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8 is the number of POWER. It teaches us that power, in any form, cannot be maintained without BALANCE, and that balance cannot hold without accurate understanding. 8 is associated with money, business, competition, and the incorporation of anything that is useful to it. It is widely believed that those are the principle means of gaining personal power in the world, and the belief that ‘money is power’ sprang from this rather shortsighted point of view.

Yes, 8 is the number of power on the material plane but, in the context of true balance and accurate understanding, it is more precise to say that knowledge is power. But when knowledge is manipulated in order to gain power, true balance and understanding are lost. The real purpose of 8 is not to exploit the material plane, but to keep the material plane alive!

8 is the symbol of infinity. The constant flow of energy. Perpetual motion. The continuance of life. Our lack of understanding has thrown life on Earth, and the planet itself, so far out of balance that the continuance of life as we know it is seriously threatened.

We are experiencing the rebalancing of power in all worldly matters, including the money-driven corruption in politics, science, business and media. While greed fights on for what it believes is its right to take everything, we can expect a rough ride for some time to come. But what so few seem to notice, or remember, is that there is nothing as unstoppable and immeasurable as the power of Mother Nature. We ignore her at our peril.

Without an understanding of the vital role that balance plays in holding the world ‘together’, the 8 influence translates as greed and ignorance. By its nature, greed ignores any reality that does not feed its hunger for “more”! Greed must also convince others to deny reality so that it’s power-seeking mission can continue unobstructed. Greed must control, manipulate the truth, and capitalize on anything that suits its purpose, even if it stands to destroy other aspects of life.

Power-hungry people distort the truth by making it appear that they have more power than they actually have, using the natural emotion of fear as a weapon with which to overpower. Underdeveloped 8 energy is the energy of bullies who deny their enormous insecurity by projecting their fears onto others. Genuinely powerful people rarely have to assert themselves in an intimidating way. We must remember that the consequence of power depends largely on whose hands it is in.

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it,
ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

Winston Churchill

Denial of reality has been the main cause of the great imbalance we are now waking up to on Earth, environmentally, economically, politically, and in almost every other way. However, (combined with the 2 energy of the 2000s which signifies balance through connection, cooperation and diplomacy) the 8 energy can help us to end our own denials which will, hopefully, produce an evolutionary movement away from the edge of self-destruction, onto safer ground.

The imbalance is being perpetuated by those who stand to lose what they’ve got should the playing fields of life be more even, and by those who are still mistaking their denials for reality. They even deny the existence of evolution. Of course, there is imbalance on the other side of the creation/evolution argument, too. Those who believe that everything stems from evolution are denying the fact that everything on Earth, even an atmosphere, is created – and it evolves. A more balanced look at this shows us that life is an evolving creation.

We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.”
Eric Hoffer

It is important to understand what denial is because it exists in all of us whether we deny it or not. Denial’s mission is to capture truth and prevent it from reaching consciousness. Although truth can remain hidden for what seems like an eternity, truth cannot be totally destroyed. The mission of denied truth is to seek conscious acceptance. Its magnetism draws attention to situations which, when enough dots are connected, sheds light on the denial until we ‘sense’ that there must be more to the situation than meets the eye or ear. Truth then reaches consciousness in a roundabout way – through ‘gut’ feelings. Now, truth is breaking out all over the place, only to be denied again and again by those whose purpose is served by keeping the truth locked away, and by those who are too afraid to face and feel what the truth may reveal.

The 8 energy has the firm INTENT to be fully aware. It thrives on truth, and much of that energy is making its way into the hearts and minds of individuals all over the world, with the understanding that everyone is evolving differently, in their own way and at their own pace.

Wherever there is a “war” for the hearts and minds of people, you can be sure it is an attempt to control those hearts and minds with an agenda-driven concentration of misinformation. That tactic has not worked because the more you try to control people, the more tolerance they develop for their own feelings, and the more able they become to feel and sense the truth – even if those feelings take generations to finally express themselves.

Reexamine all you have been told,
Dismiss what insults your soul.”

