Slide18 represents all forms of power, including self empowerment. And when the master number 88 is active, there is often a contradictory or conflicting vibration at play. It’s as if one form of power opposes or inadvertently affects another form of power, which creates an atmosphere that feels strange or ominous.

And yet, 88 is filled with chemistry, excitement and potential which releases you from self-doubt, and helps you to trust yourself to use your power responsibly and effectively. 88 merges mind and physicality, showing you what a situation most needs, and how to provide it.

8+8=16, which is the karmic vibration of 7, the number of the mind and learning. This master/karmic combination reminds us that “knowledge is power” – but only when it is correctly understood. 88 is an alternating current between learning and teaching.

And when you add the 9 energy of 2016, karmic 16/7 is then transformed into 25/7, which increases your intuitive capacity, and brings an empowering or satisfying CHANGE of mind. Do not be afraid of new and unusual ideas. Expect flashes of new understanding to reach your consciousness today.

Because this is the 221st day of this Leap Year (2+2+1=5),  in Week 32 (a 5 Week) – the number of unexpected development – the ability to make necessary change, based on past experience, increases significantly. A mistake is not a mistake if you learn what it has to teach.

The 88 energy occurs again on August 17 and 26.


2016 ~ THE POWER OF 9

2016 and the LEAP YEAR WOBBLE 




About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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3 Responses to THE 88 ENERGY OF AUGUST 8

  1. 8,8,9….25/7….I am a 25/7, (birthday), and completely identify with your post. Were curious about how this day will turn out and since I am also a very practical person, (and also in a 4 year), I simply have to tell you that your text “Expect flashes of new understanding to reach your consciousness today.”, are so very relevant to my day today. Been sitting with an auto gearbox problem fin my car, for a very long time now. Suddenly this morning when pulling off, I smiled at myself when realising that I just got the answer to the problem floating in my mind without even thinking of it. So now I will order the replacement part and am sure it will solve the issue. Amazing….thing called “intuitive capacity”!

    Thanks Christine 🙂


    • Hello Buks, I’m so glad the solution came to you. Intuition works in wonderful ways if we listen to and don’t distract ourselves from it. We are all developing our intuition now, whether we realize it yet or not. It is a major aspect of your evolution. Good luck with the car.

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