September’s 9s and 11s




People often attract certain numbers into their lives, and some numbers draw people to them. The problem with the focus this month on 9:9:9 (September 9, 09) is that those are not the only numbers involved. When we abbreviate the year to two digits rather than four, we cannot see the whole picture.


So, it’s not 9:9:9 we’ve got here, it’s 9:9:11 which, I believe, has even greater significance than the actual 9:9:9 that occurred on September 9, 2007. (2+0+0+7=9).


This year, the entire month of September is a numerological spectacle which points us in the direction of 2009’s real triple date which is November 11, 2009, or 11:11:11.

11 is the ‘master’ number of inspiration and illumination.

We have not experienced an 11 global year since 1910 and before that in 1901, and much of what took place back then has now evolved into many of the problems we face today, especially as far as banking, government, racism and war are concerned. To better understand the 11 global year of 2009, including what occurred 99 years ago, please read the article: 2009 – THE YEAR OF THE MOTHER. There is a link at the end of this page.

Both 9 and 11 are principle numbers in the evolvement of humanity, and, as we continue to exit denial and enter reality, increased emotional pressure is bound to be felt this month. Specific events in the world may further trigger this ongoing expansion of human consciousness, but consciousness is expanding and evolving anyway because of the growing desire among individuals for more freedom to fulfill our potential, and just BE who we are.

Awareness is being held back by GUILT, which tells us that we should be doing better than we are. Guilt prevents us from learning what we need to know by telling us that we should already know it. Guilt is the result of judgments that humans have made over time, some of which may be correct, but many are totally wrong. We must therefore learn to untangle ourselves from guilt – not by denying its existence – but by rendering it irrelevant through the acceptance of new understandings.

11 sheds light on things so that we can see and understand reality more clearly. All kinds of truths are being revealed, but it is up to us to notice how we have all been effected over time by the few who believe it is their right – their destiny – to control the planet and everything on it, and by humanity’s willingness to give up our free will to those who seek control.

11’s light is seeking TRUTH. It prevents them from maintaining control by taking away the one thing they need to operate effectively – SECRECY. Current numerology is emphatic about this because the understanding gained from these numbers is that FREE WILL is the next stage of our evolvement.

We talk about free will as if it is something we already have, but we are now realizing that we barely know what it is. Free will is far more than just the power of choice. Free Will is the freedom to feel what you are really feeling without judging the feelings or yourself for feeling them. The WILL, when it is free, is loving in nature and supports the free will of others. The deep feelings, emotions and heightened sensitivity that all human beings are feeling now, whether they admit it or not, are being squeezed to the surface by our individual wills trying to free themselves.

This process is helped by the 2 energy of the 2000s. 2 holds the power of feminine energy, Mothers’ Love, sensitivity, emotions, feelings, intuition, connection, peacefulness, nurturing, balance, equality and partnership. Above all, 2 holds the power of PATIENCE. The freer we are inside, the more easily we can develop these powers. We can then experience 2’s sensitivity as heightened awareness instead of the over-sensitive responses which turn all of the above loving qualities into their opposites. As consciousness starts to accept the vital function of our vast emotional circuitry, awareness expands to new dimensions with all our senses fully open and doing what they are meant to do.

But we cannot reach the peacefulness and balance of 2 until we actually put 1 and 1 together, and that is why 11 is such an important number – and why people are constantly ‘seeing’ 11 in their every day lives – all over the world. 11 is a symbol of both evolvement AND creativity as two parts of the same process: PROGRESSION.

The ever repeating cycles that we travel as we make our way through life, and which are visible through numerology, are taking on a new quality now. They are still turning of course, but they are also spiraling. This is easy to see in numerology, and I imagine that mathematicians and physicists may be seeing this too by way of the “Golden Ratio” and the “Golden Spiral” which practically mirror the numerology involved.

