OPPOSITES (week 44)


Week 44 runs from October 29 to December 4

In the highly practical but ambitious 44 energy, the masks fall away and we see ourselves and others as we really are. As the old system continues to crack under the pressure of an evolving population, denial itself is exposed, despite the fact that denial denies everything, even its own existence.

This is the 5th week of a 10-week string in which all the week numbers begin with 4 – the number of WORK, ORDER, SYSTEM, LIMITATION, and BREAKTHROUGH. 4 represents the ARCHITECT and BUILDER. Some of the most important aspects of 4 are ATTENTION TO DETAIL and the need for PRECISION and ACCURACY. 4 represents achievement through EFFORT and DETERMINATION.

2015 is an 8 year in the world; the number of POWER, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, PROSPERITY, MANIFESTATION, and achievement through the BALANCE that comes with CORRECT UNDERSTANDING. The Master Number 44 is the most balanced form of 8. It brings opposites together and enables opposition to find common ground (without which progress cannot be made). Although a very serious energy, 44 maintains its power through unyielding determination and optimism (hope) – and the belief that ‘it can be done’.

The 11th month of this 8 year brings us in to the deeply karmic 19/1 vibration, which is only going to get stronger as we move further into the decade of the 10s. (1+9=10). 10 represents advancement, progress, innovation, and taking things to the next level. HOPE is ever present when 44 is active. It’s practical nature understands that wherever there is a problem, there is also a solution. Hope is what carries us over the tallest hurdles and through the most difficult times.

At the end of this page, there is a link to “THE 19/1 KARMIC RUT”, which is where we find ourselves as we transition from the 1000s to the 2000s – from dominant masculine energy to the BALANCE that occurs when masculine and feminine accept each other as EQUAL. This is where the fight for equality begins. 19/1 is the holding pattern that contains everything we did not learn – and everything we need to know – in order to evolve into a new and more peaceful existence. 19/1 exposes hypocrisy and atrocity, so that healing can occur.

The war of the sexes is going on inside each one of us as our masculine minds continue to keep our feminine feelings down. Despite humanity’s massive increase of awareness, it is still very much a ‘man’s world’. In fact, the system in which we are stuck is often called “the man”. Yes, we’re all working for ‘the man’, one way or another.

In order for feminine energy to create a desperately-needed balance, we must heal emotionally, which means that instead of subduing and hating our feelings, we must accept and love them, and allow them to do what they must naturally do – express themselves.

Meanwhile, the emotion of hate is rising all over the world in the form of primitive aggression – among groups and individuals, in police and ‘security’ forces across the globe, and in others who wield some kind of power over their fellow human beings. But before old hatred can be swept into the past where it belongs, it must first rise to the surface so that it can heal in the light of understanding and forgiveness.

Hate is not a natural emotion, but the result of emotions that are natural, such as anger and fear, being denied. This deprives them of the chance to express themselves and therefore heal. Although hate is a form of light, it is light without love. Remember that light can also burn, blind, startle, and deprive you of sleep. Emotion is our feminine magnetic energy – our sensitivity – our ability to sense and intuit. Emotion is the human WILL.

The no-nonsense vibrations of Week 44 discourage speculation and guesswork. Accurate understanding is essential to our evolutionary journey. 44 enables us to see how things work, including the system in which we live. In this down-to-Earth energy, old ideas give way to new understandings, the mind opens, and awareness expands. Evolution is ongoing breakthrough.

In any 8 year, the cultures of bullying, greed, austerity, and forced compliance, are highlighted – and 11’s sensitivity and intuition enables us to see through it. As a result, we see that the people who are imposing all this suffering are doing so out of a warped sense of superiority and entitlement. 11/2 represents transparency, and behind the scenes activity.

44 is the number of opposites, opposition, contradiction, reversals, and fear of anything that is unfamiliar or “foreign”. 44 is not responsible for our inability to evolve, but merely exposes it. It is therefore a magnificent tool for personal and collective growth. 4 is the number of realism and practicality; the number of the builder; the number of construction and constructiveness, and well-laid plans. In this energy, we see the content of one’s character. We see what’s really in our hearts in terms of feelings and intentions.

Dealing with OPPOSITES and OPPOSITION can be beneficial. 1 represents leadership, competition, and action. 2 represents peace through diplomacy, fairness, cooperation, and partnership.

Some still consider war as just a way of life. Benjamin Netanyahu reflected this earlier in the week when he declared that Israel will always ‘live by the sword’, and will always be at war. This old thinking from the 1000s removes any possibility of peace; it removes HOPE from the equation. His statement was not well received by a great section of the Israeli population who cannot envisage a world without hope, and who know in their hearts that there can be no security without peace – which is equality, fairness, justice, and BALANCE – the OPPOSITE of what is happening in the current phase of the Israeli occupation.

This week, Tony Blair “apologized” for the war in Iraq and conceded that it may have been responsible for the rise of ISIS and other extreme groups, as well as the flood of refugees – millions of people – out of Syria, Iraq, and other affected countries. There is serious talk of war crimes here, and it will be interesting to see how this develops next year when the Chilcot Enquiry finally reaches a conclusion. This must be of concern to the actual architects of the Iraq War, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al.

4 is about WORK. And where there is an important job to be done, 44 is up to the task and it keeps going until it is completed. Armed with accurate information, 44 forms a bigger picture, and just gets on with whatever has to be done. 44 is the energy of dedication – putting one’s heart and soul into something. 44 helps us understand just how precious each life is. 44 wants balance and peace and stands against the idea that one is superior to another based on race, religion, belief system, wealth, breeding, etc.

The old system IS dying and we need to face that fact. The question is, how do we start creating the foundations of a new and more balanced existence in the midst of all this chaos? How can we be the change we want to see? The 44 energy tells us that this is achieved by being able to name your priorities, and arranging your day-to-day life around fulfilling them.

44 helps us to discover new talents or skills or improve upon existing ones. 44 brings impetus or motivation which leads to breakthrough, especially when it comes to righting wrongs and correcting inaccurate understandings. 44 enables us to be catalysts for real and meaningful change on a very large scale.

The majority of people WANT peace and equality. And the majority forms the basis of a democracy. That is why certain extreme factions are brazenly trying to tear democracy apart.  They cannot prosper in this game if they do not control it. Democracy is by no means a perfect system. But until we learn how to live, peacefully, in a state of free will, it does offer an interim framework on which we can learn how to do just that.




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