Slide1WEEK 40 runs from October 1st to 7th, and is the start of a 10-week period in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4.

4 is the number of practical matters, limitation, work, working conditions, the way things work, detail, accuracy, determination, and breakthrough.

4 is the number of ORDER and SYSTEM, emphasizing the very system in which we live: this male driven, hierarchal, industrial, militarized, CLASS system. As the feminine energy of the 2000s rises, the class system is doing everything it can to keep the feminine down, which is reflected through a very obvious war on women, and all ‘minorities’.

The class system keeps ORDER through the enforcement of its laws – its POLICIES. In this system, the purpose of the POLICE is to protect the system. The more freedom people demand, the more bullying and fascist-like the police become. That is what a ‘police state’ is. The whole illusion of supremacy is at the fore of consciousness, regardless of where we happen to be positioned on the class system’s ladder of “social acceptance”.

Waves of seriousness and resolve enter our lives now, and help us to focus on basic and practical matters. The optimism and lightheartedness of 3 is absolutely essential, and is always with us, but 4 provides a more realistic and ‘no-frills’ view of what we’re actually dealing with, as humanity continues our precarious journey towards free will.

8 is the number of money and power, but it goes much deeper than that. This is a highly karmic vibration – the ultimate ‘cause-and-effect’ energy. In the world of money, you get a return (interest) on your investments and savings, but in the world at large, 8 gives you a return on what you invest into life, and makes you more aware of your long-term best interests, which are not necessarily financial. 8 holds a deeply loving and spiritual power which is often overpowered by its own extreme – greed.

Over the last 10 weeks in which reflective 3 was dominant, we experienced our own feelings being mirrored back to us. While HATE and VIOLENCE are so prevalent; LOVE is filtering through and keeping hope and compassion alive.

We are starting to feel the magnetic pull of next year’s 9 energy (2+0+1+6=9), which will take us backwards so that old unresolved matters (which we have been dragging around with us for ever) can be recognized, understood, forgiven, and released into their correct position – behind us. We cannot move forward until this occurs. The more chaotic things become, the more clarity we can gain, just as long as we stay awake and aware.

The world cannot change until WE change. And the word “WE” has a large role to play. There will always be the “I AM” side of life because that is a principle element of the 1 energy. We are all individuals. But one of the main lessons of the millennial shift from the 1000s to the 2000s is that there is more to life than 1’s focus on the SELF. 2 is the number of OTHERS – the number of “WE ARE”.

Electrical 1 is the number of action, progress, forward movement, and change. Magnetic 2 is the number of caring, empathy, unity, and partnership. Therefore, although the 1 and 2 vibrations are very different, they are meant to work together – not fight. Together, 1 and 2 form the basis of PEACE. In this electromagnetic biological world of ours, opposites attract.

From masculine 1 and feminine 2, comes 3 – the child. Therefore 1+2=3 is the sequence of survival and continuity. This is most obvious on a physical level, but not everyone came into the world to produce children. The vital sequence of 1+2=3 also pertains to MASCULINE THOUGHT merging with FEMININE FEELINGS to form the power of CREATIVITY. And we all have it in us to create a better world in our own natural way.

We are in the process of transforming the war-torn insanity in which we are stuck – into a more loving, livable, and sustainable way of life, but the class system is fighting tooth-and-nail to survive, and is the source of so much hate and violence. The class system classifies. It sorts us into ‘races’ and rivalries, and keeps us constantly fighting for approval, privilege, and position.

Remember the huge fuss about 2012? Well, a lot more happened in that famous year than was recognized. That’s when the Occupy Movement reached its full height all over the world, despite the violent tactics of the police. That’s when people in general became more aware of how oppressive and self-destructive the system actually is. The 5 energy of 2012 opened the collective mind to a large extent. It could be that the 9 energy of 2016 will take that inner movement a whole lot further.

