2016 ~ we are NOT the human RACE

Slide1On July 2, we crossed the half way mark of this 9 Global Year (2+0+1+6=9), and the second half has started off more frenzied and deadly than the first. Naturally, we wonder what could possibly happen next.

9 gives shape to the spiral, and when you’re on a spiral, you simply cannot see what’s around the corner. This period of great uncertainty is increasing the emotional intensity on Earth as one shocking event follows another, and there is often a sense that we’re spiraling out of control.

The emotional jolts we are receiving in the present are bringing up buried emotions from the past, making us more aware of what – and who – are preventing us from improving the quality of life.

imagesThis is not an easy transition. The male-driven 1000s have been over for more than 17 years, but is putting up a brutal fight to turn back time so that the qualities of the 2000s cannot take root. That is why they do not ‘believe’ in evolution, climate change, and many other scientifically proven facts.

2 seeks equality and balance, not dominance and mayhem. We have been programmed to devalue and subdue our emotions and see them as liabilities rather than the enormous power they are when they flow freely and openly with peaceful intent. Emotion is our honesty – and the WILL of humanity, (which we have never experienced in a state of freedom).

We are not losing our minds. We are expanding them. Our minds are being opened by the vibrations emanating from our feelings. And so, we are evolving emotionally and intellectually at the same time.

It takes someone who can no longer feel anything at all to carry out such unthinkable acts as those that have been occurring since the new millennium began, and just lately, in very rapid succession.

2016 is a Leap Year. This creates a wobble effect against time’s ultra-precise structure. Of course, it is we, humanity, who are wobbling, not time. Modern calendars lack precision, and the purpose of the added day (February 29th) is to realign ourselves with the seasons on Earth and the movement of the planets. The more we wobble, the less we can deny the reality of our experience. As we come out of the shadows of denial, the truth about how we have been living is coming to light, and stirring us up – from the YIN-side out.

In the past 100 years, there have only been two 9 years which were also Leap Years. The first was 1908. On July 23 and 24 of that year, the YOUNG TURKS REVOLUTION resulted in the Turkish Empire re-instating its old constitution which gave citizens a more free and democratic government – the very system that Turkish President Erdogan is trying to abolish now. That’s a stunning connection between these two 9 Leap years.

A year later, there was a counter coup in which an estimated 30,000 Armenians were killed. The dreadfulness of this month’s coup attempt deepened when Erdogan inferred that he is now justified to ‘eradicate’ all of his enemies (in one convenient swoop). Over 6000 have been detained so far, and 2,745 judges have been dismissed. And as the situation in Turkey continues to unfold, control over the media and any form of dissent tightens its grip.

Of course, the ’rounding up’ of people is not confined to Turkey. Donald Trump is suggesting that he will do the same with Mexicans and Muslims. This is archaic backward thinking.

Turkey is connected geographically to both Europe and Asia. Half the Turkish people feel that they are European, while the other half feel that they are Asian. And so, the nature of this situation is racial. It is also nationalistic, which is connected to the nazi-ism that has been laying relatively low since the end of world war 2, but is resurfacing now – everywhere. A world war by definition is racial: race against race and country against country.

1944 was the next 9 Leap Year – the 44th year of the 20th century. 44 is a powerful number in itself, and World War 2 dominated the globe at this time. It was a frantic non-stop year. So much happening all at the same time. If you study 1944’s historical timeline, the magnitude and frenetic pace of events is dizzying – much like 2016.

George_Stinney_mugshotAlso in 1944, a 14 year old American black boy, George Stinney, was convicted in a one day trial and sentenced to death for the murder of two young white girls. His confession was hearsay. There was no written record, and no transcript of the trial. This 14 year old child was killed in South Carolina in June 1944 by electrocution. 70 years later, in 2014, withheld evidence emerged and he was exonerated. This is strongly connected to the injustice and atrocities against black people happening in the USA (and all over the world) simply for BEING black.

The current world focus on racism, and the decision of Britain to leave the European Union – BREXIT (which was based largely on immigration fears and had deeply racial undertones), are just two of the many connections between the 9 Leap Years of 1944 and 2016. It must be remembered that the European Union, despite its many flaws, came about to prevent world wars from ever emerging out of Europe again.

2008 was a leap year – but not a 9 year. It was a 1 year – a year of new beginnings. 1 follows 9 and represents the start of a new era. The message then was ‘hope’ and ‘change’. 2008 was the year Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States – the 44th President – as the world economy was thrown into a tailspin by the greed of the same bankers and deal makers who are still making decisions and creating turmoil today.

There is also a lot going on in the world that is simply unfinished business from the 1980s and 90s – the decade in which ‘greed is good’ became a catch-phrase. That is why Donald Trump looms so large right now. 8 is the number of power in the material world, and he believes he has the power to drag things back to the 80s and 90s, which is when he felt most secure.

It was also in the 80s that Trump took out a full page ad in 4 prominent newspapers demanding the death penalty for 5 black boys who had been wrongly accused of brutally raping a woman jogger in Central Park. The New York Times referred to this case as “one of the most publicized crimes of the 1980s.” These young men, known as the Central Park 5, spent between 6 and 13 years in prison for something they knew nothing about.

There is no ‘master race’. White supremacy has been exposed for the enormous lie that it is  – and white people must now come to terms with the reality of white privilege. This will be easier to achieve if we see “RACE” for what it really is:

People say there is only one RACE – the human race – but that is a misunderstanding. The human RACE is not a species. The human RACE is a system – one huge RACE to “win” – to be #1. It is all based on judgment – and the judgments are very harsh. The system sorts us into divisions, sides, teams, countries, colors, religions, ages, genders, winners, and losers. We are judged, labeled, and classified. This is the class system. It keeps us racing against time, and each other, and living by the inhumane but well disguised laws of DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

We are NOT the human “RACE”. We are HUMAN BEINGS. And we have not even begun to understand our true potential. It has nothing to do with competing, but with BEING – and being free. The human “RACE” curtails our awareness by controlling our emotions – our WILL – which in turn prevents us from being whole. That is changing now, here in the 2000s.

