Books By Christine DeLorey

CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOKS ~ your journey through the cycles of time…

Your Creative Numerology Year Book can help you steer your way through these tense, unpredictable, and evolutionary times. Each book contains inspiring MONTHLY, WEEKLY, and DAILY readings for your specific yearly cycle.

This is a 9-book collectable set. Buy one book – or more – or buy all 9 books and get one free. (Free book does not apply to Kindle)

These books make excellent gifts (for yourself and those you care about).

WHICH BOOK?  2017 is a 1 year, so simply add 1 to your month and day of birth. Example: Born April 18, add 4+1+8+1=14. Keep adding until you get a single number. 1+4=5. So the book to order in this instance would be 5…  (Do not use the year of birth in this calculation – just the month and day +1.)


lccover1LIFE CYCLES your emotional journey to freedom and happiness. This is the book that’s all about YOU – and these precarious times in which you live. Life Cycles is a classic among numerology books. Learn about your Destiny Path – and your yearly and monthly cycles – along with rich descriptions of the energies affecting us in the 2000s and the need for emotional healing.

‘Life Cycles’, available from and Barnes & Noble and your favorite bookstore.


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