2008 – Awakenings, Change, and the Leap Year Wobble


A Native American grandmother was talking
to her grandson about how she felt. she said:
I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my
heart. one wolf is vengeful and violent. The
other wolf is loving and compassionate. The
grandson asked her: which wolf will win the
fight in your heart? The grandma answered:
the one I feed.


It has been said that civilization ends when we are indifferent to it. When we simply don’t care. So many people believe they are just too busy to care, and talk about their ‘busy lives’ as if they have no choice in how they spend their time, money, or other precious resources. But, when we slow ourselves down enough to notice the endless and shallow circles we tend to run in, and what it is we’re actually busying ourselves with, we realize that our priorities have been reduced to petty activities which give the appearance of freedom, and even responsibility, but are actually habits and addictions which distract us from what’s really happening on Earth. Do we really have to reach the very brink of self destruction before we are shaken into facing reality, and realizing that we are out of control and need an immediate CHANGE OF COURSE?

Choice is one of the few liberties we have left, as will become very evident in 2008. Those whose goal it is to control our choices have come a long way, but their mission is far from accomplished. They will, of course, keep trying to push their agenda of domination further into the world but, ultimately, they can only succeed if empowered by the people – the individuals that make up humanity. Leadership, as we know it, has not worked. We are being led over a cliff. We must stop being so easily distracted and focus on REALITY, not the ‘virtual reality’ that we have been LED to believe life is.

In this 1 global year, ( 2+0+0+8=10. 1+0=1), we find ourselves at the beginning of a new era in the human journey, and it is important to get things right or, at least, notice what is happening, at the beginning, rather than waiting until it is too late. 1 is the number of beginnings. It is also the number of consciousness, masculine energy, the SELF, the individual, change, independence, originality, leadership, competition, intelligence, progression, and resourcefulness. It will show us, this year, the difference between self-awareness and mere selfishness, and it will affect all of us, with no exceptions.

1 is the seed of everything. 1 is the nucleus of all numbers. The individual is the nucleus of humanity. And just look at what emerged from last year’s globally-aware 9 energy, especially after the assassination of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto whose life was so deeply influenced by the number 9, in a country which is so highly influenced by the number 1. The international spotlight is now squarely on nuclear matters. The atom represents our origins.

Ironically, in a 1 Global year in which the self, origins and beginnings are highly featured, the atom could also become our means of self destruction. I don’t believe that will happen, but the level of tension we may have to experience before action is taken to prevent it, could trigger a form of human evolution in itself, in which we finally learn to distinguish between what MUST be feared, and what need not be feared at all, as well as a completely new understanding of what effective leadership needs to be.

Yes, we are dealing with survival this year, and the 2 millennial energy teaches us that more can be achieved in teams and groups than by any individual alone. However, 1 is also the number of EGO – which, in an unevolved state, would rather kill or be killed than even entertain the thought of taking 2nd place. Reflections of this fight to be #1 are springing up everywhere in the form of social, political,ethnic and tribal divisions.

Evolved 2 energy, which is second place itself, and happily accepts its natural position, is the number of COOPERATION and DIPLOMACY. It enables the ego to gain intelligence and evolve into a level of self-awareness which chooses survival over competition! We can expect to see some of the most swollen egos in the world expose themselves for what they are this year, and I wonder if they will implode before our very eyes. You see, 2 also represents the power of persuasion (rather than force) which, in many cases, has been mistaken for outright deception.

“When the power of love overcomes the
love of power, the world will know peace.”
Jimi Hendrix


The American presidential elections take place in November, a 3 global month in this 1 global year, and a 5 national month in the USA’s 3 national year. All of the candidates are using CHANGE as their main buzz word while, at the time of writing this article, most appear to be striving to conserve the status quo. In this combination of energies, the real change is likely to come in the form of how openly and honestly these people are able to express themselves. With American politics dominating world events for so long, people everywhere, including the American people, are becoming more able to ‘sense’ what is true and what is not.