The system has been collapsing since the new millennium began, at which time the masculine 1000s penetrated the feminine 2000s without realizing that a change of millennium is a change of energy, a numeric shift, a different frequency. And suddenly, rape, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and all things gender-related emerged to find justice and equality, too. The ‘old guard’ is fighting this ferociously.

This RACE does not begin with nationality or skin color. It begins with SEX – as does everything in life. The “war on women” affects all of humanity because the rise of feminine energy (the human WILL) is the only thing that can bring balance into this dangerously imbalanced world.

It is in the 2 energy of diversity, cooperation, unity, patience, fairness, balance, and partnership, that we realize that humanity is a species of diverse energies and the amazing potential that comes when our minds are open and the love in our hearts can flow freely. Diversity IS our potential – the chemistry of continuance and expansion. Diversity is made up of our differences, without which all we would have is the unbearable monotony of “sameness”.

If we cannot learn from history – from our mistakes and our successes – the consequences of a ‘never-look-back’ mindset will catch up with us, and they tend to do so in a 9 year – the number of endings, healing from the past, drama, deep emotion, letting go – and starting again – freer and wiser than we were before. The fear, anger, heartache, and uncertainty that’s encircling the world at this time is real and dangerous – but it is also an opportunity to broaden our vision and “image-in” a future that is more sustaining and loving. It is the only way to learn and heal from the past so that something new can begin. We must BE the change!

This concentrated 9 Year energy brings everything full circle. 9 is the end of an entire era. 9 is a spiral. 9 is the end we start from.



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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10 Responses to 2016 ~ we are NOT the human RACE

  1. rmrohach@comcast.net says:

    WOW! Amazing and so well said. Please submit to the Huffington Post ASAP. Also the New York Times!

    Thank you for saying it better than I or anyone else could!! Truly my hero!

    Rosemary Rohach Minneapolis

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lara Brosnahan says:

    You are so RIGHT Christine – as always – thank you for your wisdom and ability to ‘see’ what is really going on in the world today. Namaste, Lara B., New Zealand


  3. lorette matodes says:

    An incredible summary of what’s been going on Christine, events are just overwhelming. Am sharing this article and joining you on fb ..!Thank you !


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I have read your articles for 10 years now and I do so because I have seen you to be someone who sees deeper into the human condition than most, you have displayed insight I have not encountered in many people and I have enjoyed reading what you have written.
    However, I respond now as I feel compelled by this part of your article –

    the decision of Britain to leave the European Union – BREXIT (which was based largely on immigration fears and had deeply racial undertones’.

    In the name of full disclosure I am English and I voted to remain in the EU. I am saddened that we are now headed on this course of leaving based on only 4 per cent of votes but that’s democracy. Further more it pains me to have to defend those who did this as it was based on emotion. So that is where I stand.
    I do feel the above quote from your article was beneath your usual astute observations. Let me elaborate. It is far too easy to blame this on racism. There is a little of it here, not very much but a little, however racism was not the motive for this vote, it was rather living under the Tory yoke for the last 6 years. It’s not even about immigration, it is more to do with diminishing resources, constant cuts to services, erosion of full time jobs, removal of benefits, persecution of elderly and disabled with more withdrawal of funding and a hugely underfunded health service.
    What this was, in fact, about was – yes, very misguided – an opportunity to get the government to listen to the discontent of those people who are really suffering and looking at much more of the same.
    In a limited response it is not possible to articulate just how hard life has become in the UK for most people. Whilst I voted to remain I feel every bit of the pain and worry and concern over finances, resources and the future that the out voters do. I simply took a different view of it but I do understand their frustration and the feeling they have not been able to make any impact or have their voice heard for many years.

    I don’t have your gift of being able to verbalise in print eloquently but I have been moved to respond for the first time in 10 years because I know you to be a much more understanding human than those lines would make it appear. It really isn’t that simple and perhaps only living here can fully make it understandable.

    I do hope I have been able to inadequately make my point.

    Warm regards.


    • Hello Rachel,

      I’m so sorry that the sentence you refer to offended you, and your point is very well taken and appreciated. Please keep in mind though that the article is not about Brexit, which is why there is only one sentence about it. Brexit is, however, part of the heavy shift to the right that many of the major powers are taking at this precarious time in the human journey.

      I used the word “largely” in that sentence because if I had elaborated any further it would have muddled the context of the article – which is that the human “race” is not a species. The human ‘race’ is the system in which we are trapped – the system from which we must evolve.

      Although you say there is very little racism in Britain, that has not been my experience, being British myself. But when, as you rightfully mentioned, “diminishing resources, constant cuts to services, erosion of full time jobs, removal of benefits, persecution of elderly and disabled with more withdrawal of funding and a hugely underfunded health service”, are foisted upon the population – the rhetoric, historically, is always to blame the immigrants – or a certain segment of the populace – as was done in this case by the Brexit leaders. This is not happening only in Britain. It is happening everywhere, including America’s right wing and Donald Trump’s “race” for president.

      Much dormant racism was stirred up in the passage of the Brexit vote in order to further the cruel “austerity measures” that are affecting the entire world, again, not just Britain. But how sad it is that the very real Tory yoke you speak of is now tighter than ever.

      I share your view wholeheartedly, Rachel.

      With love,


  5. neptunianplacebo says:

    I adore your articles. Reading them helps me reclaim my center.


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