Since September is the 9th month in the calendar, 9/11 are the prominent numbers in September 2009. 9/11 is not just the emergency code for the United States, it is an evolutionary code which, I believe, is tied closely to what is happening in the United States, but also effects the entire world. Things are changing drastically, and very quickly at this stage, as a result of constant, ongoing gradual development. That’s what evolution is.

Note that on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 (9:9:11) President Obama will give a major speech regarding health care – one of the most contentious issues of the times in the US. Note, too, that when his birth name, Barack Hussein Obama, is converted into numbers, they are 911. And, of course, The USA practically owned the numbers 911 after the attacks of 2001. There is nothing to surmise from these facts until after the event, but they are such timely numbers nonetheless. I do support Barack Obama. But I also know that you cannot change the old establishment in the space of 9 months, and much more patience is needed. He is up against those who will do anything to retain their power. He always said it would take everyone’s participation to BE the change we want in this world. (There is a link to “Barack Obama’s Amazing Numbers” at bottom of page)

September 11, 2009 gives us a sequence of 9:11:11 in the USA, and 11:9:11 in the rest of the world). No matter where we happen to live, we are all moving towards 11:11:11 in November which, from what I am able to understand at this point, illuminates 3 vital energies that all living beings are made from – for the purpose of learning how to balance them: they are consciousness, emotion, and physical form.

The imbalance within has created an imbalance without that has made pulling away from the extremes difficult to do. The extremes have always been there, but the light of 11 is making them more visible. This makes them feel more threatened and more likely to lash out in some way.

11+11+11 = 33, which adds up to 6. This is the number of finding balance between the extremes. The extremes cannot be ‘gotten rid of’ because everything in existence has its furthest point, and that’s what the extremes are – the outer edges of consciousness. Fighting with extremes to push them back seldom works because an extreme will go to ANY measure to stay relevant.

Note that the KKK was extremely active back in 1901 and 1910, and that K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. K:K:K=11:11:11. And then remember that human beings are in the process of evolving – towards peace, love, understanding and equality. Of course, some are taking longer than others to get there because they are so TERRIFIED of change. Change would mean they would have to feel things they don’t want to feel, including the true depth of their own hatred. And, sometimes change comes when people are just too tired to carry on trying to preserve what used to be. (Read Numerology & Extremes. There is a link at the end of this article)

We will never find peace, happiness, prosperity or satisfaction in the outer world without first finding those things within. There are people out there who have all the material and financial comfort in the world but still cannot find true contentment. Greed is a relentless hunger, and a sense of entitlement ensures that satisfaction can never be reached.

We are still experiencing the cusp between the 1 energy of the 1000s and the 2 energy of the 2000s. We are simultaneously experiencing the upheaval and confusion that comes from being in a transition that we don’t fully understand, and the hope and inspiration that comes as we start to gain understanding of it.

We are at an evolutionary point at which significant change is occurring all over the world. Barriers that existed between gender, castes, classes, colors and creeds are falling every day because, in the light of truth, we are able to see how futile and childish these prejudices actually are, and that we are ALL in the same evolutionary boat! 2 encourages us to stop pulling ourselves apart, accept differences more easily (diversity IS differences after all), and pull together instead. That may not seem possible right now, but the process has started regardless of how much of it we are currently able to understand.

Therefore, it is to our advantage to slow down – a lot – and take more time to observe, listen, learn, study, feel and sense what is happening, within us and around us, moment by moment. In the 2000s, we cannot just bulldoze our way forward as we often did in the 1000s. We are in very different energy now, and we really must learn as we go, and be respectful of the rights and circumstances of others as we learn.  We are expanding our consciousness by feeling and sensing our way along.  As a result, thankfully, the feeling of compassion is growing.

9 is the number of endings, 1 is the number of beginnings. 9 signifies the end of an era, 1 signifies the start of a new one. 9 gives, 1 takes.  9 feels, 1 thinks. 9 senses, 1 acts. September in the 9 year can make us feel like we’re being put through ‘the wringer’ as all our feelings and emotions that were never fully expressed push themselves to the surface so that we can finally face them and try to understand and heal them. Just look at all the hatred and anger pouring out just now. 9 is about kindness on the one hand OR cruelty on the other. We have a choice in the way we treat ourselves & others. 1 is about selfishness on the one hand and self-awareness on the other. Again, we have a choice.