There are also some gigantic scandals waiting in the wings out there, ripe for exposure, but the mainstream news has been avoiding them. We will just have to wait and see what happens next but, again, misinformation and cover-ups are becoming a lot harder to deliver these days. One of the most important changes taking place in humanity at this time is the rapidly growing desire for truth.

So much will be happening this year, globally, as well as in our personal lives, that we may have great difficulty keeping up with the ongoing string of events. Small changes may go unnoticed, but in a 1 Global Year, small changes accumulate and connect, and end up as what appears to be sudden, drastic, and rapidly developing change. We can avoid the rude awakenings to some extent by being fully aware of what matters – and refusing to be distracted by what does not! The 1 energy’s focus on leadership suggests that what happened in the past DOES matter, because that was what LED to our current reality. 1 is all about the progression of things, how one thing LEADS to another. Cause and effect.

Much of the busy-ness we experience this year is likely to be the result of what’s happening in BUSINESS, which (along with a public which was brainwashed from birth to believe that business is meant to rule the world) has set the direction of the human journey for hundreds of years. But the opportunity to change that direction is here and now – in the diverse and turbulent energy waves of 2008.

1 is the number of LEADERSHIP, and as our mistrust of our so-called leaders increases, we are realizing that the only way to be free and independent is to take responsibility for leading our own lives. And so we must learn how to surf these evolutionary waves with our feelings, senses, and instincts, and the heightened intellect and courage that such movement naturally produces.

The 8 in 2008 represents material energy. It is the number of power on the material plane, of business, finance, incorporation, and abundance. 8 is also the number of the perfect balance which is attained through correct understanding, and without which life becomes one-sided and prone to self-destruction. Clearly, correct understanding has yet to be reached, and can ONLY be attained by individuals who are prepared to check the facts for themselves instead of merely listening to what sounds like the most convincing voice.

As people start to use 8’s energy of self-empowerment this year, there will be few ‘talking heads’ out there who are able to convince anyone of anything, not if it’s not true, not in the 8 energy of correct understanding. Some of the so called journalists and “opinion makers” who were previously so instrumental in drumming up support for dubious causes are likely to trip over their own distortions this year.

Power on the material plane does not come from money, as we are led to believe by those whose attraction to money is greater than their desire for life. Power on the material plane comes from NATURE, and the true extent to which we have been raping and killing our planet is becoming more evident by the day. We are actually blowing up mountains to get to the coal they contain in order to produce more electricity. It’s called ‘mountain-top removal”, and it is one of the most shocking sights I have ever seen. I suspect that there are many more shocks on the way as to what human beings are capable of doing to our precious planet – and to each other!

Talking of mountains, we now have nowhere left to put the mountains of garbage we throw away every second of every day, and the situation has become so bad that there is now an island of garbage, thought to be bigger than Texas floating out there in the Pacific ocean, poisoning the water, and killing and maiming all the marine and avian life that comes into contact with it. There is a wealth of environmental information on the internet which I urge you to discover, including some very informative links on the creativenumerology.com website.

Mother nature is the greatest power of all. We cannot compete with her. But we have certainly hurt her and she too is fighting for her very survival. No, it is NOT too late to become a part of healing the Earth. To begin with, we individuals can IMMEDIATELY begin to REDUCE, RE-USE, and RECYCLE!

In 2008, there is a good chance that the majority of people on Earth will wake up to the fact that the less ‘stuff’ we have, the greater are our chances of surviving the environmental, political, and general changes ahead. Being prepared in this day and age does not include packing a suitcase. If you cannot wear it on your back or carry it in your hands, you probably don’t need it! Of course, being prepared does not mean getting rid of all your ‘stuff’. It means being detached enough from it that you can leave it behind if necessary.

