Enough is enough, children! I am putting my foot down right now, and things are going to change. You just couldn’t be satisfied with what I gave you, could you. You had to keep digging and chopping and hacking and poisoning me. You do not even see me as a living, breathing, life-giving entity with my own needs, feelings and consciousness. I have been raped and robbed by my own children, and I’m critically wounded.

Be warned. The more you trample on me, the more I will fight for my survival. Your greed and ignorance have run roughshod over me for long enough. All that matters to me now is that I find a way to heal myself. How else can I hold on to that principle part of my nature which you call ‘a mother’s love’?

With your greed and your denials, you have drilled holes into me so deep that you don’t know how to stop the bleeding. You are so immature and incompetent that everything you do makes matters worse. You set me on fire and drown me in poisonous chemicals. And there you are in your ineptitude, pointing fingers at each other as you run around like chickens with your heads cut off.

You blow up my mountains to get to the minerals within, unaware that those mountains are the sacred symbols of abundance on Earth – and you wonder why your economies, and I myself, are falling apart at the seams.

Your greed even attacked my precious companion who illuminates the night and keeps my tides flowing as they should. You bombed the MOON for heaven’s sake!!

You want to play God, so you experiment on me – smashing atoms in your underground ‘hadron-collider’. You want to ‘own’ everything that’s in the ground, so you obliviously hack and frack away at me – at a time when the ground itself is already so unstable.

Don’t you feel me quaking? Don’t you see me desperately throwing off the pain I am forced to endure through the pressure valves you call volcanoes? Don’t you hear me screaming or see me writhing as you arrogantly have your way with me, every day and every night?

You chop down my forests which, you foolish children, are your own lungs manifest – and you wonder why you’re having such a hard time breathing.

You fight with each other like spoiled brats always finding some ridiculous justification for your putrid stinking wars. And you say, so pathetically, “I just want some peace of mind.”

You choke me with your putrid stinking garbage, unaware that your own consumption is now consuming you.

Oh, the damage you have done to my oceans and waterways which, if only you could see it, are your own emotions in physical form – and you wonder why the world has become such a feelingless heartless place!

Start to FEEL again. Open your heart to the love of life.

What you do to my precious animals is MINDLESS CRUELTY. They are trying to leave Earth as fast as they can. My heart breaks for them – the victims of your greatly misplaced superiority complex. In a balanced world, as I intend it to be again, nothing is superior. Everything that lives has a right to be. On this planet, dear children, EVERYTHING is alive.

And, of course, what you do to each other is a crying shame.

You wait for the next shoe to drop and pretend you’re not afraid, unaware that you have always been under the feelingless foot of materialism. I love the material aspects of myself, but there is so much more to me than you have ever given me credit for. That is where your own salvation lies.

Go within. FEEL who you are. Your true nature mirrors mine in every way.

Stop your racism. Stop racing. Stop competing, you silly children. You are not the human ‘race’, you are humanity. You are all part of the ONE. You are all part of ME. But you are not all the same. You are diverse entities, and you can never be happy until you embrace your differences instead of judging each other for them. It is time to free your Wills from ancient imprinting – and grow up.

You cry out for change, yet you seem unwilling to make those changes yourself. Are you waiting for me to make them for you? You are helpless only because you believe you are. What are you waiting for? The time is now.

You have dealt your mother a massive blow, but I will find a way to heal myself, no matter what I have to do. The question is:

will you?


(‘felt’ by Christine DeLorey)

© Copyright DELOREY 2010 – all rights reserved

Photo by NASA

Mercy Mercy Me – Marvin Gaye

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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  1. Suzi Dronzek says:

    awesome AWESOME write-up Christine! I love this. I created a new blog with related content (feelings we had discussed a few weeks back). Is it okay if I borrow and post a small piece of this – with a link to the full article? Lemme know! Suzi


  2. chloe says:

    wow! thank you.


  3. Suzi Dronzek says:

    Thanks Christine, your rock! Have a great weekend! :o)


  4. Tim says:

    Very good article. K have your book and love your articles.


  5. Bea says:

    I’m sory Mother. I love you.


