January 20, 2017 ~ TURNING POINT


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January 20, 2017 = 1 2 1. This is a very significant date in the human journey.

These numbers are a stark reflection of our position in the volatile space between one millennium and the next. We are experiencing the vibrational differences between the electrical masculine 1000s and the magnetic feminine 2000s. And the shocks will continue until we finally wake up to the enormity of what is happening.

While 1 signifies speed, action, and the start of something new, 2 slows everything down by drawing attention to important details which must be recognized and dealt with before real progress can be made.


4 is the number of order, foundation, method, system, facts and figures, and effective organization. 4 is the number of effectiveness. However, until we feel its powers of determination and purpose, 4 can create limitation, delay, and the feeling of being boxed-in. 4 teaches us that every problem has its answers and solutions if we are patient enough to find them – and then find the most effective way to put them into practice. 4 represents results through hard work. This confirms that although the road ahead will not be easy, 4 gives us the power of perseverance.

We cannot solve a problem until we understand its true nature, and we are dealing with complex and dangerous matters now. The first step to stabilizing our position is acceptance of reality. Eyes wide open! Denial is easy to spot in this age of transparency – but the old guard cannot operate in openness and is trying desperately to push everything back into secrecy.

It’s OK to be afraid. Fear is a natural part of the emotional range, with its own power and purpose. It is fear that is waking people up right now! Fear is not the problem. Denial of fear is the problem. Indifference is the problem. Being paralyzed by fear is the problem, too. Constant distraction is the problem. As evolving beings, we must learn to accept what must be feared, and discard the petty or false fears which keep us tied to this floundering way of life.

January 20, 2017, marks the beginning of a serious segment of the journey in which humanity is starting to recognize the power of its own Will (feminine energy), which is rising up against the old ways of oppression, and the ridiculous notions of white supremacy and patriarchy. The war on women is real and terrifying, and women are fighting back.

The Will is our ability to feel and sense. The Will is also MOTHER’S LOVE and the natural tendency to nurture and protect, and we all possess this energy, male and female alike. The Will (emotion) is YIN and the Spirit (consciousness) is YANG, both of which are different but equal – and interdependent. But this male-driven system must keep the feminine down in order to maintain its dominance. This cannot continue as the feminine 2000s unfold.

45 is also prominent today because it marks the inauguration of the 45th POTUS, which is the result of an election that occurred in Week 45 of 2016. Both 45 and 2016 add up to 9 – the number of endings, conclusions, awareness, and emotional healing. 4 = restriction, 5 = freedom. 9 is the most emotional number of all (from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair), and there is no doubt that people are experiencing extraordinary depths right now.

This numeric combination tells us that this is NOT the beginning of a new system, but the end of the old one – this unfair, out of balance, and utterly cruel way of life.

Donald Trump will bring the system down because that is what greed is bound to do in the end – consume itself. Racial matters are coming to a head because that is what the old class system IS – the race to be number 1 – “winner” take all. But that is not the true nature of life. We cannot discover our true potential while a person’s “value” is based on how much money they have, the color of their skin, the nature of their culture, their religion, or who they love. Life is not about winning. It is about living.

The 20th day of January 2017 connects us directly to the millennial energy of the 2000s, and reminds us that the NEW system will not be based on competition (1), but on cooperation (2). Peace will come through peaceful desire and diplomacy, not more war.

No matter what happens on the long and difficult road ahead, just remember that the human RACE is not a species. The human RACE is the system itself. The human RACE must end, so that a free humanity can begin…


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12 Responses to January 20, 2017 ~ TURNING POINT

