Slide2An astonishing array of numbers entered our lives this week. All the master numbers are in play… all of which are potential balance points, each with their own distinct vibrations and functions. 33 is the most balanced form of 6, which represents balance itself – through equality, fairness, and justice. And whenever balance is involved, so are ‘extremes’. This is a week of contradiction, deep insight, swaying back and forth, along with the shifts and adjustments that balance requires. The word adjustment is an extension of the word justice.

33 represents communication, education, community, problem-solving, healing, and generally making things better – on a very large scale. 33 represents the master healer, communicator, and educator. 33 teaches us about the power of kindness and unconditional love. It decreases the need to control and manipulate – and helps us to stand up to those who do. We all have personal lessons to learn this week about peace, division, reconciliation, forgiveness, and the healing of hearts.

On the other hand, 33 can also bring out the urge to ‘take over’, go beyond established law, and institutionalize. 33 is the principle energy behind the cruelty of dictatorship, patriarchy, and misogyny. 33 typifies the authoritarian and tyrant. With so much fear and anger expressing itself in the world, we are becoming more aware of our own and other people’s obsessions – those things we cannot let go.

We all hold on to countless feelings which need to be soothed and allowed to heal. The same applies to our minds which, in this slow and confusing transition, are in great need of clarity. Belief has tremendous power. But beliefs can be held so staunchly that they build a wall around the heart which blocks the flow of love.


333 energy also emerges now because Week 33 is part of a 10-week period in which all the Week Numbers begin with 3 – the number of people, population, communication, optimism, sociability, social-media, words, images, hearsay, gossip, appearances, shallowness, the stage, humor, friendliness, entertainment, and the art of influencing the masses.

Triple 3 adds up to 9, which brings us back to the spiraling 9 energy of 2016 with all its endings, conclusions, upheavals, emotions, and the excitement of recognizing new potential. 9 is the number of LETTING GO. This year, 9 is taking us backwards in order to learn from the past, and use what we learn to move forward.


two-simones-strike-gold-at-olympTwo athletes names Simone won Olympic gold medals this week. The name Simone adds up to 3. So here is another 33 rising before our eyes. Times have changed, and black athletes Simone Manuel (swimming) and Simone Biles (gymnastics) won gold medals in fields that are typically dominated by white competitors.


Motel manager pouring acid in the water when black people swam in his pool, 1964

Photograph by Horace Cort

The 6 energy is strong here, and takes us back to a time when public pools and beaches in the USA were segregated (along with many other facilities). One of the many incidents of racial abuse regarding swimming occurred in 1964, in St. Augustine, Florida, in which a motel manager poured acid into a pool to disperse a peaceful group of black and white protesters who were calling for integration. June 18, 1964 was an 8 day in the world (6+9=2=1+7=8), and photos of this and other events are now circulating in the 8 month of August 2016 – 52 years later. Even the number 52 is significant because it adds up to 7. The karmic 16/7 energy occurs 4 times this month on 8/8, 8/16, 8/17, and 8/26. (See “Karmic Numbers” link at end of page).



Week 33 began on Friday, August 12, on a 2 day (8+3+9=2+0=2), the number of sensitivity, cooperation, patience, and CONNECTION  – and the 9 energy of 2016 connects us to matters of the past from which there are still major lessons to learn.


The building of the Berlin Wall begins – 1961. Source: oldpicsarchive.com

This brings Master Number 55 into play because it was 55 years ago this week in 1961 that the building of the BERLIN WALL began. 1961 was an 8 year and is connected to present-time through this 8th month of 2016. With growing tension between Russia and the West today, the significance here is enormous because after claiming victory over Germany, the Berlin Wall was built to separate the ‘victors’ – the Soviet Union and the Western World.


Residents of West Berlin show children to their grandparents on the Eastern side,1961. Source: oldpicsarchive.com


We are still learning about the consequences of building walls to separate people, and the devastating long-term effects of invasion and occupation, the curtailing of freedom, the futility of war, and the splitting of families and communities for the sake of racial and regional “purity”. 6 is the number of FAMILY and LOVE, and reminds us that humanity is one species – one FAMILY – made up of individuals. Life IS diversity.


(55=10=1). Both 1 and 5 indicate strong CHANGE, but there is a difference between them. 5 brings change suddenly, while 1 brings change through gradual progress. Sometimes, the sudden change that occurs in 5 is the result of the small changes made in 1 all coming together at the same time, creating situations we are unprepared for.

10 (the number of our current decade) often brings matters to fruition that were once considered impossible or ‘before their time’. 55 forces 1 to let go of what it is clinging to so that energy can flow freely and life’s greater potentials can be recognized. 55/10/1 brings true innovation and breaks through old barriers into something unique, original, functional, and lasting.

