11 11 2016

slide1I’m looking at 11 11 quite differently this year, mainly because the 9 year of 2016 is a very ‘different’ year. And 11 11 2016 does not have the same vibration as 11 11 2015, or any other year.

November 11 in 2016 adds up to 31 (11+11+9), and 31 adds up to 4.

We are also in a 10 week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4. And a man who was born on the 4 Destiny Path has just become President Elect of the United States.

This is scaring a lot of people throughout the world – as it should. There is no doubt that difficult times lay ahead. 4 is restrictive energy which can hold us back and box us in until its lessons are learned. The natural emotions of fear and frustration arise as a result. There is a very serious tone to this vibration.

4 is the number of system, work, how things work, and all things work-related, including jobs and the ‘cost of living’. 4 thrives on effort, determination, precision, and efficiency. 4 also signifies the vital INNER work which will bring peace into this world. Until our masculine minds make peace with our feminine feelings, outer repression will only grow. Everything starts within and generates outwardly. 4 is also the number of breakthrough.

4’s karmic vibration, 13, is associated with overwork, carelessness with essential details, laziness, and ill-preparedness, which we often mistake for being “unlucky”. There are major lessons for us all to learn from karmic 13. And because 11 ILLUMINATES and INSPIRES, it helps us to focus on – or at least search for – what we most need to see and understand.

11+11 gives us 4’s Master vibration, 22. The 22/4 vibration focuses on the conditions in which large groups of people live, and in the right hands, 22 brings measurable improvement – to the many rather than the few. In the wrong hands, however, 22/4 brings chaos to the many, (and the few as well).

We need to look at this date in its entirety because the information it contains does change each year. Without this understanding, we can slip through the cracks of this ‘road of opportunity’ without truly understanding what the opportunity was. 11 11 2016 is ‘big picture’ energy, and provides essential context and depth – if we open ourselves to it.

Awareness is our greatest safety net.

New article about Week 46 coming soon: 

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  1. Ivanka enakieva says:


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    .abv-omExternalClass a:hover { color: #ff0000; } .abv-omExternalClass a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } .abv-omExternalClass a.primaryactionlink:link { background-color: #2585b2; color: #ffffff; } .abv-omExternalClass a.primaryactionlink:hover { background-color: #11729e; color: #ffffff; } WordPress.com Christine DeLorey posted: “I’m looking at 11 11 quite differently this year, mainly because the 9 year of 2016 is a very ‘different year’. And 11 11 2016 does not have the same vibration as 11 11 2015, or any other year. November 11 in 2016 adds up to 31 (11+11+9), and 31 adds u”

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    • Also, Ivanka, the email came to you at 10.22, which provides an interesting connection. 11 November is the first day of Week 46 (4+6=10) – and 10 is also the number of the current decade. And of course 11+11=22. I hope your day is filled with insight!!


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