Walt Witman

The 2 energy is teaching us how much more can be achieved when empowered individuals join together for a common cause. In the 2000s, truth is finding its way into consciousness through 2’s intuitive and sensitive passageways. We are growing more adept at feeling and sensing the truth, rather than depending on others for information.

Denial does one thing only. It denies. It even denies that it is denial, and that it is denying. We can see this quite plainly in many people who hold powerful positions.

It is often said that the ‘media’ has a left or right wing bias, but the real imbalance in the media is created by greed for money and power. These money-making and power-seeking organizations will ignore any reality that does not suit their goals, or the goals of those who pay them (their advertisers/sponsors), and their views swing in whichever direction best suits them at the time. Instead of being the carriers of truth, they select and manipulate the truth which, of course, is another form of denial. Not reporting something can be as manipulative as reporting something incorrectly, or over-reporting. Some things are reported but relevant details are omitted which makes all the difference to one’s understanding of the truth. By reporting one thing while something else goes unreported, the media provides distraction. The practice of repeating stories over and over again is a form of mind control. When a person hears something often enough, it can be taken in by the mind as fact. And, ironically, as they continue to mislead, the media insists that it is being, open, fair, balanced, honest and accurate.

One of the most positive things we can do for ourselves, no matter where in the world we live, is to turn off the TV and give our tired receptive centers a complete break from the non-stop rush of information, misinformation and mindless entertainment that is designed to manipulate our fears and dumb us down. The ‘mainstream news’ is no longer the true media. In many cases, it is a circus, run by clowns. The real media – those whose intent is to report accurate information to the populace – are springing up elsewhere and, for as long as that is their intent, they’ll have the power of 8 on their side. Truth is the only thing that can lead us out of our present circumstances.

When an old culture is dying, the new is created
by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.”
Rudolf Bahro

Denial has taken such a hold on Earth that we have had to bring ourselves to the edge of extinction in order to realize how ignorant and misinformed we have been about so many things. 8 is the most powerful energy we have when it comes to discovering the truth and taking appropriate action. The overall understanding of humanity is increasing now. A massive shift in consciousness is occurring, visibly and measurably, one individual at a time. This is personal – and if you’re not denying, you can certainly FEEL the winds of change howling through the world right now. But this time, change really does mean change – a completely new way of life that is almost impossible for people to imagine at this stage – a way of life that enables us to evolve out of denial, to face reality no matter how dreadful it happens to be, and find ways to reclaim our Free Will.

Power seeking people gain power by overpowering others. They have learned that this is easily done by controlling our emotions, especially the emotion of fear. That is why 8 is often called the number of the bully. When people are emotionally confused, they do not know what to think, and then look to others to inform them. By keeping people afraid, you can mold them like putty.

The 2 energy of the 2000s is helping us to gain awareness of our emotional power – our sensitivity to reality – so that we can decide everything for ourselves, including what is true and what is not. Many of us experience this as ‘gut feelings’ or instinct, but what we have to learn now is to combine that power with the power of our minds. This means that our minds must begin the often difficult process of accepting our feelings, no matter what form they take. Our feminine energy (emotion) is every bit as sacred as our masculine Spirit, but acceptance of this does appear to be where Spirit has encountered its own limits. This is changing now, slowly, but surely. If we don’t like the way a feeling feels, we must find out what caused it, and deal with that instead of denying the feeling.

Denial comes in many guises including a belief that we should focus only on the positive and ignore what is labeled ‘negative’, or anything that doesn’t feel ‘nice’. But, surely, to be truly positive is to be truly aware. Therefore, the focus needs to be on reality, not just those parts of reality which don’t threaten or disturb our so-called ‘peacefulness’. It is amazing how many people are in shock at what is happening in the world, as if it just started yesterday. We must be careful not to use positive thinking as a form of denial. Reality has always been plain to see, but we wouldn’t look at it. We need to start looking at things as they really are, and make a conscious effort to notice what we previously ignored.

