Slide1The 48th week of 2015 is teeming with numeric patterns and sequences, and is perhaps the most powerful week of the year. Both 4 and 8 are manifesting energies, but there are distinct differences between them.

Practical 4 brings results through hard work, organization, and attention to detail, while materialistic 8 brings results through attraction and expectation. This week, while others strive for more conflict, the potential for constructive change gives us much to hope for. 48 adds up to 12, which adds up to 3, the number of OPTIMISM. The number of HOPE.

3 is also the number of CREATIVITY, and creative sparks are flying everywhere this week. Perhaps you’ll be able to catch one and accomplish something worthwhile. There are solutions for whatever YOUR circumstances may be – a way forward, a way out, a change of direction, or a decision to stay and make the best of what you have.

3 represents population, popularity, pop culture, and PEOPLE. When 3 is derived from 12, (1+2 =3), the opportunity for basic one-step-at-a-time movement is very high. Many aspects are emphasized, including COMMUNICATION, THE ARTS, THE STAGE (and how things are staged), MESSAGE, APPEARANCE, CONTEST, LEADERSHIP, FRIEND AND FOE, LIMITATION, ENTITLEMENT, TITLE, and the importance of ACCURATE DETAIL. Week 48 seems to be an important turning point in the world at large, and in our own personal lives, too.

united-nations-un-climate-change-conferenceThe long anticipated Climate Change Conference begins in Paris on Monday, November 30, at which vital decisions will be made about the use and abuse of our natural environment, Mother Earth. No event is more important than this. There are marches and protests planned in all major cities throughout the world. The biggest gathering of all, in Paris, has been cancelled due to security concerns, but this conference is nonetheless a major global event.

Nothing matters more than the healing of the natural world. We have done so much damage, and continue to do so. This planet sustains every single aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Humanity is part of Earth’s structure and when we destroy her, we destroy ourselves. We need to come out of this self-destruct mode that our denials have created, and plan to LIVE, fully aware, and open to a creative way of life, rather than the constant destruction we are accustomed to.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2015 is a 22/4 day in the world – the master number which represents the architect and builder, well-structured plans, and the conditions in which we live. The conference needs a strong commencing date and 22 is ultra-powerful. In the right hands, 22 can be used to make enormous improvements. But in unloving or incompetent hands, 22 can cause chaos, confusion, and outright aggression.

donald-trumpDonald Trump was born on the 22/4 Destiny Path (his date of birth adds up to 22), and he is indeed a master builder, but as he heads towards his 2 personal year in 2016, I wonder if his bluster will lose steam. 2 represents equality, fairness, humility, kindness, cooperation, patience, and peace. He does not do well in such a slow and detail-oriented vibe.

Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons. ~ Arundhati Roy

22 is also the average number of veteran suicides – per day – in the United States. That’s almost ONE AN HOUR. It was only two weeks ago, on 11/11, that we honored our veterans of all generations, and thanked them for their service. We do not need any more wars. We need to heal the damage done by past wars and prevent further hostility. We are evolved enough to find a way to bring this about.

CU8kSnjWEAAkRCZAfter the Paris Attacks of 13 November, and the panic that broke out all over the world regarding Isis-related terrorism, and the helpless refugees that are teeming out of Syria, there are some who continue to beat the drums of war. And, just as it was after 9/11/2001 in the USA, those trying to avert war are treated as unpatriotic or even cowardly, especially in Britain where the Cameron government is pushing hard for air strikes in Syria – bringing even more death and destruction. It takes a very strong man or woman to be prepared to break the cycle of violence in a world in which war is a principle source of money and power.

Triple 329=11, which means that SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, is another 11:11 day, which in turn adds up to 22. We are in an 8 global year in 2015. Add 8 to 11:11, and you have 30. So it’s a 3 global day. Most strikingly, November 29 is the 333rd day of the year, which connects directly to the Climate Change Conference itself because C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, and CCC = 333. This is the 21st such annual conference and, of course, 2+1=3.

