We evolve, not by discarding or destroying what is, but by transforming it into a higher form of itself. We heal our ill feelings, not by casting them out or holding them in, but by transforming them into the love they once were. We heal our karma, not by ignoring it or suffering more than we need to, but by transforming our ignorance into understanding and acceptance.

Evolution is transformation. And transformation is happening all the time. It happens as we learn new things – it even happens as we move, stretch and breathe. However, evolution is not an automatic ever-ascending spiritual conveyor-belt, but the result of our ability to face reality, adjust, adapt, and change.

The process of transformation includes taking responsibility for the problems we face and being resolved to not only do something about them, but to look more deeply into them so that we can know HOW to transform them. Knowledge is power, but only if it is correctly understood. We must be prepared to let old dogma go and learn new things.


Numbers are a natural occurrence which thread their way through every aspect of our lives. Find out what they mean to YOU personally ….. and how they can help you understand and navigate your own evolving journey  …..  Read your free weekly and monthly forecasts – scroll up to “recent posts”  > > > >





28 Responses to Transformation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your work Christine


  2. Michele says:

    I enjoy this site. It is my experience we become aware of our personal mystery if we choose, it is not always karmic but more like an awakening. Sometimes this tears down constructs so love can expand.


  3. Ginger says:

    My family and I continue to go thru rough times. I think of individual names of them each time I read this. Helps me to believe this situation is not hopeless maybe just evolving.


    • Hello Ginger, we go through these rough times individually and as families and it’s all growth whether we realize it or not. It’s all potential. Yes, it can be so painful at times. Wishing you and your family love, peace, and happiness. xx


  4. Cat says:

    Nicely put…. Your site is Awesome!!!


  5. Braam says:

    Hey Christine, just discovered this now. It put so much into perspective. You’re interpretations are knowledge made art. Would be amazing to know the path that led to your wealth of knowledge 🙂

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    • That’s very kind of you, Braam. 36 years ago, I went through a series of traumas, including a near death experience, which drastically changed my life and my perception of life. That is when numbers and other metaphysical aspects entered the picture.

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  6. Jen says:

    Hello Christine,
    I love your site, love your writing and creativity. You’re gifted and I’m grateful. Each month speaks to me & resonates deeply giving insight to where I am at in my life. I’m in an 8 and It’s awe inspiring when I read & realize, wow, this is happening. What is written translates as meaningful in providing spiritual guidance for me.

    How I move through these times may be smoother because of the insight provided.
    I love that that each month begins with a beautiful thought provoking, inspirational quote. There is always a message Such profound knowledge & wisdom, thank you for the soul of your heart and the heart of your soul.


  7. Marianna says:

    Dear Christine, I have just this morning found your site which spoke to me at quite a deep level. For many years I have had an interest in something that was to me especially as a child, indefinable. At first it came through beauty and music, then the reading of the book “The Third Eye”. A great interest in Eastern philosophies developed. My life seemed mostly turmoil and loss.
    Just when it seemed to have turned a corner and be in a peaceful phase, my son had a serious accident leaving him a paraplegic, my daughter starting showing symptoms of serious mental illness and now my husband, who has been my great love and rock and who I met in my late fifties, has had an accident leaving him with serious brain injuries from which he will never recover. My daughter became involved with a wealthy person with fraudulent tendencies and he may now be successful in causing loss of finances and homes for all three of us. This year has been a no.6 year for me & your description spoke to me as if it had been written for me alone. Also your analysis of the numerology connected with surnames. Nothing, it seems, is coincidence. It is so true that there is always something quite profound to be found in all these gut wrenching experiences. This year at a time when I felt very low, I realised that I no longer had to be in the role of a daughter, wife or mother. I found this to be a profoundly moving discovery and one which inspired me to start the journey to find out and learn about this person I call ‘me’. I am deeply moved by being given this opportunity, what will I discover? I feel that in spite of all the responsibilities and very limited time available to spend on myself, a whole new and indescribably amazing future is before me. I thank you with all my heart for giving me just what I needed this morning. With my sincere thanks and gratitude. Marianna.


    • Hello Marianna, it is quite amazing how much we can endure in the course of a lifetime. I relate strongly to your multiple tragedies as I have also had such experiences. The fact that you found this work in your 6 year suggests that you have embarked on a great personal healing and are ready to bring balance back into your life – perhaps a form of balance that you have never experienced before. You seem to demonstrate this with your beautiful blend of realism and optimism.

      Now, the 7 year will take you inward so that you can quite literally ‘know yourself’ – as you were, as you are now, and as you are becoming… that’s the journey, past present, future…

      with much love,


  8. Deanne says:

    Hi Christine,
    This is alittle off topic but I wanted to let you know,
    I think your blog is AMAZING ❤ ❤ ❤
    I Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Wishing you all the goodness life has to offer…


  9. Razya Adam says:

    Hi Christine, I read your book ” Life Cycles” and I think it’s amazing – a real treasure. You have so much knowledge, so much intelligence and so much heart. I am a 4 destiny no. and I’m 70 years old but I have not lost the curious and playful child in me. After 2 unhappy marriages, am I too naive or stupid to expect to find my true love ? someone I could share getting old with? Taking into account my number,is it possible? Am I to seek him or should I just sit tight and let God do the work? As they say – the best things in life are the least expected. I’m independent, very creative and thank God have a family, although they live far, but I’m still very lonley.I would be grateful for your answer.


    • Hello Razya,I am delighted to hear you are enjoying Life Cycles, and your kind words are deeply appreciated.

      As for whether you could have a loving relationship at 70, I am not one to make predictions. But I will say that it has little to do with age, and little to do with your Destiny Number. I would suggest that you live your life as fully as possible by doing the things you LOVE doing. What could be more attractive than that to someone who is on your wavelength? And doing what you love to do will also help counteract those feelings of loneliness. Only you can know whether to actively seek, or wait and see, or a bit of both. I wish you every success, Razya.

      And I wish you LOVE in its many forms.


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  10. Giuly says:

    Dear Cristine, I follow you for years. always, every month, week. You’re accompanying me on my journey, always with words of wisdom, deep, intimate, honest. You’re really good and loving. I will never finish to thank you! Thank you. I am sorry for my english, I am italian.


  11. Martin says:

    Dear Christine,
    I follow your site since a few months now. I’m impressed from the first moment. I was always interested in numbers, since I have heard about numerology. How can it be that these few numbers can create a mirror to look in? And get back so much resonance inside, to understand what is going on in my world. Every other day, I take a look here. And every time, the resonance I already feel, gets names and pictures in the words I find here. I see a carpet of inspiration to walk on. So, thank you for this carpet.


    • What a beautiful thing to say, Martin. Thank you. We are able to get so much information from numbers because numeric energy is the basis of all information. We can understand anything if we can distinguish and measure its dimensions. Of course, we are only touching the surface here. Numbers have no end. Therefore we will always be learning.

      I am delighted that you enjoy this work.


      • Martin says:

        Dear Christine,
        it is me again. Just a small question. When it comes to names, I already saw that family names can be changed into numbers. What about the following: addresses with street, house number, city names and postal codes, and finally region names, province and country names. Does that make sence?
        Thank you for your nice reply a few days ago.


  12. Vesna says:

    Your numerology interpretation and your intuitive and creative understanding of numbers is amazing. I have collection of some of the best ones ( I have always been interested in astrology-numerology) but you bring all to a new positively and strongly wonderful way of communicating it. So delightful and awesome way as no one else has done it! Love,love it and find it very helpful as a tool for understanding world and people around us !
    Thank you Christine 🙌🏻🙏🏻💜


  13. Christie says:

    Do you give readings?


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