MAY 4, 2016 – 9-9-9-14/5


This sequence also occurs on May 13, 22, and 31. See description for each date at end of this article…

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, is a 9 DAY (5+4=9), in a 9 WEEK (1+8=9), in a 9 YEAR (2+0+1+6=9).

This is a 9-9-9 day in the world, in a karmic 14/5 MONTH. (5+9=14/5).

14/5 can feel like a whirlwind as it draws our attention to the drastic changes going on in our own lives – and all over the world. Combined with the general instability of a Leap Year and the spiral effect of these multiple 9s moving in all directions at the same time, there is nothing clear or predictable about May 2016.


5 sits at the very center of the 9 numbers and acts as a pivot point. Things can go either way. 5 brings drastic and often unexpected change. 14/5 indicates the urgent need to find balance amid the chaos by increasing our awareness of what is happening to us, and all around us.

We reach this understanding by learning from past experience (what worked well for us, and what did not). We must recognize the patterns of history which have started to take shape again in the form of fascism and racial and sexual domination. We see these patterns in the rise of Donald Trump and other clusters of hate which operate in the guise of political movement. Once again, the very thing that makes us strong as a species – our diversity – is threatened by those who are terrified of change and will do anything to prevent it. They act tough, but emotional denial at this level is a dangerous thing.

The karmic wheel is full of unlearned lessons, and until we do learn what we need to know, round and round we go, generation after generation, until we finally accept the fact that “lessons continue until they are learned”. 5 teaches us to learn from experience, to learn as we go. This applies just as much to our own personal lives as it does to humanity at large.

9 brings significant change in which old beliefs, connections, and situations give way to the new. And as we move closer to the end of the 2nd decade of the 2000s, (the 10s), familiar aspects of life are being turned inside out and upside down. The 9 year is a time of endings and conclusions – a time when matters of the past – those unlearned lessons – move into the present so they can finally be dealt with and healed (forgiven) and allowed to move into their correct position – behind us.

5 represents CHOICE. And we are all faced with making choices that will change the direction of the human journey, either forward into a new era of peace, abundance, innovation, and advancement at every level (including Mother Nature which is under brutal attack) – or back to the same old global nightmare of greed, hate, ignorance, and never-ending war and suffering.

The masculine “I AM” era of the 1000s is evolving into the “WE ARE” era of the 2000s which is a BALANCE of both masculine and feminine; electricity and magnetism. 2 is the number of caring, connection, and acceptance of each other’s differences. 2 is the number of sensitivity and unconditional love, which is the only thing that can stabilize this dangerously imbalanced ‘man’s world’.

Note that the 9-9-9-14/5 sequence occurs three more times this month. May 13, 22, and 31. 

May 13 brings not only the 14/5 karmic energy but 13/4 also places a great emphasis on our personal sense of identity in relation to the work we do. 13 adds restriction to the equation, but also enables us to recognize our best means of breakthrough.

May 22 brings the master number 22 into play and highlights conditions affecting very large sections of the populace. 22 is the number of the Master Builder (or, in the wrong hands, the master destroyer). 22 has the ability to make things happen through joint effort and the art of persuasion.

The 22 vibration continues right up until May 31 which occurs in calendar week 22. Additionally, this is a day in which harshness or hypocrisy will backfire because it is almost impossible to hide one’s true motivation in this vibrational mix.

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