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Week 35 runs from August 26 to September 1, 2016. When 3 and 5 combine, there is often a ‘pregnant’ feeling, a feeling of expectency, as we wait for the seeds we planted to grow and develop. 35/8 represents conception and fruitfulness, and is one of the most creative numeric sequences. 35/8 provides the ideal environment in which to conceive something – a child, an idea, a solution, or a work of art, and prepare for the movement yet to come. We are traveling through FERTILE GROUND this week which will enable us to bring something to fruition – or make something significant happen.

8 represents POWER and MATERIALIZATION, and Week 35 is an 8 Week in an 8 month.

By itself, 8 is a karmic energy because it ‘appreciates’. It gives a return on whatever is invested – for better or worse. The main lesson here involves the POWER OF GRATITUDE (appreciation). So, this week, not only do we get this potent 8 karma, but also the complex 16/7 karmic vibration created by two 8s. (8+8=16=7).

16/7 represents the abuse of power, overpowering others, secrets, lies, and behind the scenes orchestration and plotting. 16/7 is the ultimate ‘conspiracy’ vibration. However, this week, we must be more aware of the difference between actual conspiracies and the billion dollar industry that feeds off ‘conspiracy theory’ and runs on the basis that lies are easier to swallow when strategically placed between layers of truth. The focus on HONESTY is enormous in this highly karmic week.

We are experiencing a mix of both karmic and evolutionary vibrations which reflect a growing split in human values. We can focus on the greater good of people and planet, or cling to the past in fear of change. We can also ignore it all, but ignorance and indifference, belong in the past, too. Indifference to the suffering of others is often a form of hatred in disguise – hatred in denial.

Hate is not a natural emotion, but the result of natural emotions such as anger, fear, and grief, that have been twisted and tortured in the process of denial. It is therefore inevitable that in the process of coming out of denial, hate will rise to the surface so that we can face its reality in our world – and most importantly in ourselves. All hatred starts as self hatred. And if we hate hatred, or hate ourselves for hating, or hating others for making us hate them, we simply expand the hate.

Emotional healing is the next major step in the human journey, and it is not a simple matter at all, mainly because we misunderstand the true nature of emotion (feminine energy), and how it works with the mind (masculine energy), within the physical body (biological form).

At the same time, Week 35 is the 6th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3, connecting us to the 3 energy of the 21st century. 3 is the number of creativity, communication, the arts, entertainment, the stage, platform, airwaves, digital channels, and ACCESS to and INFLUENCE over the human mind – by controlling people’s emotions. Emotion is our honesty, and as we evolve emotionally (as we must do in the 2000s, because 2 is the number of sensitivity and feeling), we can sense when we are being lied to, and when something just doesn’t ‘add up’. The practice of DENIAL and DEFLECTION is playing out, quite recognizably, before our eyes on the world stage, along with the debilitating power of DISBELIEF.

3 is the number of WORDS and IMAGES which are filled with energy and have tremendous power over our perception of reality. We are starting to understand the ‘games’ being played more fully, and the more we accept our feelings, the more honest and aware of reality we become.

three 8s88 energy flows through the entire week, and there are three 888 days too.

Friday, August 26: August = 8.   26 = 8.    Week 35 = 8. (888)

Saturday, August 27: August = 8.   August 27 =8.   Week 35 = 8. (888)

Monday, August 29: August = 8.  242nd day of the year =8.    Week 35 = 8. (888). Note that August 29 has many other numeric inclusions which are explained further down the page.

Heartbreaking footage from Syria shows two dust-covered boys desperately clinging to each other after they learn their brother has died in an airstrike in Aleppo

Heartbreaking image from Syria shows two dust-covered boys desperately clinging to each other after they learn their brother has died in an airstrike in Aleppo

3 x 8 = 24=6 .. and 6 is the number of home, family, responsibility, justice, and balance. 6 reminds us that Mother Earth is our home and that we are all part of the human family. The human species. 6 represents MATTERS OF THE HEART, which includes the joy and the innocence of children. Our attention is being drawn to children around the world who are suffering the agony of war and displacement. It is important that we do not cut off from our feelings here, because attacking children is all part of the heartless plan to drag us back to the PAST.

5-year-old Omran Daqneesh and his sister sitting in an ambulance covered with debris and blood. Their 10 year old brother, Ali, did not survive the bombing.

5-year-old Omran Daqneesh and his sister sitting in an ambulance covered with debris and blood. Their 10 year old brother, Ali, did not survive the bombing.

Children are the FUTURE.

3 is the number of the child. 1 and 2 are its parents. And this simple equation, 1+2=3, is the basis of all movement. Also, 1+2+3 adds up to 6, the number of family, home, and all that is heart-felt.




Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth. ~Lucy Parsons

This week’s numeric patterns shed light on the consequences of greed – a disease which renders us incapable of feeling satisfied – always wanting more, more, more, even when we already have more than we could EVER need. Greed makes it impossible to share. The symptoms of greed are then disguised (denied) by making the acquisition of money and power a competition as to who can acquire the most.

Turn your back on Mother Nature, Everybody wants to rule the world. ~Tears for Fears, Songs from the Big Chair, 1985

You do not have to be ultra rich to be greedy, and you do not have to be greedy to be ultra rich, but the greed of the ultra rich is now so out of proportion that it jeopardizes the entire planet. Hard line economic and social tactics against the population (austerity) only make things worse. If we do not find balance with each other – all of us – at some point everything will topple over, and at that point it doesn’t matter how much money or influence you’ve got, you’re going over with it. Therefore, this collapsing system must be modified, adjusted, and reformed from within, until balance is reached.

