2016 and the LEAP YEAR WOBBLE

Leap Year Wobble2016 is more than just a 9 global year. It is also a Leap Year, which has 366 days instead of the usual 365. Every four years, an extra day is inserted at the end of February so that the calendar remains in alignment with Earth’s movement around the sun. While this keeps the calendar intact and reflects the timing of the seasons, it also produces a vibrational “wobble” in the day-to-day numeric flow which affects us for the entire year.

At the same time, the 9 year unfolds like a spiral staircase – a journey of ever-turning steps on which we can never quite see what’s a round the corner. (See link to my article: “2016 – THE POWER OF NINE”, at the bottom of this page).


29-februaryPeople born on the 29th of February are called Leaplings. If you are a Leapling and do not know whether to celebrate your birthday on February 28th or March 1st in a non-leap year, I have to say March 1st, because that’s the day it would have been if you had not been born in a leap year. Whichever way you look at it, you were not born on February 28th.

This year, it’s different. Your very own day is here again! Happy Birthday, Leaplings!


In previous Leap Years, we experienced the global financial crisis of 2008 (a 1 year in the world – the number of change and new beginnings). The banks were “too big to fail” and were abusing the world economy – gambling with it – risking it all — as the first black American President moved into the White House, which was a shock to the ‘establishment’ in itself.

The banks had to be bailed out by the people, and the people were angry and afraid. Suddenly we were talking about austerity, eviction, foreclosure, unemployment, recession, depression, and the ‘banksters’ who were openly draining the wealth of the people – and continue to do so now.

Four years later, 2012 (a 5 year in the world – the number of freedom and sudden development) not only brought the re-election of Barack Obama, but also the height of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement – and a global condemnation of the political/industrial/military complex. The Will of the People was rising up in astonishing numbers to claim their freedom, city after city, country after country. Then came the inevitable backlash and crackdown by those in power – and a new awareness of how militant and militarized the police had become throughout the world.

2012 also brought Super Storm Sandy which hit the US East Coast in October, Super Typhoon Pablo which hit the Philippines in December – and the horrifying shooting of 20 little children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The last time we experienced a 9 year which was also a Leap Year was 72 years ago in 1944. (1+9+4+4=1+8=9 and 7+2=9, too.) The circumstances of 2016 are likely to relate strongly to 1944, especially in terms of “unfinished business”, misunderstandings, and emotional loose ends.

This energy is likely to affect people born in 1944, and people born in 1998 (which was not a leap year, but the last 9 year of the 1990s). This highlights two very different generations, and the potential for healing, increased awareness, and different forms of success seem very high this year for these 72 year olds and 18 year olds. Both 72 and 18 add up to 9.

19 is also a particularly strong karmic vibration at this time because we have to learn the lessons of the 1900s before we can move safely into the 2000s. We are also likely to see aspects of the year 1919 sliding into present time – and what a year that was in terms of  banking, racial inequity, and it being the last year of the decade of the 1910s. 3 years from now, we will reach the end of the decade of the 2010s. Innovative 10 represents fundamental change – bringing things to the ‘next level’ – and evolution of major proportions.

The cruel and unsustainable class system in which we are trapped, and from which we are evolving slowly but surely, is being revealed in the transparency of the 2000s. It was able to keep itself hidden behind a cloak of secrecy in the 1000s, but we are in an age of increasing openness now, and the games people play are impossible to hide. The inequity, unfairness, injustice – the great imbalance – is becoming more and more VISIBLE as we head towards the year 2020 – perhaps giving deeper meaning to the term 20/20 VISION.

1944 marked the final year of World War 2. Japan and Germany were in retreat by 1944, and victory was declared by the allied forces after the horrific nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Exact statistics are impossible to keep in the chaos of war, but it is estimated that between 50 and 80 million people (military and civilian) were killed in World War 2, making it the most deadly war in human history.

This was a war for and against fascism (the industrial/military complex). In Germany this was called Nazi-ism – or nationalism – and came about because of the fear of immigrants flooding in and taking all the jobs and changing the culture – and fear of the Jewish banking system controlling the economic structure.

1998 brought us the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, the Unabomber, and the plight of 400 children and teachers who were held hostage in Manila, Philippines. The Kosovo war began in 1998. The Good Friday agreement was signed by the English and Irish governments which helped pave the way for peace.

Also, in 1998, both India and Pakistan tested multiple nuclear weapons. Then, a 6.6 earthquake hit Pakistan’s next-door neighbor, Afghanistan, killing up to 5,000 people, and on the very same day, Pakistan tested yet another nuclear device. In 2016, we are much more aware of the connectedness of life on Earth, and how an action in one place can devastate another place.

There is a connection here to the state of OKLAHOMA, USA, which has become the “earthquake capital of the world”, thanks to its extreme fracking agenda. According to US Geological Survey data, Oklahoma was hit in 2015 by 881 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 or higher. That’s 2.4 earthquakes per day. Oklahoma is in a 9 year in 2016. (See added notes and links at the end of this page for latest news (a possible executive suicide) in relation to the Oklahoma fracking industry).

We are living through the end of an entire era in the human journey, the collapse of established norms – the establishment itself – and a massive wave of anti-intellectualism from which a new form of fascism is rising. With the rise of Donald Trump, the age of the bully is reaching a crescendo. These are dangerous times indeed in which the choices we make are vital to our future wellbeing – as individuals – as a species – and as part of a living planet.

9 takes us in what seems to be the wrong direction – backwards – in order to free us from what is tying us to the past. In the light of 9, the damage is visible and undeniable. 9 is where the damage is recognized, accepted, and healed. 9 helps us to see things as they really are and put things right. It is so important to recognize the result of past actions and to learn from not only the mistakes we made along the way, but also from the instances where we got it right. We must learn from other people’s mistakes and successes too.