Our complex global economy is built upon millions of small,
private acts of psychological surrender, the willingness of people
to acquiesce in playing their assigned parts as cogs in the great

social machine that encompasses all other machines.
The capacity for self-enslavement must be broken.”
Theodore Roszak, The Voice Of The Earth

8 is the number of SATISFACTION – knowing when enough is enough. But when 8 is abused and misunderstood, greed takes control, and greed is the opposite of satisfaction. It can never get enough – even when it appears to have it all – because it is SO afraid of losing what it already has! It needs to control everything, including people’s personal lives, thoughts, feelings and needs! It tells us that we must do what it says or some terrible fate will befall us. It tells us we cannot expect privacy. It tells us that, in such a dangerous world, we have no rights at all. To have no rights is to be enslaved. In an atmosphere of greed, human rights violations are seen as something the ‘markets’ will sort out. But, the markets are the system. The system is greed. And, as far as greed is concerned, if such violations produce more money and power, then that should be the way of the world!

If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people.”
Tony Benn

Denial is starting to bend under the weight of truth. and the lost power of the oppressed is very slowly rising through the genuine desire for real and meaningful change. It would take a lot for me to have faith in any politician, but I must say that Barack Obama is the only one I have ever heard talking about “maintaining the balance”, which seems to be the true evolved role of government. If government were to evolve into a balanced body of intelligence and compassion which exists solely to maintain the balance points of life so that all people, in our great diversity, can live freely, without the fear of being overpowered by others, then the role of government would be an awesome one indeed! The power involved is almost unimaginable because we have never been able to imagine government as using its power for the good of all, not just the few.

8 may well be the number of power on the material plane, but when our practices stand to destroy the material plane itself, the 8 energy produces reflections of ourselves and what we are doing, and we can see that we will destroy ourselves if we do not make the right changes. There are many out there who would rather die than face their own denials, and some of them do have the appearance of having more power than everyone else. That is an illusion, of course, because self destruction is the absence of power.

8 offers correct understanding of the role BALANCE plays in holding physical life together. Our day to day lives have become increasingly dramatic, traumatic and emotional, for everyone, not just the most vulnerable. It is important to recognize just how widespread this reflection is, because it is showing us where we all are, where humanity is in our evolutionary journey. We are at the extremes of life.

The environmental condition of earth is a huge reflection of just how dumbed down we became, and how those we looked to for information have covered up the truth. They are still doing so. In terms of balance, how can any intelligent being suggest that now that the polar ice caps are melting, we should drill for oil in the two most important and sensitive balance points on the planet. The North and South Poles are Earth’s electro-magnetic connection. Greed wants to drill into them in its relentless and mindless search for more oil while, clearly, alternative sources of energy which do not threaten Earth can be developed. If the poles collapse, as their ice caps are currently doing, there is every likelihood that the very axis of Earth will collapse along with it. The poles are what enable a planet to be a planet and not just a collection of rocks and dust.

In her effort to survive, Mother Earth is begging us to stop what we’re doing to her, not because she will die, but because WE will. She is our first and foremost connection to the material realms of life. She is the physical manifestation of mother energy. She will survive because survival is the very nature of the feminine. We inherit our survival instinct from her. But the fact that the majority of people are still denying these survival warnings is a startling reflection of just how denied feminine energy has been in general. Survival is the most basic instinct we have. Yes, 8 is the number of power, and Mother Nature will continue to remind us, brutally if necessary, with what we still like to call ‘natural’ disasters, until we reach the necessary understanding, that SHE wields the greatest power of all on the material plane.

Strong feelings are bound to arise as the journey continues. Let them. Take full responsibility for them. There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing your feelings. As we continue to evolve emotionally, many of us will become much stronger for the experience. But many others will not understand what’s happening and we are likely to see people’s suppressed emotion’s exploding out of them in dangerous ways. A reflection of this comes in the form of the terrorist, disgruntled employee, rejected lover, or the crazed teenager, whose pain, anger, and hatred have been held down for so long that it has to burst out in any way it can in order to express itself. It is important to understand that it is up to each of us to find ways to express our feelings safely, and preferably privately, until a deeper understanding of the emotional healing process is reached. There is a lot of information on the website, and in my book LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom and Happiness which, in Part Three, discusses in more detail the emotional healing process and its undeniable connection to Free Will.

