Slide1Week 47 runs from November 19 to 25. Both 4 and 7 represent learning, organization, analysis, and planning. Of course, all numbers have their shallow and deep ends, and at the shallow end of both 4 and 7, there is a belief that our way of doing things is the ‘only’ way.

This stubbornness creates obstruction and delay. But when these two numbers are brought together in the natural flow, as they are this week, the chemistry of 4 and 7 forms even more illuminating 11/2 energy which is already flowing powerfully through our lives this month. 11 brings light to truth, and truth to light.

11/2 also brings the art of diplomacy to a whole new level in which fairness and equality are the true objectives, and not some political or commercial aim. Revenge, cold-heartedness, and indifference can only worsen the situation.

Week 47 is an 11 global week, the number of LIGHT, in the 11th month of the year. It is therefore an 11:11 week. This gives us 22/4, the master number which pertains to the ‘masses’ and the conditions under which we live. 22 is also the number of the master builder and architect. But when this energy is abused, the master builder can become the master destroyer.

This is also the 8th week of a 10-week run in which all the Week Numbers’ begin with 4 – the number of restriction and the awful feeling of no solution – no way out.

If we do not learn what 4 and 8 have to teach, we remain confined. Next week is week 48, which appears to be the most pivotal week of this 8 year. If we DO learn the lessons of 4, we achieve breakthrough. If we DO learn the lessons of 8, we increase our personal power as human beings, rather than suffer the indignity of other human beings having power over us.

On Sunday November 22, the master numbers 11 and 22 merge into the 8 energy of 2015, giving us a 41/5 day of sudden development and changing conditions. 5 enables us to move forward by learning from experience. In this cause-and-effect world, past experience is our greatest teacher.

11 and 22 give us 33/6 energy – the master teacher, healer, and communicator. And because Week 47 is an 11 week, the master number 44 – the most balanced form of 8 – is also prominent. 44 reflects the meeting of opposites – the shock of ‘others’ – the discovery of ulterior motives – and the hard work needed to construct firm foundations on which to build something BETTER! There is an obvious connection here to Barack Obama the 44th US president, whose tactics in so many areas follow the diplomatic and detail oriented nature of the 2 energy of the 2000s – which is why he is so loved by some – and so hated by others. He was born on the 2 Destiny Path.

November 22 also marks the 10 year anniversary of Angela Merkel’s premiership of Germany, which is significant not only because of the role she plays throughout Europe, and the world, but because 10 is the number of our decade – and the number which brings things to new levels, phases, and stages.

Reflections of World War 2 are everywhere, including Donald Trump’s statement that he would implement a special ‘database’ of Muslims in the United States, just as the Nazis did to the Jews prior to WW2. Nazi-ism is based on the archaic notion of racial superiority – the MASTER RACE.

Nazi-ism, in all its heartlessness, is the core of racism and hate. Donald Trump was born on the 22/4 Destiny Path, and he can certainly be called a Master Builder, but his recent ‘master race’ tactics have created an outcry from the general population, including prominent Jewish groups.

Wednesday, November 25 is a Double-8 day, reflecting POWER on the material plane through correct understanding – as well as relentless efforts to sabotage the truth. 5 brings change, and 2 is the number of peace through diplomacy and persuasion, rather than force. 2 is the predominant number of our times. Everything starts within. Being honest with ourselves is how we move forward intuitively. We cannot truly know something until we feel it inside.

Since the 2000s began, we have experienced shocking event after shocking event, which have triggered our feminine energy – emotion – which has always been kept ‘under control’ which, in turn, created a dangerous imbalance between masculine and feminine. This is reflected in the illusion of a ‘man’s world’, and the very real inequity between men and women.

We are afraid of our emotions and how they make us feel. Only those which feel pleasant are deemed ‘acceptable’. Everything else goes into denial, which is lack of awareness. We label our heavier emotions ‘negative’, as if negative energy is somehow bad. Our usage of the word ‘negative’ often belittles its purpose.

Negative is our feminine magnetism. Positive is our masculine electricity. And when either of them gets complete control, the balance is lost, and chaos ensues. This inner battle is reflected in the outer world as male dominance, which exists in all cultures and ‘races’, although most noticeably in the white male. Suddenly, the reality of white privilege is recognized, and it’s not a pretty sight.