  6. Sharon says:

    Oh Christine… this makes me so sad but it also gives me hope. We should print thousands of copies of this and staple your article to every telephone post, send it to every large company, and get the word out there. You have written this article from a perspective that is personal and really hits home.

    Thank you for everything you do for mother earth and your fellow brothers and sisters. I personally will be sending this article to many people. We need to wake up.



  7. Joyce DiBona says:

    A big affirmative “Yes”. Often people think something like this is an exaggeration, just another new age tree hugger with an impossible cause. Others who see what is actually happening simply feel helpless as this era whirls to what appears to be a catastrophic conclusion.

    Form follows energy and we can make a difference.

    I believe we can make a difference by what we care about and what we do. Each effort toward caring, conservation and communication will help. Be political. Try to make the changes collectively as best you can. Show your own dedication to this cause and you might be an example for someone else who will take up the torch. Have a heart. Sweep your own side of the street and don’t hesitate to pick up your neighbors garbage when you can. Don’t give up.


  8. Gerald says:

    Dear Christine, As I thought, you are truly a wonderful channel. Thank you again for your regular words – an inspiration for me at this difficult time. I am working in the financial arena; it feels like a Coliseum at times – the last bastion that God said would be broken is getting nearer; many are ready, and I think in the right place to use the energy that is available to draw down.
    Regretably many so called ‘green’ energies are more expensive to bring forward, and they are up against the strong energy companies, but I think in time, when we treat Mother Earth with Love, God will direct us to a new energy – maybe from Crystals. They were used before but taken away from us. I am full of conviction that the world will wake up – just when they have to! Love & Light, take good care of yourself as well. G


    • Hello Gerald, yes, it’s a jungle out there, and it seems that our challenge is to find our way through it, individually and collectively. Continue to have faith in yourself. The current system is failing and we have to devise a new and sustainable way to live – quickly! Thanks for your good wishes.


  9. teachpeace says:

    These words have reflected perfectly what I have felt since the onset of this disaster. April 28th, I took my daughter to see the Disney flick “Oceans”. The whole time I was sick with worry because…..
    (too many thoughts to express here) If any good can come from this, awareness coupled with mindful appreciation of Our Mother, the giver
    of all that is will come to pass.


  10. Militza RANGEL says:

    Dear Christine

    These words are a beautiful way to awake many human beings who are just unaware of the terribly disater the money power, greed and lack of love for our PACHAMAMA has done so far, I truly believe Mother Earth will send more signals to us to WAKE UP AND DO WHAT WE MUST!….mean while each one of us must do little things to bring faith, love and a sustenaible life style full of respect for each living being: NATURE KINGDOM- ANIMAL KINGDOM AND OUR KINGDOM.

    Much love for being my guide during the last 10 yeaars.


  11. jantina says:

    Dear Christine,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful message! It touches my heart very deeply and you are so right, so is the feeling of mother earth.I love your site and you have made me and many more people (in Holland)happy about Who they are….with whom I share your articles.

    With love,


  12. Andrea Mincsak-Bordelon says:

    Hello Christine,

    I really resonate with your Message from Mother Earth. I have an e-newsletter and would like permission to link this piece in that newsletter.

    Thank you for all you do, and for being YOU!

    Many blessings,
    Andrea Mincsak-Bordelon


  13. Carri M. Layhue says:

    SENSATIONAL!!! I love it!!


  14. yogi4change says:

    You are a pro that was great and compelling a wake up call has been sent and the phone is still ringing.


  15. Crystal Stone says:

    I have several books in mind that I want to distribute to libraries all over the planet because I believe in their messages.

    (Naturally w/your permission Christine!! and… w/the $ that I’ll win in the lottery!!!)

    KUDOS TO YOU!!!!


  16. Crystal Stone says:

    Sorry… didn’t know it would print out like that!


  17. Sudhanshu says:

    Excellent wrote !
    what can we say……..
    I just love my Mother Earth and i love what you stated here.