1 = masculine/father/electricity

2 = feminine/mother/magnetism

3 = child/survival/continuance

333=9, which gives us a taste of next year’s 9 global energy. 2+0+1+6=9, the number of endings, deep emotions, reversals, and conclusions. 9 is the number of global awareness which suggests that people are indeed becoming more aware of reality as the transparency of the 2000s breaks down our walls of denial.

The 3 energy is massively strong this week. Not only is week 48 a 3 global week, (4+8=1+2=3), but all the day numbers this week begin with 33 (from 330 to 336).

33 is the master healer, educator, and communicator – or – the manipulator, the fiendish tyrant, and megalomaniac. This week’s concentration of 3, 33, and 333 (369) is helping us to understand that we have a choice as to whether we heal or harm, educate or mislead, communicate openly or hide behind the shadows of denial and secrecy.

This is SUCH an important evolutionary week for all of us – a week in which new insight and understanding seem to be raining down on us – just as the SUN rains down on us and gives us all the energy we could ever need. Such alternatives to oil will help speed up both the healing and peace processes.

Two weeks ago, on November 13, Paris was attacked by isis-inspired terrorists. Some are calling it France’s 9/11. But that would only make sense if it had occurred two days earlier on 9 November, (9/11 in Europe). No, that was France’s 13/11, and that’s a very different set of numbers. Karmic 13 represents one’s sense of identity, and France is having an identity crisis as change sweeps through what has always been such a proud and established culture.

4 is symbolized by the shape of the SQUARE, which is 4-sided. The number 8 isn’t always a sleek infinity symbol. Sometimes 8 is made of two squares. 4+4=8. 44 is the most stable and balanced form of 8. The two 4s provide the solid foundation needed from which to soar. And whenever 44 is present, there is always a connection to the 44th president of the USA, Barack Obama.

The Violence Is Not New, It’s the Cameras That Are New.   ~Ta-Nehisi Coates

rahm-emanuel-006NOVEMBER 29 is also the 56th birthday (11) of the 55th Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. He was 55 years old when Laquan McDonald was murdered by police officer Jason Van Dyke, in such outrageous openness a year ago – so close to his re-election. Why  did it take a year to release this evidence? Demands for Emanuel’s resignation are growing. The cover-up was disgraceful and obvious, and if it was not for the determination and professionalism of some local activists and journalists demanding to see the video of this sad and calllous killing, it would have slipped into oblivion like so many other cases.

Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the USA, and Illinois became the 21st state (3), on December 3, 1818 ( 3/3/9). When Mayor Rahm Emanuel turned 56 on 11/29 (11:11), another 11 was added to his life. (5+6=11). So, on Sunday, November 29, the 333rd day of the year, Rahm Emanuel is dealing with 11:11:11 energy, which adds up to 33/6 – and he’s in a 3 personal year.

November 26, the first day of Week 48, also marked the 48th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine. This is an important connection. As the turmoil in the Middle East moves towards an unpredictable crescendo, so much of it is connected at its core to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Flag_of_Israel.svg33 has a strong connection to Israel. 33 adds up to 6 which is Israel’s most visible symbol – the 6-pointed star – or Star Of David. Positioned as it is, between two parallel lines, which look like the ‘equals’ sign, and from another angle looks like the number 11, the Star of David is emphasized this week.

Israel gained international recognition in 1948, which was a 22/4 year in the world. Israel was founded on May 14, 1948 (5+14+22=41/5). The first Israeli/Arab war began the very next day (a 33/6 day in the world).

Jimi Hendrix was born in week 48, on November 27 (11/9), 1942. Although much of his music was written in protest against the Vietnam War, his words mean just as much in these millennial days as they did back then. That’s why art, in all its forms, is so vital to our consciousness. He told us, back in the 60s, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”.  

And that is very much the theme of this week.




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