Week 31 runs from July 30 to August 5

“It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under…”  ~Grand Master Flash ~ “The Message” 1982.

In 2015’s 8 energy, (2+0+1+5=8), we are surrounded by signs, reflections, and symbols each with its own message. The ‘law of the jungle’ is a common expression which means ‘every man for himself’, ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘kill or be killed’ etc. It is also known as Frontier Justice, which as history attests, has nothing to do with justice but the absence of law and order, like the ‘wild west’ and the days of gun-fighting, lynching, and prejudiced judges. Of course, those days never went away. They are still with us – because we never learned what they had to teach.

It is impossible to judge the reality of anything if one’s mind is already made up, already closed to any further information. A closed mind cannot reason, or be reasoned with. The justice systems of the world are under intense scrutiny right now. And the eyes, hearts, and minds of the population have never been more open – causing us to FEEL more deeply and RELATE more realistically to our fellow human beings.

Feelings are the feminine energy – the WILL – that exists in all of us. The human will is rising rapidly as people begin to understand the absurdity of the class/industrial system. There is a different way to live, but it can never be realized until we, the people, everywhere, understand our own worth and value, which we are programmed to believe is measured in terms of money, celebrity, and lineage.

The law of the jungle means ‘anything goes’, no regulations at all, and the belief that the needs of one, (masculine 1), outweigh the needs of the many (selfishness). These are the laws of the class system – the laws of self-interest – and the survival instinct which is filled with terror. But now, in the feminine 2000s, we are recognizing all the different forms of terrorism that exist. A bully, for instance, is a frightened individual who must hurt others first to avoid being hurt, or take from others out of fear of lack. For as long as a bully can make someone else suffer, he or she won’t have to suffer themselves.

The 1000s ended 16 years ago when time’s numeric vibrations evolved into the 2000s. That’s when “I AM” started to evolve into “WE ARE”. It is in this violent transition, in which those in control will do anything to hold on to power, that balance will be achieved. Balance IS justice. Justice is balance. Balance is peace. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

And if you wonder why so many people were outraged (as was I) by the killing of the African Lion, Cecil, this week, while human beings were being gunned down, tortured, blown up, choked and burned to death, remember that the lion is considered the KING OF THE JUNGLE. In The Wizard of OZ, the ‘cowardly’ lion believed that he didn’t have a heart. And yet here is the lion, this week, in the form of Cecil, opening hearts all over the world and shedding light on all forms of CRUELTY. It starts with the animals – and the never ending attack on the natural world – feminine energy – MOTHER NATURE.

Also this week, the government of Nepal banned a 250-year-old tradition, known as the Gadhimai festival, which involved some of the most gruesome animal slaughter on Earth. I won’t go into the details here.

UnknownOne only has to look at the various countries and elite families in the world which display THE LION on their ‘coat of arms’ – to realize just how symbolic the lion is to the class system – a symbol of dominance and brute force – and how the cowardly act of ‘trophy hunting’ connects directly to what is happening to certain sections of humanity.


UnknownOn the first day of week 31, after being stopped for a missing front license plate, Sam Dubose was killed by a Cincinnati campus police officer for no reason whatsoever. The cop was caught in the act by his own body-cam. Those who argue that the key to not getting killed by the police is to ‘not run’ or simply ‘comply’ seem to be advocating slavery. When your very survival depends on obedience, you are enslaved. It is evident that the police, as they operate now, are not here to serve the people. They are here to serve the system – just as armies protect the banks and the banks fund the armies.

Sam DeBose was known among his peers as a kind and gentle man. He was a champion against CRUELTY in his own community. This was a large part of how he lived. He respected animals so much that he participated in an animal rescue team that saved abused and neglected dogs, including those used in the cruel act of dog-fighting. To transform this cruel and heartless world, cruelty in ANY form must be addressed and prevented where possible – and he was part of this essential movement.

The dentist who killed Cecil paid a lot of money for that ‘privilege.’ But this beautiful animal was lured to his death with food, so the killer was not even paying for the “thrill of the hunt” – but the desire to KILL vulnerable life.

taser5n-3-webAnd, back in April, there was the 73 year old retired insurance company owner in Oklahoma, who made donations of money, equipment, and other gifts to a police department for the ‘privilege’ of going out on patrol and ‘special operations’. He killed an unarmed black suspect, Eric Harris, who was already restrained, when he mistook his gun for his taser. “Oh, I shot him! I’m sorry”, he said. He has been charged with manslaughter. Again, paying for the privilege to go after vulnerable life.

“We are buried beneath the weight of information which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance, and wealth with happiness. We are monkeys with money and guns.” Tom Waits

8 is the number that helps us to repair ourselves before we reach the next number, which is 9, the number of endings and drama, emotions, and facing reality. 8 is the number of personal power, and what we’re experiencing now is the powering-up of the human WILL through the freeing of our held-in emotional energy.

Instead of denying the feelings reality is triggering in us, we are allowing ourselves to feel them at the heart level, fully and sustained, accept them as real and valid, and slow our minds down in order to better understand the details of what’s happening. The very nature of our evolution is to become more AWARE.

Week 31 represents:

(3) communication and appearances.

(1) new beginnings and the power of the individual.

(4) limitation, determination, dedication, hard work, details, organization, system, and breakthrough.

CLKMXBmXAAAqdHsAlso in Week 31, 13 Greenpeace activists suspended themselves from St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon, along with hundreds of other activist, on the ground, and in kayaks, in a courageous effort to prevent a Shell Oil vessel from returning to the arctic to begin drilling – AT EARTH’S NORTHERN MAGNETIC POLE. Shell is doing this at the same time that magnetism (feminine energy) is rising throughout humanity.

A magnetic pole is a point at either end of a magnetic field where the magnetic force is the most concentrated. With balance, stability, and connectivity so much a part of polar energy, the magnetic poles of Earth play an essential role in keeping the planet a planet.

When the activists succeeded in turning the ship around, it was considered quite a victory. They were then removed from the bridge by police. Greenpeace has shown tremendous courage since its inception in the late 1960s in the struggle to protect the natural world AND to evoke tight controls over nuclear weapons.

Courage is on the rise – because courage is a FEELING, not a concept. Courage is heart! So – take heart. We are all evolving. We are all developing courage.

This week, British Pop icon and TV personality, Cilla Black, died at age 72. One of her greatest hits was Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s “ANYONE WHO HAD A HEART, which was also a huge hit for Dionne Warwick, the cousin of Whitney Houston, whose daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was laid to rest this week.



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  1. thank you; heartfelt sobering piece

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  2. spirited13 says:

    Hi Christine….Wow….wonderfully said….I ‘feel’ what you are saying and I know it is time for us to tell people exactly how we feel, and to imagine just what we could like to see happening both globally and around each of us as positive and uplifting…because only when we focus on the positive so we create it….thanks for all your thoughts…blessings, Barbara xxxx


  3. Latifa Nancy Morrison says:

    What an absolutely beautiful synthesis, Christine…clearly pointing to the unifying principle that sparkles through what we experience personally and transpersonally. Working on an enlightened response to the energy of “the moment” is the good work…thank you for your part.

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