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Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is the ultimate attack on feminine energy. There is nothing more feminine than Mother Earth herself. There is nothing we have that did not come from HER. She is the material world to which, unfortunately, some people are so addicted that they would rather destroy than treat her with love, respect, and gratitude.

Of course, our addiction to the material/physical aspects did not start with Donald Trump. Nor is it only an American problem. But this insane move by the U.S. president places the entire planet in jeopardy, and reflects the self-destructive nature of this male-dominant system from which we are evolving – and its heartless determination to keep the feminine aspects of life firmly – brutally – under control.

“Science screams the truth regardless of politics”. ~The Weather Channel, June 1, 2017.

It is not surprising that this occurred in Week 22 of this 10/1 Year as 22 has been so visible just lately. 10 involves massive fundamental change. 1 is the number of leadership. As new leaders evolve and rise, the world is viewing the USA (which was considered to be “#1” in many ways), through disgusted and cautious eyes. Here are some of the numbers involved:


Opened for signature in New York on April 22, 2016. (Earth Day) 4+22+9=3+5 = 8 = POWER in the material world.

New York is the 11th State.

Brokered by Secretary of State, John Kerry, who was born on the 22 Destiny Path (December 11, 1943 = 3+11+8=22/4)

Retracted on June 1, 2017 6+1+1 2017 = 8 = POWER in the material world – by Donald Trump who was also born on the 22 Destiny Path (June 14, 1946 = 6+14+2=22/4)

(NOTE: 14 is a karmic number which, like master numbers, I always keep whole when calculating birth dates).

The two 8s that arose out of these dates are extremely symbolic since 8 represents power in the material world.

The global phenomenon of 11:11 is gaining greater relevance now, as we move forward in time. To me, 11:11 has always been a warning. And, quite simply: 11:11 = 22.

1 represents the individual. 2 represents others. 11:11 reminds us that we are ONE. 22 reveals how torn apart we are, and signals us to pull ourselves together.

The focus on 22 also reminds us that we are approaching the end of the decade of the 10s, and the 20s begin in 2020.

22 represents the builder or destroyer; construction or destruction, order or chaos; progress or setback; big ideas or small-mindedness, greatness or disgrace. 22 represents “the masses” (humanity), the conditions in which we live, and our indisputable connection to the natural world. What arrogance it is to think that we can destroy nature without destroying ourselves!

11 and 22 are master numbers, which are conduits of change – transformers. There is so much more to them than modern numerology is able to articulate at this time. We can never stop learning about the meaning of numbers because new understandings develop in the unfolding of TIME.

Next year, ALL the master numbers will be running through our lives because 2018 is an 11 year in the world (2+0+1+8=11/2), and master numbers are multiples of 11. November 2018 will be an 11:11 month (22).

The last time we experienced an 11 year was 2009 – the year that Barack Obama took the reins of a country in turmoil and a world economy that was on the brink of breaking apart – again due to greed and a total lack of empathy. America’s first black president caused quite a stir among those who believe in racial superiority. But what this focus on systemic racism taught us is that what we call the “human race” is not our species. On the contrary, the human “RACE” is the system that is falling to pieces right now.

People everywhere are awake and aware, and as this system implodes under the weight of its own imbalance – its own top-heaviness – we – HUMANITY – regardless of any position that this class system has assigned us, have an opportunity to shape a new way of life, a new system that is sustainable, unprejudiced, and LOVING. How we go about this in this evolving journey is something we have to discover as we go.

Our feminine energy is our emotional energy, the strong vibrations of which are opening our minds to new ideas and solutions. We have never felt our feelings as strongly as we are feeling them now.

We know that these “strong-man” tactics belong in the past. We know that the true strength in both men and women, and all the beautiful diversity of life that we erroneously call ‘races’, comes from working together in a state of equality and loving intent.

The Great Seal Of The United Sates carries the motto pluribus unum, which is Latin for “out of many, ONE”


Much more to come on the master numbers (and all the other numbers) soon…

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  1. GRB says:

    Yes, indeed, thanks Christine, it takes a President so obviously lost in McDonaldized wealth, to show us ALL, so very clearly, that we must now take back individual responsibility for Earth. Our Real Wealth, is our fertility, without it we cannot reproduce, either we work in unison with the Earth Spirit or we lose our right to exist, here in 3D paradise.
    Unfortunately McDonaldized masculine mind, sees ‘fertility’ as the mechanics of consumerism, the never ending buying & selling of the ‘Earth’s’ children.
    Until, as you pointed out in your USA logo, one person owns the many.
    As though ONE person could ever self reproduce or even understand the mystery behind it….

    Here is a wonderful complementary excerpt of ‘the divine Feminine ‘


  2. k s says:

    Christine your interpretation of the numbers in regard to the Paris agreement is way off. The paris agreement is not about protecting the earth as all. It is about americans tax dollars to the tune of $12 trillion dollars used by banks to re fund them because they are broke. There is no value in the stock market the bond market has no value. The paris agreement is not about saving the earth. It is about saving the banks…Re visit your thinking. Pres Trump did the right thing…


  3. Anonymous says:

    you, Christine are so wrong read the agreement


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