As the Will of humanity (feminine energy) continues to rise, people are hungry for fact, not fiction, reality, not ‘reality show’, and a desire to transform the ‘information age’ into the age of TRUTH. That is why the battle to control the internet and all forms of communication are part of today’s never ending turmoil. Accurate understanding brings a balanced perspective – which brings fairness, justice, and peace.

11 is the stepping stone between the 1000s and the 2000s. You cannot reach 2 without two 1s. There was a vivid and explosive reflection of 11 in the early days of the 2000s, when the largest physical image of 11 on Earth, New York’s Twin Towers, were blown out of existence on 9/11/2001. The aftermath of that shockwave seems to reach “completion”, “closure”, or a new stage, 15 years later, on the 9th of November (9/11), 2016 – the day after the U.S. presidential election. (9+11+9=29=11).

Monday, August 29 marks 11 years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and South East Louisiana. Katrina was the 11th named storm of 2005, and the name Katrina adds up to 29 which adds another 11 to this pattern. This gives us 4 very prominent 11s.

Baton Rouge 2016(11 11 11 11 = 44), and is connected through this 11th anniversary to the latest flooding in Louisiana which has devastated the area yet again. Southern Louisiana, including New Orleans, is 1 to 2 feet BELOW sea level, and for as long as such large-scale drilling, fracking, and other assaults on the natural world continue in such vulnerable areas, flooding, earthquakes, and other environmental catastrophes can only get worse – and more frequent.

11 is the number of illumination and inspiration, and is the most balanced form of 2. At this point in the journey, 11 represents our transition out of the 1000s into the 2000s. The only way to arrive at 2 is through two 1s. That is why people see the number 11 everywhere. 2 is the number of CONNECTION, and 11 is what makes connection possible. 11 has been quite a phenomenon in the world for many decades now.

44_844 is practical, down to Earth master energy and represents our ability to communicate, heal, and educate on a large scale. 44 is the most balanced form of 8. However, 4 is also the number of obstruction, and when it is doubled like this, opposition is so fierce that it often defies logic. 4 IS the number of logic, order, system, and detail.

44 brings about the MEETING OF OPPOSITES – not for the purpose of dividing, of revealing just how divided things already are. 44 is that perfect point of balance in the 8 energy which tells us that, yes, knowledge is power, but only when we correctly understand it. When the power of 44 is able to retain its enthusiasm and determination in the face of opposition, it opens our minds to deeper understandings, and brings optimism (hope), and large-scale, far reaching and lasting CHANGE.

Monday, August 29, 2016: is also a 10/1 day in the world. And at this point in the journey, it does seem that 10 is just as powerful as any of the master numbers. Perhaps this is because we are in the decade of the 10s and, once we reach 2020, perhaps the power of 10 will give way to the power of 20. I don’t know. But right now, 10 is a big deal – the number of innovation, new ideas, reaching new levels and phases, and taking unprecedented steps in a forward-moving direction. 10 is pioneering energy – and there are only 3 more years left of this decade.

So, on Monday, August 29, we not only pass through 88 energy, and 888, 11 11 11 11, and 44, but also 10 10 energy. From a personal standpoint, this is a good day to gain clarity about the end result you desire in any particular situation, and to set your intent firmly in that direction. Whatever you imagine is a valid possibility. The entire week is one in which to recognize and be MOVED by new potential.

Throughout the week, as those who seek power continue to struggle for position, with little or no mention of the natural environment on which we depend for our survival, this week’s extended-master energy is a reminder that MOTHER NATURE is the greatest power of all in the physical world. Climate change is real. It is happening. It is drastic.

imagesThe master number 66 is in play, too, with the news that America’s first solar roadway will be tested along a small section of the famous and historic Route 66. At this time in our journey when POWER is the central theme, SOLAR POWER is one of the most amazing and fascinating technologies. All the power we need has been shining down on us all along. 6 is the number of home and family and it is imperative that we, as a species, see ourselves as a family, and this world as our home. Solar energy is meant to be the energy that empowers our planet. (See link at end of page). 

solar-66-1-980x420It is so encouraging to see the United States getting further on board here. And it’s a comfort to see good news like this among all the turmoil throughout the world. Great strides are being made in all areas of life, but they are too often drowned out by the hellish battle to take us backwards. In this case, the old and the new are interacting so that existing reality is transformed, not destroyed. 6+6=1+2=3, and 3 is the number of sunshine itself, joy, and optimism.

ACCEPTANCE of reality opens the path forward. Humanity is in the process of accepting reality on a scale we have never reached before. Meanwhile, those running the system, and those who benefit the most from the system, realize that it is collapsing under the weight of its own top-heaviness – and humanity’s evolving awareness.

The ‘old guard’ are terrified of “losing” and will do anything to drag us back to those days when their positions of ‘superiority’ were secure. The harder they drag us backwards, the more out of tune with present reality they reveal themselves to be. Here in the 2000s, our increasing awareness of reality is creating transparency. The struggle for FREE WILL is well underway, and we are all involved.

If we do not find ways to bring balance (fairness and equality) into life, nothing can change and we remain trapped in an endless loop of repeated history. We must allow our ideas to flow beyond the usual cut-off point and WILL them into being with our deep desire for change. That is FREE WILL – which begins with the freedom to express outwardly what we feel inwardly. That is what propels us.

This week, on a personal level, we will be more able to release ourselves from issues and habits that have been holding us back or dragging us down. The way we conduct ourselves in the outside world – the way we communicate and interact – can have a lasting effect on the future. So think before you speak or take action. Deep down, you know you are here for a reason, and the powerful vibrations contained in Week 35 of this 9 year – this shaky wobbly Leap Year – can send you a creative spark that triggers new ideas, forgiveness, letting go, enthusiasm, and moving in the direction that is right for you.



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