Until now, people have been ridiculed for wanting to ‘save the world’. However, in the 2000s, with 2 being the number of caring and cooperation, people are starting to get it. People want to know what they can do. People want to be involved because they know the world cannot sustain itself at the rate we are choking and drilling into her. On the human level, we are discussing the torture of people. On a global level we are torturing Mother Earth herself. The whole concept of there being just love and fear is ludicrous to me. A deeper understanding of fear will help us MOVE to put things right. The opposite of love is HATE, not fear, and it is hate that must move off the Earth. Hate is deceiving because it often has light, usually light it has stolen. But it is light without love. Darkness is not the problem. Darkness gives contrast. Darkness opens the space needed for light to shine. Without darkness, we cannot rest or sleep. Believing that darkness is a problem is the driving force of that form of hate we call racism. HEARTLESSNESS (lack of love) is the problem, which begins with indifference.

* * * * * * * *

Someone once said to me that they were amazed at the accuracy of numerology but they could never embrace such a thing because it is ‘occult’. I explained that the true meaning of the word ‘occult’ is ‘that which is hidden’, and that the word ‘occult’ is greatly misused. Numbers are everywhere. Numbers exist in nature as a means of better understanding our world and ourselves. They need not be hidden if we actively look for them beneath the purely physical aspects of life. That’s the thinking which led me to the term Creative Numerology. But destructive numerology is out there too. It is being used constantly, by governments, armies, business, institutions, and individuals seeking to falsify reality. Destructive numerology practices the manipulation of numbers, the altering of facts and the distortion of truth, and it seems that people are becoming more aware of this. Free Will is a basic human right which cannot survive in an atmosphere of secrets and lies. Free Will IS ever-expanding openness.

“The most common way people give up their
power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
Alice Walker

The 1 energy of independence can help us to break away from the mentality of dictatorship into the free and independent beings we are meant to be. Government does have a purpose, which is to clear the way and facilitate the human journey into freedom, with the understanding that freedom itself cannot be defined. Government must serve the people, and not the other way around, and it must serve ALL the people, instead of only the largest, loudest or richest bloc.

The best way to control people is to desensitize them and render them unable to FEEL. That is precisely what dumbing down is all about. Once the emotions are shoved into that void we call denial, it is impossible to think for oneself. 
We are told that it’s ‘bad’ to be angry, and then wonder where the outcry is. Outcry is a natural function of the emotions. Repressed anger becomes indifference which releases itself through outbursts of rage! 
We convince ourselves that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and then wonder why the world is such a fearful and dangerous place. Repressed fear, too, becomes indifference, and then outbursts of terror. Until anger is consciously expressed and fear is courageously faced, all we will have is rage and terror – in the hands of those who are only too happy to use our own denied emotions against us. Waking up to reality means that we have to FEEL it, and not just intellectualize – and it often feels terrifying!

We are beginning to see our own reflections in what is happening in the world – so naïve, so inexperienced and powerless to stand up to the extremes. It has taken almost 20 years since the fall of one extreme – communism – to be felt by its opposite extreme – capitalism. That is why the people who control it are so defensive, so fearful that capitalism is going to fall, too. They want to believe it cannot happen. But, as we observe the great imbalance that capitalism IS, not only is it struggling to survive, it is simultaneously sinking.

The 8 in 2008 is looking for a new economic system but, so far, the small percentage who have all the money are widening the gap and increasing the imbalance. Money IS a problem for the vast majority of people on Earth, and some very creative thinking must be generated by individuals in order to sustain ourselves and our families. That is why INDEPENDENCE is such an important part of the 1 energy. It means, literally, holding the balance of your own life in your own hands, using your feelings, instincts and accumulated knowledge to keep you steady on your own two feet, steer yourself in the right direction, and to know when and how to change course. Independence is an exercise in ongoing flexibility.

2008 is all about moving forward. It provides a wonderful opportunity for positive change, but only with the full participation of the individuals of which humanity is made. That’s you and me! You cannot sit back and simply wait for the world to change. Ready or not, it’s changing NOW, and you cannot afford to be blindly swept along a path that someone else has carved out. You must CHOOSE. “You must BE the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi said, and if there was ever a time to take those words to heart, it is now!