We are learning things now that we could not have known before. The more we evolve emotionally, the more we evolve intellectually. The vibrations of our feminine magnetic feelings are forcing open our masculine electrical minds – and that is why there is such a surge of anti-intellectualism – as well as the ongoing war on women.

The dumbing-down process no longer works because those instigating are also limited by the small-mindedness involved and can no longer express themselves coherently. So they must communicate in sound-bites and use force and intimidation to get their way.

The erratic nature of 2016’s ‘leap’ energy provides opportunity for us to see a larger and more detailed picture. Many of us have held the same picture of what life on Earth is meant to be since birth, without ever seeing other sides of the story.

Consequently, the reality of “white privilege” is now sinking in to consciousness, all over the world. In the current system of “class” and judgment, white is seen as the ‘norm’, while everyone else is “different” and less valued. This is why the “Black Lives Matter” movement continues to be such a vital aspect of our progress as human beings. “Superiority” is not a factor in the natural world. Being our natural selves – in all our diversity – to simply be who we are and accept others as they are – that’s the evolutionary factor open to us.

Our emotions are not going to calm down any time soon. They will grow even stronger in the 2000s because 2 is the number of sensitivity and feeling. We must therefore go deeper into this part of us to understand ourselves and, ultimately, BE ourselves – our whole selves. We are made of masculine electricity, feminine magnetism, and biological matter. When this natural triangle is in alignment, a fourth dimension emerges – SELF AWARENESS – SELF ACCEPTANCE – SELF LOVE – which generate the stability needed – the firm foundation – on which to build a new, peaceful, and sustainable way of life.

Inevitably in the course of time, certain things must fall apart and get swept into the past. That is why the 9 year is known for its drama, losses, deep emotions, and the need for empathy and kindness. The 9 year is always an emotional one. However, 9 not only generates endings and conclusions, but also openings through which we can move out of the past and be fully present in the NOW. Those openings are made of understanding and forgiveness and enable us to LET GO of what we are holding onto, and move forward.

February 29th, 2016, is a 22/4 day, (2+11+9=22/4), and this energy is threaded through the rest of the year. 22 enables us to bring large-scale ideas to fruition. This is the number of the master builder, the mover and shaker, the maker of deals, and the architect of well laid plans. 22/4 can greatly improve conditions for the general population. But in the wrong hands, it can bring untold chaos and suffering.

Hatred has gained momentum.

By infusing this 22 energy with LOVE, CARING, and COOPERATION, (reinforced by the 2 energy of the 2000s), human life will have a chance to heal, evolve, move out of the deadly rut we’re in, and discover our true potential, despite the efforts being made to stop us.

111111 = illumination, inspiration, and evolution itself. (1+1=2 – the most basic movement). 11 is potent on February 29 because it is the very last day of an 11 month….

It’s also the 29th day. So February 29th, 2016 is an 11:11 day in the world. 11+11=22. This year of spirals and wobbles holds, for each of us, the most enormous potential for personal and collective growth – and for bringing our most ambitious ideas to life.

Added March 2, 2016: Once dubbed “America’s most reckless billionaire by Forbes Magazine, OKLAHOMA Fracking pioneer, Aubrey McClendon, drove his car into a wall and died. This occurred on March 2, 2016 – one day after being indicted for conspiracy to rig bids for oil and gas leases.  Added March 8: OKLAHOMA sets fracking limits .

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Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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8 Responses to 2016 and the LEAP YEAR WOBBLE

  1. Gail--Infinite Possibilities says:

    HI Christine.

    THANK you for this wonderful thoughtful post. I will share this with many.

    I noticed you are not doing the Weekly number articles, week 1, week 2 etc.
    We are missing those, yet know you have your reasons why they ended.

    Just want you to know how much I appreciate your service to all.


    Having been utilizing Creative Numerology in my life the past four years and want you say how much it has helped me to hang in there and keep being a power for change in my life and the world.


    • Hello Gail. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this work. Your words are much appreciated. I don’t always write a weekly article, but I did write one for week 8, “Raw Power”, (see “articles and Archives” at the top of this page. And this article, The Leap Year Wobble” is for Week 9, since this is the 9th week of this 9 year. I intend to write about weeks 10 and 11 also. It’s nice to know you like them. Thank you – and wishing you the very best, Gail.


  2. An amazing analysis of the current events – events that have occurred since you first wrote this article. Your insights and explanations hit the mark, something I can tell you, many have not. I will stay tuned, as it is extremely important to me personally at this time. – Manuel, the Scribe.


  3. Fox says:

    How can you say there is a “war against women” when they are put on a pedestal in our society. And spared the dirty, hard and dangerous labor. 92.7% of workplace fatalities are men. Men work hard and die to keep the lights on so women can sit in a comfy air conditioned room and type about this kind of b.s. I was homeless once and I couldn’t find a single shelter that would accept me because I was a man meanwhile there were at least 20 that would have taken me if I was a female or a child. And yet somehow there is a war on women? right… where are the fatalities of this war?


  4. Fox says:

    You’re a hack that uses 1st grade addition as evidence to back up you’re deluded bleeding heart liberal views. You’re distaste for “bullying” shows the underlying immaturity. If you’re so enlightened then why do your opinions/talking points mirror that of the corrupt american MSM? George Soros, globalist shill is what you are without even realizing it. Saying Donald Trump is facist when he’s literally the only candidate in decades we’ve had not supported by the global banking elite. Get a damn clue girl.


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