seconds, minutes, hours etc.) time emerges as a natural system which measures the track of movement.

Movement is life, the first sign of which is a single pulse. And life on Earth moves and pulsates to the rhythm of sunrise and sunset, seasons, years, decades, centuries, and millennia – all of which are natural measures of time. That’s what we set our clocks by.

Time is the natural framework of evolution – the underlying structure on which we learn, grow, and ascend. However, our understanding of time is kept at a minimal and mechanical level by a system which depends on our NOT evolving.

3 is the number of communication and entertainment and is playing an enormous role in our lives. Not only is our current century based on 3 energy (21=3), we are also in a ten-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3 – the great story-teller of the numeric spectrum.

3 – or 111 – reminds us that each of us has our own story to tell, and that each of our stories has its own unique cast of characters. 3’s energy runs from great depth to mere shallowness – and that is the diverse gauge on which communication and entertainment is based.

The word entertainment means to “hold mutually”, derived from the ancient words INTER (together/between/among), and TENERE (to hold). And because 3 is a principle means of holding people’s attention, entertainment is an art in itself. Sometimes, this art is used to turn entertainment and communication into weapons with which to kill our ability to know. 8 is the number of power – and knowledge IS power.

3 is the number of EXPRESSION, which moves our emotions in all directions as it reveals how happy, sad, afraid, brave, amused, angry, hateful, loving – or bored and unmoved – we are. Even when art and entertainment is superficial, violent, cruel, and mindless, it is still a reflection of our reality on Earth.

3 represents people and population, popularity, popular people, popular culture, the stage, the arts, the power of words, images, and sounds. 3 provides the audience, listeners, viewers, watchers, onlookers, readers, fans, detractors, performers, artists, some very unusual souls, and some big egos.

3 = display, spectacle, pageant, pomp, presentation, and making things visible and understood. It also brings gossip, lies, hearsay, rumor, and even gibberish.

“If you get good ratings, they’ll cover you even if you have nothing to say.” Donald Trump’s actual words this week about why every network is covering his every move.

3 is the number of outer appearances. And 8, in one of its lowest forms, represents the bully. The current system forces us to compare and gauge ourselves by its “standards”, which is why Donald Trump, (a true product of the 80s and the 3 vibration of the entertainment industry), cannot help but demean people based on their looks. 3 is a means of getting one’s point across, but because shallowness is also part of 3’s spectrum, it’s energy can easily turn serious matters into mere entertainment.

2015 reflects the decade of the 80s as it occurred in the 1000s, with its focus on biggest, best, greatest, richest, loudest, meanest, and all other superlatives that suggest superiority, competition, and ‘out-doing’ (trumping) each other. Even Mr. Trump’s best-selling book “The Art Of The Deal” was published in 1987 and does not reflect the economic realities of present time. However, Donald Trump is an essential reflection of our evolution because he displays those aspects of the past which must end if we are to evolve, especially from the insanity of white supremacy and misogyny.

Reality changes in the passage of time. Those who don’t recognize the need to change – to adapt to THE CURRENT (present time) – are going to have big problems when the world around them does finally adapt.

When 1 and 8 are misunderstood or abused, their combined energy transforms into a stubborn combination of selfishness and greed. Indeed, the 1/8 combination is used to keep the old system in place by appealing to the selfishness and greed that all of us are in the process of evolving from.

8 in the 2000s has a very different chemistry. 8 to the power of 2 = 64 = 10 = 1. This brings a completely new beginning – a new era – in which cooperation replaces competition, diplomacy replaces belligerence, patience with detail untangles us from the dumbing-down process, and genuine caring replaces indifference and cold-heartedness. 

The power of 8powerof8 © Copyright DELOREY 2008 - All Rights Reserved comes from accurately understanding the DETAILS so that a bigger picture can form. Without this deeper awareness, you can only “win” through underhandedness, intimidation, and disregard of the effects that are caused by “winning at all costs”. When you focus only on winning, the rest of the mind closes. You cannot see reason with a closed mind, your own or anyone else’s, and seeing reason is what the laws of cause-and-effect are all about.

Denial of reality and the acceptance of ‘false alternatives’ is what keeps the turmoil in the world going. Acceptance of reality does not mean merely putting up with adversity, it means facing the facts and actively seeking ways to improve matters.

TV “reality” shows are an extremely popular form of entertainment these days. They offer “VIRTUAL” reality, hypothetical situations – not real. Reality shows are scripted, produced, directed, and have rules and safeguards. In other words, they are “staged”.

The 2 energy takes us behind the scenes as we move further into the 2000s, and we can SEE the strings being pulled, and by whom, and to whom they in turn are connected. In this age of transparency, the light of 11 reveals what is hidden. 

stock-footage-solar-panels-and-wind-turbinesPower on Earth has many forms, the greatest of which is the power of the natural world. But communication between us and Mother Nature has been cut off by the system so that we are unaware of what we are doing to her, or that there are alternatives to our constant attack on her resources and wildlife. How naïve and shallow we are to believe that we are somehow separate from nature.

The industrial system deliberately cuts us off from this understanding by shooting down any alternatives – the renewable energies which RAIN DOWN freely onto the Earth in constant streams of sun, wind, and water – safe, clean, self-replenishing, non-destructive, energy.

It is hard to believe that the state of Florida – the sunshine state – is not fully invested in solar energy which could power the entire United States with clean cheap electricity. But of course, 8 = Power, and the ‘power industry’, is doing everything it can to prevent this natural transition. Thankfully, great strides are being made elsewhere in the world in this regard. 

11 = equality, which in turn gives us balance. This opens a pathway between consciousness and un-consciousness, so that awareness can expand. Equality starts with balance between the masculine and feminine within us all – our minds and our emotions. We are in the process of changing our perception of what emotional feminine energy actually is. It is certainly not something to be eliminated, deadened, or “fixed”. Emotion is our response to experience – the way reality makes us FEEL – and conveys this information intuitively to the mind. Emotion is the will of humanity – and since the beginning of the 2000s, it has been rising all over the world.

bi_graphics_europe's refugee crisis (1)The artificial borders of the Middle East which were put in place by Western occupiers in pursuit of oil, are now falling apart under the Will energy that rose up to free itself in the Arab Spring in the early years of this decade.

As a result, millions of people are fleeing – in all directions – from the horrors that have emerged from this harsh real-life ‘game of thrones’. The refugee crisis must not be allowed to become mere ‘entertainment’.  Art and entertainment are reflections of who we are and what we feel about each other.

We are programmed to believe that life is a ‘game’ in which ‘winning’ is everything. If you’re not winning, then you’re a loser. But life on Earth has the potential to be much richer and exciting than the ‘labor camp’ it often appears to be. Life on Earth is meant to be a voyage of never ending openness and discovery, and that is what we need to keep in mind as the chaos unfolds.

Life is not a race. It is not a competition. But as long as we keep calling ourselves the human RACE, racism cannot leave. We are NOT the human “race”. We are humanity.

Everything starts within. So, when masculine mind realizes that it is not superior to feminine emotion, and stops its war on the feminine, the war on women will stop too, inner peace will reflect into the outer world, and this balance of power will expand our consciousness AND our potential. 

jimi-hendrixThe 45th anniversary of the death of ‘60s icon Jimi Hendrix occurred this week on September 18, 2015, (9/9/8). He died on September 18, 1970, (also 9/9/8).    (9 + 9 + 8 = 2 + 6 = 8).

9 is the number of HUMANITARIAN ISSUES and 8 is the number of POWER. This is what Jimi Hendrix famously had to say about both aspects:

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”



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