When 8 energy is exaggerated or manipulated, it’s natural desire for correct understanding and balance gets crushed by greed – the urge to attain and amass. Concentrated 8 energy often results in inaccurate assessments and wrong diagnoses, misunderstandings, underhandedness, falsifying the truth, the manipulation of rules, winning at any cost, ruthlessness, bullying and, of course, denial, denial, denial.

Another thing to remember is that panic is the denial of what fear has to teach. Panic is a dreadful experience in which you cannot see any way out of a situation. You believe that no alternative exists. It is the feeling of being trapped and simultaneously judged against. It is usually you doing the judging but there is no way to realize that while the feeling of fear is so concentrated and indescribably intense, and while your denial is pushing its message away. You feel like you’re going to die. And yet the moment you realize that a panic attack is what you’re having, it subsides – immediately. At that point, you need to realize that you are NOT stuck in fear. On the contrary, you just let fear pass through you and out of you – and you are so much stronger as a result. If you are able to relate to this material, you are at a stage of emotional, intellectual and physical evolvement which will enable you to develop the antidote to paralyzing fear – genuine COURAGE.

We must help the process along by lifting ourselves out of our own denials, no matter how unfamiliar the concept feels, no matter how strange it sounds, and no matter how much emotion we have to let ourselves feel in the process. While it is true to say that denial of reality caused most of this imbalance, it is also true that emotion is the reality that was most heavily denied. For instance, people see some awful thing happening in the world and they ask, ‘where is the outrage? Doesn’t anybody care?’ But then, when people do get angry, they are told that anger is ‘bad’ and that we must ‘control’ this natural emotion. Consequently, nothing gets changed. How can there be outrage if rage is not allowed out?

There is nothing wrong with anger provided it is allowed to express itself. That is why loving intent is so necessary – but we must also be aware of when we are denying our true feelings in favor of the appearance of loving intent. We need a more accurate understanding of the positive power and purpose of emotion, as well as HOW to express emotion so that healing, not harm, occurs.

What makes its so hard for people to embrace their own feelings is that, in the course of a lifetime, or many lifetimes, denial has created an enormous buildup of emotional energy which must also be released from the body so that balance between our masculine and feminine can be achieved within the body. These feelings are OLD feelings. But, no matter how old and bitter they happen to be, they need acceptance in order to heal. This form of healing is going to be a massive task – impossible for some. Nonetheless, we all embarked upon that leg of the human journey in which emotional healing must take place when the numbers changed from 1999 to 2000. We must now learn how the energetic imbalance in individuals is directly connected to the planet. There are so many experiences that we have not yet had, individually and collectively, which will help us to gain deeper understanding and, perhaps, bring a sense of excitement and adventure back into our lives, and break those chains of rigid conformity that have placed such awful restrictions on our natural creativity.

The quest for certainty blocks the search
for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition
which impels people to unfold their powers.”
Eric Fromm

8 energy helps us to see through the illusions that we mistook for life, and to look at reality head-on. The more we see things as they really are, the more emotional our lives become, the more intelligence we gain, and the more determined we are to be honest with ourselves and each other about our problems, our blessings, and our potential to change the habits and patterns of generations.

We appear to be involved in a very slow process. But in the context of time/space, rather than the linear time we are accustomed to on Earth, these changes are occurring more rapidly than we realize. Linear time denotes the amount of time it takes for an effect to occur, step by step, once a cause has been triggered, as opposed to the ‘instant’ result we could achieve if we were not so densely clogged up with unexpressed emotion and therefore lacking in understanding of how to change things. The rapid pace of life being experienced now is an illusion. We are actually evolving in slow motion.

One day it will have to be officially admitted,
that what we have christened reality is an even,
greater illusion than the world of dreams.”
Salvador Dali.