The Arab Spring which spread so rapidly through the Middle East began in 2010, and by 2012, had brought down the despotic rulers of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. Major human rights protests also occurred in Syria, Bahrain, Algeria, and others. But the dictators there maintained control by beating, shooting, and terrorizing people into compliance. By mid 2012, the Arab Spring was being called the Arab Winter. And yet, it was that very surge towards freedom that is still causing deep fear among today’s Arab leaders. The structure of the Middle East is unraveling – and fear at its deepest and most condensed level expresses itself as TERROR.

The civil war in Syria began when Bashar Al-Assad attacked the Syrian protesters with such relentlessness that other countries did not know how to react. Assad, who was born on September 11, 1965, was not going to let anyone take away his power! However, the fight goes on between the Assad government and rebel forces that grew out of the Arab Spring. And that is why desperate refugees are spilling into neighboring countries in unprecedented numbers. When you know you are going to be killed, beaten, or enslaved – when you are terrorized – you run.

Of course, that is a highly simplified version of the situation. The reality is extremely complex. Terror is not a Middle Eastern thing. Terror is everywhere. Terrorism is the control of others by imprisoning them in their own fear. Unevolved 8 is the number of the bully. And as this 8 year reaches its final quarter, the bullies can be seen quite clearly – in the world, at home, in school, the work place, on the street – everywhere.

2012 was also the year in which members of the all-female punk band, Pussy Riot, were imprisoned for their part in the Russian protests against the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, which was violently put down, and out of which emerged a widespread hatred of gay people. Later, in 2014, during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Pussy Riot band members were attacked with pepper spray and whips, by Cossacks on horse-back who were employed as security there.

Now, Russia and Syria have formed a partnership.

The fight to maintain power pertains to all countries. Remember: 2015 is an 8 year – the number of POWER and POSITION. In 2016 – a 9 year – the number of endings and deep emotions – it all starts to fall into place and come to a head. And although it seems that there is nothing individuals can do to influence matters, we actually have a vital role to play.

The sheer insanity of war cannot be talked or reasoned away. Our entire system is based on greed, war, force, heartlessness, and total disregard for LIFE. The system itself must change, and this essential transformation can only be done from the inside out. WE ARE what’s inside the system. Everything starts within, right down to the atoms and sub-atoms.

Emotions of every description – highs and lows – are fueling our way forward because emotion is honesty – which is precisely what this system has lacked all along. The system suppresses our emotions by telling us it is wrong to feel certain things, such as anger when our right to live freely is crushed. But dishonesty cannot withstand the transparency of the 2000s. The more deeply we are able to feel, the more able we are to see through the illusions that the system tries to paint.

When something happens in your life that provides a jolt of some kind, you can be sure it is doing so for the purpose of helping your suppressed emotions to MOVE – through and out of your body. Provided you understand that there is never a need to harm anyone (including yourself) in the emotional healing process, you can only grow stronger and more enlightened by the experience.

For the next 18 months, we are likely to encounter many of these triggers – all of which are opportunities to heal, no matter how awful they feel at the time. One might argue that we need to stay positive at times like those, but being ‘positive’ is not the same as being honest – and honesty is what’s so badly needed now. We can only move forward by letting go of the past, and that includes all those feelings – all that honesty – that we are holding in rather than letting out.

At the same time, it is SO important to be aware of all the progress being made – and all the love, happiness, fun, laughter, beauty, inspiration, aspiration, and enlightenment in the world. This helps us keep a balanced perspective of how our evolution is proceeding, and prevents us from getting dragged down into the gloom, carried away on flights of denial, or locked into the coldness of indifference. What we are experiencing on Earth is the chaos that occurs as the old gives birth to the new, and it’s obviously going to be quite a ride.

As the old system continues to fall apart, it is up to us, individually and collectively, to shape the future into a more loving and peaceful way of life. We each have our own part to play, and the FREE Creative Numerology Forecasts (yearly, monthly, weekly,) as well as the Year Books and Personal Profiles, are designed to help you understand what your particular part consists of, not by telling you what you should be ‘doing’ but by helping you figure that out for yourself, according to your own feelings.

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