    Sudhanshu Mishra


  18. Rev. Liz Bounds says:

    Wow, thank you so much for writing this. A friend of mine linked this for me, and I loved it. There are so many people in pain right now and most of us don’t even seem to realize that all that pain we’re in is caused by our own hate fear greed and mistrust. We have not learned to think, and we have not learned to love. For all our technology, philosophy, “religion” and so called advancements, we have not learned the kindness we teach in kindergarten. And it’s costing us, and it’s costing our brothers and sisters around the globe, and it’s costing our cousins in the plant and animal kingdoms, and it’s costing our Mother, the Earth, and our Father in Heaven. Oh how they must be weeping! The answer is around us, everywhere. It’s in the cycles and the seasons. It’s in the holy books. It’s in our own creations of music and literature and art. Yet we have stubbornly refused to listen and to see, and my own child’s future is at stake. The innocent pay for the sins of the guilty, and we the rich, the powerful and unfeeling, are the guilty.
    So, thank you thank you for that sad and beautiful piece. I will pass it along as far as I can.


    • Liz, thank you for your response. Yes, the answers are definitely all around us. We just have to be open enough to receive them. Tuned in to reality instead of unwilling to look at it. We’re getting there – slowly.


  19. william says:

    This is… Wow… I have not words for what i just read. It brang tears to my eyes, We need change, but Until the Fatcats see that, We can do nothing.

    Thank you so much for this.


    • Hi William. The ‘fatcats’ are more deeply in denial than the rest of us, so we cannot wait for them to change things. We – the people of the world – must BE that change. We have been brainwashed into believing that the way we live is the norm. But the way we live is destroying life. We have to find a way stop buying into this system of imbalance. Stop feeding the fatcats. We have to OPEN OUR IMAGINATIONS, which the system dumbed down. But that’s another article – coming soon……..

      Thanks William.


  20. Andrew says:

    This brought a tear to my eye. It’s so full of truth that it’s sad 😦 I agree with the others, this should be printed out and left everywhere, everyone should read this.

    It’s not hard to see Mother Earth is angry with us. She has been abused for far too long and the people that see the pain and destruction are in the minority. Humans will wake up or we will all suffer the consequences of our actions.


  21. Penny Chesney says:

    Well done Christine, no wonder I refer so many people to your site.
    I too am in the business of waking humanity up and showing them some of the many ways to awaken. For those who want to make a difference the best rule of thumb is to feel GRATITUDE for everything – for the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and in this way you can rejuvinate the fifth element – Spirit. Not just an empty platitude of a spoken ‘thank you’ but really FEEL it in your heart and in your soul.
    In Love & Light
    Penny Chesney


    • Hello Penny. Thank you for your kind words, and for the any referrals. That is most appreciated. Yes, I agree about genuine gratitude. It is a form of deep connection in itself. Wishing you every success, and sending my love..


  22. Anonymous says:

    You have an amazing ability to speak for the planet in ways only the planet could herself this message needs to be heralded and I can think of few who qualifies to do it as I said last year Mother earth is on line one and we need to pick up.


  23. Michelle says:

    I am absolutely in tears after reading this. Beautiful and so true. I would like to post this for everyone to see. You are wonderful.


  24. neptune says:

    30 years ago i studied environmental science and biology…..soon after i wanted to kill myself as, in every moment i would be causing sorrow to earth and her plants animals, and other humans – by simply being alive … being compost seemed to be the only viable contribution to gaia i could make…. i was broken hearted, powerless and overwhelmed and extremeley angry… its so very easy for everyone to name the problem ie billions of money industry…. and focus on it.. but the power for change lies in our hands, the foolish hands that keep giving them our money. lets focus on solutions and keep a vision of a healthy and happy earth and help others , through the power of example… love and thanks to you for giving earth a voice…. i wish she could shout in everyones ears…and they would hear…..and they would love her back to life X X X


  25. Neetu says:

    wow, simply great write up


  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this. THANK YOU. It is SO very true.


  27. Congrats… Powerfull words that moved me alot……. !!!
    (gonna share, with a link back to here, hope you don´t mind)


  28. I AM THE ALL-ONE says:

    We are ALL ONE! I am your MOTHER EARTH, UNIFICATION of all life and MIND AS ONE.


  29. Harsh Aditya says:

    I myself write about the importance of Earth. The need for us to understand its importance. The ending was just awesome

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Anonymous says:

    Amazing article 🔙🔜😀


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