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  2. Dear Christine, Thank you for your article, one that includes many truths.
    Firstly women WILL have their say and equal opportunity with man. But as each Country/race goes through different periods of EVOLUTION, and different learning periods, gradually there will be a levelling between men and women. It will take time. Only 100 years ago Women were allowed the Vote in Great Britain, perhaps similar in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand? What is 100 Years in mans evolution of 2 billion years?
    Fortunately, with the invention of the radio, then television and now the Worldwide Web, men and women can see the FREEDOMS that we in the west have enjoyed for some years, thus the great migrations after two world wars, and recently the problems of the Middle East and Iraq and Syria, We cannot blame these poor people from wanting a better life. However, it was and still is the method of the movement that had political motives, not necessarily humanitarian either. I will not be cynical to Germany or the EU as a whole!
    It would be have been and still is more beneficial to help rebuild houses and infrastructure in these respective areas and ‘gradually’ allow immigration, with a ‘green card’ system.
    We in the West hope that the Muslim Countries can see the benefits of allowing Women the same opportunities as men. But, will the religious leaders allow it? I have not read in The Holy Qur’an, that women should be down-trodden. It is not a war like book, indeed it has far less aggressive stories in than The Christian Bible. It is only the fanatical militants and certain religious attitudes that stop women becoming equal – but we in the West live in hope that one day, they can see sense.
    NOW TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I do not fear a Republican head of state in Mr Donald Trump. I have complete faith in the American establishment in Washington and other recognised business and civic leaders. Indeed, I believe he will create US jobs. For years America has had the benefit of cheap products coming out of China, India, Pakistan, Philippines etc., America has made China wealthier than the USA now, all for the sake of ‘cheaper Nike’s’ !
    I believe GOD is also on the side of America. America after all was the first country used to have a multi-cultural, society. With Europe battling with itself and the Roman Church in the 1650’s approx, people migrated to the new lands in the West from all over Europe. Further opportunities lay with Canada, Australia and New Zealand in the years following, just as they are trying to move from the Middle East…With God on the side of America, equal opportunities WILL exist. IT MUST THEREFORE CONTINUE TO SHOW ( and with the Internet) the Communist and Muslim Countries how can its people can live in the free, fairer society. It will happen one day……..in the future.
    THUS IS IT NOW PRESIDENT TRUMP’s duty to preserve the position of the USA as leader of the FREE world. I for one, for all his past mistakes and errors, WISH HIM THE BEST OF LUCK, AND TO THE PEOPLE OF THE USA at this important moment in history. From a friend in the UK.


    • Dear Gerald, it is not a matter of “women WILL have their say” in the future. We are having our say right now – everywhere – including Middle Eastern women – along with the solid support of evolving men around the world, who also see the dangers of this stark imbalance of power. Yes, such progress is incremental. Yes, it takes time. And the time is NOW – this 1 Year, in the decade of the 10s, in the 21st century, in the millennium of the 2000s. It is a dangerous undertaking.

      You talk about Middle Eastern fanatics preventing equality for women and say “we in the west’ live in hope that they will see sense”. But you don’t see how ‘we in the west’ are doing the same thing – in our own way? You don’t see how OUR wars (for oil and other resources), have conveniently enabled a despotic global hierarchy?

      This is way beyond politics. This is the steep rise of fascism and ‘strongmen’ all over the world – in order to keep the failing patriarchal system in place. Patriarchy, by nature, must keep the feminine down. So no, I do not wish fascism, sexism, racism, bullying, or any form of hatred, ‘the best of luck’ – and will resist it in any way I can. I wish us ALL the best of luck as this dangerous period unfolds.

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    • So eloquently stated and so appropriate. Thank you.

      Women have been held in oppression and bondage due to their spiritual power, their mystery, their sexual power, and the ability to being forth life.

      The matriarchal and matriarchal “systems” must move away from hierarchies to become a balanced whole. We are out of balance, severely so. I would love to be around to see this change.

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  3. Dee says:

    I don’t believe a God takes sides, Gerald. America is divided more now than ever. It will be very interesting to see if the Will of women can overcome the ideas of the new administration.

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  4. Jane Sheldon says:

    Christine, when you wrote: “Donald Trump will bring the system down because that is what greed is bound to do in the end – consume itself,” are you admitting that Trump IS an outsider and really will “drain the swamp” and create better economic growth for EVERYONE in the United States? You had written a numerology “hit piece” on Trump last year but you never did a similar article for Hilary Clinton. So I get that you’re a Hilary supporter. That’s fine. I would just like you to clarify the quote you wrote about Trump and whether you see him now as someone who really can change the “system” for the better?


    • That’s not what I’m saying at all, Jane. He represents the greed, corruption, and hatred, that the system became (and perhaps always was). He represents the end of this tired old system, not the beginning of a new one. No, he cannot change the system for the better. Ultimately, that will be up to the people. No one knows what will happen next, but as it all continues to unfold, people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers he poses. I don’t do “hit pieces”, Jane. There is no malice in my writing.

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      • Jane Sheldon says:

        Why didn’t you do an article on the numerology of Hilary Clinton? There might not be “malice” in your writing, but there is an agenda.


        • Jane, I did not write about Hillary Clinton because I did not feel driven to do so. And yes of course I have an agenda. It began with my book Life Cycles, which I wrote in 1999. My agenda is to study and write about various forms of metaphysics, especially numerology, as they relate to the freeing of the human will, the rise of feminine energy on Earth in the 2000s, the power and purpose of emotion, emotional healing, the impact of guilt, the effect of denial, and the goal of feminine/masculine balance (equality/peace). That’s really all I have to say.

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          • kimberly love says:

            hmm, i wonder why you didn’t post my comment :/

            i really enjoy your numerology forecasts, i am slightly concerned on what your agenda includes however.. i wonder to myself if you believe hrc represents the feminine, because nope not even by a mile..

            through your forecasts, you feel like a lovely gifted soul.. i would love to know your Chiron – mine is Pisces


  5. I have great admiration for you, your depth, your wisdom. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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