8 tells us to look at what we’ve got and appreciate it. To appreciate means to understand the value or magnitude of something. And what we’ve got is this monotonous cradle-to-the-grave-cookie-cutter existence which cannot possibly be what life is all about. We haven’t even begun to recognize our own powers as human beings, let alone tap into them. We have been asleep to our own personal power because we’ve been so tied up in this feelingless system in which we give our power to others for the sake of what we are told is our own security. Compared with what we could be if we were more able to think and act for ourselves, we are only half present in our own lives. We use such a small part of our physical, emotional and mental capabilities, that we have not learned to test our limits, striving occasionally to think ‘outside the box’, only to find more boxes on the other side. We have all kinds of powers and can sometimes imagine them in detail. But we fail to use them because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot.

The 8 energy has a love of high quality. It tells us that we can – and must – evolve into higher versions of ourselves if we are to survive the changes, build a balanced new reality that is based on Love, and then thrive in it. It must also be remembered that 8 is just one number – one form of energy that really does need the unique powers, vibrations and qualities of all the other numbers. Only together do they add up to balance.


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45 Responses to THE POWER OF 8

  1. Karen Taylor says:

    Superb article. Christine always has an eloquent, highly logical and easily digestable way of presenting numerological information. It not only so accurate relates to the times we are living in, but serves to buoy the spirit to greater insight and achievment. I so appreciate her unique take on the times we are in via numerolgoy.


  2. jc says:

    I am so grateful to have found Christine.
    Her wisdom is a gift to us, and a guide to sanity.
    Christine- thank you for helping us to understand what is happening and to evolve and grow in this time of change.


  3. duskydi says:

    Thank you so much for this information. The number 8 has so much to say for being a number 8. I loved this post and how you pieced it all together.

    It’s 8 all the way then I quess. Are we allowed to post this on our own blogs

    Eights & Smiles


  4. Catherine says:

    With all the current worldwide and individual turmoil going on, how refreshing it is to read your article! I have stopped listening to the news a long time ago, although I admit to sometimes take a peak, and it is when I feel the Fear, that I come find peace of mind on your web site. Thank you for saying things the way they ought to be said. And thank you for a better understanding of numbers.


  5. vinay says:



  6. rajendra kaku says:

    Amazing article. Very Crisply elucidated the infinte energy of 8. How do you read a person born on 17-08-1961.


  7. mrserious says:

    obama is a freemason, the largest source of greed in our galaxy… need I say more.

    You preach so much truth yet you contradict yourself.

    I appologies if you now know.


    • Hi mrserious, the rumor that Barack Obama is a freemason started with a viral e-mail after he gave a speech in a building that was once owned by the freemasons. But there is no evidence whatsoever – anywhere – to suggest he is a member of that group. So I have to ask you, where did you get the information? What are the facts?

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    • Craig says:

      In the GALAXY?

      Wow. The entire GALAXY?

      I did not know that…


  8. Barb says:

    thankyou very much for the information – what you write is busy coming true


  9. JOHN FARRELL says:



  10. Monica says:

    Actually… China had the Olympics open on 8/8/08 because 8 is the universally lucky number in Chinese culture. And not because it looks like an infinity sign… in fact, it’s written like this: 八

    Chinese culture likes to use a lot of homonym or homonym-like symbolism with our traditional superstitions. For example we eat fish on New Year’s because it’s pronouced “yu”, which sounds like the word for “happiness”, and therefore if you eat it every year, “every year you’ll have ‘yu'” i.e. “every year you’ll have happiness”.

    The number 8 is pronounced “ba”, which rhymes with “fa”, as in “fa chai”, which means grow prosperous. It’s pretty standard “greeting card” wish, like our version of “live long and prosper.” Conversely, our unluckiest number is 4, because it’s pronounced “si”, which is one tone off from our word for “death”.

    And I’m not just talking about mainland China. 8 is the uber-lucky number for any sino culture, such as Hong Kong (they take it even more seriously over there), Taiwan, and Singapore.


  11. Lin says:

    I couldn’t open this article for a year, and today I got on it through a proxy site – I just realised that it has been blocked in China! They only screen negative words about China, but do not read the whole article – what a shame!


  12. zart says:

    thanks christine..your explaination are related to me this year..i very love it..thanks..