Throughout the 1000s, we never really learned the true meaning of the number 1. 2008 offers a kind of crash course, if we are willing to learn. However, since we are only just beginning to understand the very first number, it does seem that we have a lot of learning to do. With everyone scrambling to BE #1, without even knowing what that means, no wonder the world is in such turmoil and confusion.

Yes, this is a year of change, but nothing can change to your liking unless you yourself become a working part of what needs changing. Rest assured, others will be working diligently to make the kind of changes you would rather not experience. While the old system of the 1000s continues to collapse, 2008 places us in a position from which to actually start building the new. We need to organize our lives around the principles of PEACE, LOVE, and UNDERSTANDING. Anything else is just a continuation on the path to self-destruction.

There is plenty of information on the creativenumerology.com website about the numbers 2 and 8 which make up the 1 Global Year. But what about those two zeros in the middle? Maybe we should think of them as the Universal Eyes Of Truth. They are yours to look through any time you desire and, in some instances, when you least expect or want to. They can also be used to go back in time and see what ‘really’ happened, as opposed to the ‘official version’. You can use them to look within and know what it is you’re really feeling. Or to look in the cosmic mirror and face your true reflection. Use the eyes of truth to look at others and see them for who they really are, instead of who you thought they were, or wanted them to be. The eyes of truth are everywhere – and it’s time to improve our vision!

When you change the way you look
at things, the things you look at change.
Max Planck
2008 and the LEAP YEAR wobble!

2008 is a Leap Year, giving us 366 days instead of 365. An extra day is inserted at the end of February every four years so that the calendar remains in alignment with the seasons and Earth’s motion around the sun. This certainly keeps the calendar from slipping and drifting, but it also produces a vibrational hiccup in the flow of numerology.

Those of you who have purchased your Creative Numerology Year Book will be aware of additional readings each week which pertain only to leap years. When writing those books, I was not sure how the leap year readings would work, but I strongly felt they should be included anyway. I have done a lot of studying since then, about the leap year and why it is necessary. Until recently, I can see now that the leap year readings are EXTRA cycles, which form out of the number 29 (11) (2), causing a numerological wobble in time, the ripples of which create additional weekly insight starting in calendar week #9, which is the week in which February 29th falls.

By the way, people born on the 29th of February are often called Leaplings. If you are a Leapling and do not know whether to celebrate your birthday on February 28 or March 1 in a non-leap year, I would say March 1, because that’s what day it would have been if you had not been born in a leap year. Whichever way you look at it, you were NOT born on February 28th.

I will explain more about the “leap year wobble” closer to February 29th because, not only will it affect each of us personally, but it will also effect the global energies significantly. The numbers 2008 already place us on unstable ground, so how the time-wobble plays out is beyond speculation. I do imagine, however, that there could be instances of our seeing something with our own eyes, and then refusing to believe that that’s what we saw. Many of us have already experienced this as part of our own evolutionary process. Eventually, we learn that we DID see what we saw and that so much about the physical world is illusionary, and getting closer to the theme of the movie “The Matrix” than we ever wanted to believe. It was Rod Serling who said “Seeing is not always believing”, and there could well be a “Twilight Zone” quality about our experience of 2008. Perhaps this year’s wobble will provide the shake – or the shock – which will have millions more people clambering to take a really good look through the eyes of truth. Just remember that there are many ways of looking at the same thing and that questions often have more than one answer.

We are all traveling through the cycles of time – and, as it is often said, time will tell.

I wish you LOVE!



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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  1. Anton Hooton says:

    thank you, I will read it all again just to absorb a little more. anton


  2. th says:

    if you yourself went through a life of being tested daily.could you look beyond the truth before you to justify the reasons of others? you know best. quiet shall remain me


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