1 is the number of SELF, and we are learning major lessons right now about the role of EGO – our sense of self – which needs to find balance, not be “eliminated”. In this age of inflated ego and “strongmen” fighting to stay relevant in an evolving world, current events are showing us just how misunderstood the word ego actually is. As we evolve, we must allow the ego to evolve, too. We cannot be whole without it.

hqdefaultAugust 6 and August 9, (last week), marked the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki – by the USA in 1945. An estimated 246,000+ people were killed.

THIS WEEK, August 17, which is an 88 day, represents POWER in the material world, including nuclear power. (Both the 16/7 and 14/5 karmic energies emanate from these dates – see link at end of page).


Air Force One arrives in the Cuban capital Havana (Reuters)

August 13 marks the 90th birthday of Fidel Castro and takes us back to the Cuban Revolution which began in 1953 (a 9 Year) – and brings us forward to Cuba’s transition out of isolation and back into the world. At the same time, the connection between the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, the Iraq War, and the unprecedented suffering and chaos in the Middle East and across Europe, cannot be ignored.


Guantanamo Bay Prison (AP)

8 represents economic, political, military, corporate, and institutional POWER. 8 also represents the power of knowledge, and demonstrates the destruction that lack of understanding brings.


With ALL the master numbers converging here in Week 33, one of the most potent energies on Earth, capitalism, is reaching a tipping point. If the entire system collapsed, we would have to start again – from the rubble – and would then have to make the same old tortured journey all over again. The system does not have to collapse if we use our evolving intelligence to TRANSFORM it – on the basis of balance and peace.

The human journey is not a “RACE”, but that is what this system of division and superiority has turned it into, and that is where racism, in all its forms, originates.

CpxwvEbWIAAi4QFAugust 9th last week marked the 2nd anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which sparked major protests in WEEK 33 of 2014 – and shed a bright light on police brutality and militarization. Week 33 gave rise to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, not only in the USA, but throughout the world. Note the astounding presence of 6 energy that came out of Ferguson on that date. See link at bottom of this page: “Week 33 and the Impact Of Ferguson”.

August 16th marks what would have been the 27th (9) birthday of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, whose death while in police custody last year was ruled a homicide, but for which no one was held accountable. August 16, 2016 is a very potent date indeed.

33  66  99

Tuesday, August 16, is a 33 day in this 33 week. This brings the master 66 energy into the picture. 66 is the most balanced form of 3, (6+6=12=3), from which the 3 energy of the 21st century is emphasized. 66 represents the master communicator, entertainer, networker, healer, educator, and law maker – through realistic, unusual, and ‘popular’ means. Karmic 16/7 is very active on the 16th, too.

The merging of 33 and 66 produces 99, which makes it clear that the old ways must end – and are ending – and that 369 (in these ‘master’ proportions) occurs frequently this week. 369 is the sequence of survival, continuance, and creative expansion.

The transparency of 2’s millennial energy and the reflective 3 energy of the 21st century shows us what it looks like when unregulated competition turns into war, as it always does at some stage. 2 thrives on cooperation not competition. And 3 operates with friendliness, not aggression. And that is the balance point we have an opportunity to arrive at this week, if only in a simple preliminary personal way.

And as 33 helps us to put what we’re feeling into words in a way that we ourselves can understand, there is an emphasis on sending and receiving important MESSAGES. Our feelings are running very deep, and our intuition is awake. Don’t let the need for ‘certainty’ shut it down. Remember that your feelings are MESSAGES you send to yourself – and that every feeling, emotion, instinct, and urge, is teeming with information about the reality of your situation.


Week 33 and the Impact Of Ferguson



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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  1. Sue says:

    Wow! Very insightful! Aug. 16 is already known in astrology as the day of high voltage. It’s also my son’s 22nd birthday (another master number energy!).Adding in the lunar eclipse on Thursday should be quite the week!


  2. Regina G Mouton says:

    I can’t believe I’m seeing an ad for Donald Trump on this page. Please explain . . .


    • I can’t believe it either. Unfortunately, I cannot see the ads, nor do I have any control over them as the blog is free. The good news is that I’m working on a new website where there will be no ads at all. But thanks for letting me know, Regina.


  3. Ronald says:

    Wow, last month my wedding seems stranded, I have been pulling on my wive to make a decission, Working in the old patterns, I could no longer reach her hart. And all I said, was as loose sand in my hands, slipping away. Feeling the urge to change this way Of doing, because it did not feld good I stepped back. The resulst are remarkably. I feel pease and harmony, now and then falling back in old emotions. I reconigezed the urge of doing things on an other way, my children where crying this morning when we split up, for a view days, but after only a couple of hours they are more peaseful than ever.


    • Such situations are never easy, Ronald, because the emotions involved in matters of love and family are just SO deep. Healing takes time. I wish you and your family the very best and I send my love to you all.<3


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