  13. Team Roster says:

    Best you should edit the post subject title THE POWER OF 8 Creative Numerology to more catching for your subject you make. I loved the the writing however.


  14. pandeyanilkumar says:

    superb article. very nicely written. I got ineterested in this artcicle because my event number for 2011, 2012 and 2013 is 8. I understood the concept and energy of 8. I am grateful for this information. I will use it. Thank yoy very much.


  15. Ivan Filipp says:

    Number 8 is my most favorite number. My final life pinnacle has this number. 8 means real power,
    on physical and mental level, 8 means leading and responsibility, whenever I want to win some battle I use this number cos 8 is also courage endowed with primal wisdom. To live by this number means to be example of how strong will and determination will end with the win at the end. I am strong one and I use it this number regularly.


  16. Shravaka says:

    Having a Birth date of 8-8-1954 (which=8), I have come to know much about this number over the years. But Christine, you really need to be Honored and Recognized for such a wonderful expansive understanding of these energetics, and how they are unfolding globally. Thank you!

    What resonates so deeply is your emphasis towards “denial” and “fear”. Anyone who has taken the time to investigate these dynamics introspectively, and honor the work to heal and transcend this conditioning, will attest to its fundamental importance. As a member of the collective conditioned masculine in our society, these issues become overtly magnified especially when the topics of “feelings” and “emotions” are addressed. Yet there is a knowingness that this process is demonstrative of the “balance” you speak of… Thank God we have the Sacred Feminine, like yourself and others, to help us better understand and show us the way.

    Also, your insights on Obama resonate as well… I have come to know that when people criticize, judge, or diminish anyone for that matter, what in Truth they are sharing is the type of relationship they have with self. Self hatred, once understood and healed by forgiving ones self, results in deep humility and profound Peace. And then we can reside in a space of allowing and surrender.

    One point you might be able to help expand upon and clarify… In refining a discernment process, it seems that there may be an important clarification that needs to made between “power” and “Strength”. Power being associated with egoist attachments and agendas, whereas Strength is related to the qualities of our Higher Self and not as overt. Does this resonate? Can you share your thoughts?

    In Gratitude for you presence and teachings… ❤


  17. Michele says:

    Wow I just read this and I was truly blown away by the so many truths you pointed out! This really dug deep into my spirit because I could personally relate to so much of what I read. It was a reality check for me and I am truly inspired and moved. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this information. God bless!


  18. Harold says:

    Power of eight just popped up in my mind just now… this message of yours needs more audience. It still holds true today. All the best.


  19. Kin says:

    Hello Christine, For year i have been seeing the changes happening in our day to day nations politics and all i have discovered was brain washing. Your Post about the power of 8 is so great and eye catching. Just keep on posting.


  20. julie says:

    Hi christine hun, sort of dont really understand but would like to know more about this 8 thing- e.g how do i use this number within my own life?


  21. true tim says:

    i Can fil it paulsateing through vains it is power thanks alot c.d

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  22. I’m so grateful to hear that we will evolve emotionally. After last year I was questioning this for myself. I was in an 8 year last year with a lot of stuff that came to the surface. Christine your posts always help me so much to navigate my life with a greater sense of ease knowing more where I stand as an individual and also globally. This always brings me comfort when I read your posts. It’s like I know better what to expect, what energy is at the forefront. I’m also always so happy to share your posts with others in hope of enlightening them to the work you do. Blessings!!


    • Hi Suzanne! We are all having to face the past at this point in our evolving journey. Your 8 year was one of empowerment even if it did not always feel that way. All that old ‘stuff’ that surfaced was part of this empowering healing journey. We cannot move forward until we allow the old emotional build-up to express itself and leave the body. And your 9 year is going to facilitate this healing movement even further. Understanding the process will bring a lot of optimism and inspiration into your life. We move forward by letting go of the past. You are right on schedule, Suzanne!!!


  23. Dewen Somayim says:

    I have a much brighter contact with this 8 year now Christine, your article casts wonderful light on the nature of power and power of nature enfolding our planet. Thank you!!!


  24. Rashmi Rambaksh says:

    Really superb. I could feel the power, the power of 8 while reading it.