The chaos that this imbalance produces has never been more precarious – and unjustifiable. That is why matters of JUSTICE are so prominent all over the world – matters of FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, and PEACE.

All master numbers are multiples of 11, the number of LIGHT and ILLUMINATION, and the profusion of master numbers that November produces is highlighting both injustice and imbalance so that we might SEE REASON (cause and effect) and pull ourselves ‘together’, as ONE. November 2015 is a 1 global month. A month of CHANGE – 1 individual at a time.

This requires the opening and healing – rather than the closing and hardening – of our broken hearts. Only LOVE can bring us into balance because love is perfect balance.

8 reflects perfect balance – survival – continuance – infinity. So the time is right as we approach the end of this 8 global year. If we are to evolve we must be prepared to learn and, indeed, un-learn what we were once so sure of. 8 = power through accurate understanding. And LOVE is the greatest power of all.

In order to evolve emotionally, we must learn about the power of our feelings from many different angles. Not just our own feelings, but also those of the people who use our emotions against us as a means of control. Terrorists exist in all shapes, sizes, genders, religions, ‘races’, and affiliations. Terrorism is the infliction of dread and fear upon others.

Notice how the combination of fear, hate, anger, and politics limit our knowledge (dumb us down) and prevent us from discovering the true and lasting solutions which can only be seen in the bigger and more complex picture.

By ignoring how the path of history has led us to where we are today, nothing new can be learned, and the chaos worsens. To evolve emotionally, we must learn to accept each feeling – even hatred if that is what we’re truly feeling – without acting on it. By feeling it, accepting it, and letting it move through and out of your body, its message increases your awareness.

There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing your feelings. Harmfully acting out our emotions is one of the behaviors we are evolving from.

Denial of reality is the biggest obstacle to equality and peace. Denial’s mission is to capture the truth and prevent it from reaching consciousness. And the more we deny how we feel about what’s happening in the world, and in our own lives, the more our denials give power to those whose goal it is to prevent us from being free.

All over the world, those who protest the increasing control of government and corporation, are arrested, punished, and even killed. Only when we stop denying how thoroughly controlled and manipulated our lives are, will we ever gain sufficient personal power to stop it. 8 is the number of personal power.

Current numeric patterns are shedding LIGHT on reality and showing us connections and deeper understanding. For instance, when someone makes a commitment to DIE for a ‘cause’ and chooses to wipe out as many innocent lives as they can in the process, surely they would have to deplete themselves of every last glimmer of light they ever possessed as they turn their own lives into death. So what better targets could they choose than PARIS, also known as the “CITY OF LIGHT” – and BEIRUT, also known as the “PARIS OF THE MIDDLE EAST”.

This emphasis on LIGHT connects very obviously to the 11 energy of November – and to week 47. (Note that the entire month of December in this 8 year is an 11 month), so the focus on 11 extends all the way to the end of 2015, and again in February of 2016.

This week, journalist and author, Charles M. Blow, tweeted:

Be unapologetically you…always. Wear the truth of you proudly, because it is your most valuable garment”,

to which someone responded: “my truth is too dark to reveal”.

Mr. Blow tweeted back: “The truth is light…”

And that’s the truth.



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  1. /Martin says:

    dear Christine, recently I discovered your site. I’m interested in numerology since quit a time, but never found anything like your profund explanations. but sometimes I do not understand the ‘math’, for example when you say “Note that the entire month of December in this 8 year is an 11 month” or “November 25 is a Double-8 day”. can you help me. thank you. /M


    • Hello Martin, I am so glad you’re enjoying this, and thank you for your comments. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to explain the way the numbers work and still have the article flow. But I’m glad you asked. 2015 is an 8 global year. December is the 12th month. 1+2=3. Plus 8 = 11. (Right now, in November, we are in a 1 month. 11+8=19=10=1).

      As for the double 8 on November 25 – this occurs whenever the month and day add up to 9 (2+5=7+11=1+8=9). The 9 energy then intensifies the number of the year. When you add 9 to any number, you always end up with the original number which, this year, is 8. 8+9=17 and 1+7=8. I do hope this is helpful.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it is fair to compare the Jews to the Muslims. The Jews came here to work and blend in. That is why there are so many inter marriages. I have friends who came from France and said it is to late the Muslims are taking over not just Isis. They do not want to adopt to this country.


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