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  25. TheWayTheTruthTheLife says:

    Ms. DeLorey,

    First I would like to thank you for such an insightful article on the Power of 8 and matters concerning power, denial, truth, and Love. One of the matters I have learned in my studies and pursuit of the truth is a quote, “Mind what people do, not only what they say, because actions will betray a lie.”

    With this in mind, I have a point of contention in the article concerning our current President. It is my sense and feeling, through study of history of other powerful men in the course of time, that despite what is being said to us, that his use of Power is one that should not be wholly trusted and one that seems to be of the very nature that you warn about in your article. If this is to be about the Power of 8 and truth and avoiding denial, then let’s talk about the Truth concerning this man. This man in his Power has started to rule through a tyrannical use of the Pen via Executive Order, ignoring balance altogether and the constitution, to institute his will on the people. Furthermore, he and his family have taking to living an extravagant lifestyle taking numerous vacations to exotic locales through out this country and other countries, abusing the power of his office I feel or ignoring the reality of economic turmoil that many other citizens feel they are under right now at the expense of the taxpayer. Last, is that there are currently exercises that have taking place, and are planned to take place, in US Cities by the military to practice for Civil Unrest, with the question being, why is there a cause for US Military to practice for civil unrest, unless Civil Unrest is to be expected?

    If in the article as you state before even mentioning Obama , about having difficultly placing faith in any politician, you would be wise to follow that faith and feeling, and as you stated, that Obama is the only “politician you’ve heard talking about maintaining balance.” Yet, if the annuals of history, is he the only politician you’ve heard talk or present himself to people as one thing, only to be something else behind the scenes? In this power of 8 and looking at the powers that be around the world, there is a Power play on the other hand as well were it seems people are behind the scenes trying to place themselves in a Power Grab situation to assume more control and power the world over.

    The other point of contention lies in the melting of Polar Caps being the solely caused by humans. As stated later in the article about the linear time we are accustomed to Earth. Everything is interconnected in the Web of Existence as stated in time/space, and to look at the linear version of events of humans on Earth, is to ignore the process that are taking place with in Mother Earth herself. As predicted by Edgar Cayce, the magnetic Poles have actually started to shift and data of this has been collected by scientists and the truth of this is in videos on Youtube. The Inuit people of the North have come out and stated that the Sky has changed, the positions of the Sun Rising and the Moon and the Stars are now different, that the Earth has wobbled on its Axis which will cause a change in how the Sun hits the Earth, in addition to the shifting of the poles. Then you have the Sun itself the source of the heat of the planet that goes through its cycles and years of change. Then of course, yes there are humans and what has been done by us as well in the larger scheme of things as well. Look at whole picture, at everything, not just one cause and effect in a linear line, but a scattered cause of and of effect of a whole dynamic system at play. The truth of course is that our Mother Earth is going through the process of change as well in the Power of 8.

    Last, the Faith we are looking for should not be in Politicians, as you stated, but later in the article, and this in ourselves once more and have the courage to become our own spiritual leaders. You are one of these people I know from the words you have written that ring true and as you said also that Balance is required and is taking hold on this planet. I feel that you are one of these people of Balance in how you speak and what you say, to balance out what could be a Power Play by those in Powerful Positions.

    I am 08/28/80, coming into my own Power in this Personal Year of 8 and World year of 8 turning 35/8 and finally have the Courage to stop denying who I am, and start being who I am and to Live the Way of Love, by Living the Truth, so that all my have The Life. The Way. The Truth. The Life.


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  29. Shaku Selvakumar says:

    Thank you so much, Christine, for the clarity and wisdom which is always present in your writings. This resonated on so many levels. I was also reminded that 2016 carried the vibration of 16 which maps to the Tower in the Tarot. We were struck by lightning. 2017 carries the vibration of the power of 8 as well as the 17 of the the Star which brings the qualities of the divine feminine energy to the forefront. Courage, intuition, compassion intertwined with grounded action and service.


  30. Jo Perren says:

    You are a gem. Thank you. The info about 8 is what I have been looking for. 8 is my last challenge.


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