This massive gravitational pull away from denial and towards truth, especially the truth of HOW WE FEEL, cannot be stopped because it is happening naturally. It is a force of nature. As human nature evolves, we human beings are finding our place within the broader spectrum – nature itself. It is no longer possible to look at ‘nature’ as something separate from ourselves and still claim to be intelligent.

11 is the illuminating bridge between 1 and 2… between the 1000s and the 2000s – in which we are learning to add 1 and 1 together so that it really does make 2. In other words, we are realizing the extent to which we got things wrong in the past and continue to do so in the present. We are recognizing just how contradictory our personal beliefs can be as we travel from A to B (from alpha to beta) from 1 to 2.

1 is the number of forward movement and speed. 2 is the number of slowness and patience. But just notice how much faster we progress when we are patient enough to notice the details that we often miss while rushing with the 1 energy. Remember that time is a natural occurrence in the physical world and that patience is the acceptance of time. Some people believe that time is just an illusion. I disagree. We travel through time because, on the physical plane, time is what stops everything from happening at once.

The deeper waters we find ourselves in now are giving us more depth and more wideness of scope, in which to stretch and grow and finally BE who we really are, instead of some shallow version of ourselves to which our fear of being judged limited us. Generation after generation, we have been hurtling through time at breakneck speed, but for what purpose? Why the rush? Where are we going? What are we doing? 2 slows us down so that we can see, so that we have time to see, what each moment contains.

2 makes us sensitive, not to make us more easily hurt, but so that we can better SENSE things. And make sense of things. 2 is the number of connection and association. We can use this expanded awareness to “connect the dots” and provide a larger and more detailed picture. But we must be patient and pay great attention to those details.

The fact that more and more people are becoming fascinated by the numbers of our times suggests that we ARE slowing down, we ARE noticing more detail, we ARE expanding our awareness and, in general, becoming more tolerant. 9 is the number of tolerance and expanded awareness.

In order to finally leave the past behind and move on, both individually and as a species, we must understand the basic principle of evolvement which is that we cannot move forward and hold onto the past at the same time. Something has to give. 9 is the number of LETTING GO!

9 is also the number of endings and conclusions. Reaching a conclusion means that we’ve come to believe something. That’s what we’re discovering this month. What we believe, what others believe, and the fact that when we reach a conclusion, it means the case is closed. End of story. There’s no more room for the broadening of horizons or even discussion about possible alternatives. The mind is made up. The mind is SHUT. It is time to recognize our own shallowness within – open our minds further than we have dared open them before – and venture further into the astonishing depth and richness of human potential -which has nothing to do with competing. Nothing to do with being #1. On the contrary. 2 is the number of COOPERATION and, in the 2000s, that is how we will (1)  find our way and (2) prosper.

9 takes us back in time so that we can reconnect to energies we detached from in the past, but are actually important parts of who we are. The combination of 9 and 11 opens the subconscious to free these parts, but it is up to YOU to bring them into consciousness. That means that each of us must FACE whatever hurt or frightened us in the past, and determine just how relevant those things are in light of what is happening in our lives today. Unresolved matters of the past must be allowed to surface in the 9 energy where 11 shines light on them and 2 enables you to understand how they have shaped your life to the present day.

The forgiveness that ca arise out of 2, 9 and 11 is astonishing, as is realizing just how much pain, anger, grief and even hatred we’ve been carrying around inside us all these years. Whatever memories surface, don’t cut them off. Memories that arise this month have already left your subconscious. What they need now is for consciousness to ACCEPT them. It’s time to let them in. It’s time to heal from the inside out. It’s time to forgive others and yourself. It’s time to let the pressure of the past GO!

The entire month of September is packed with numerological firsts, and there is not much point in trying to predict their meanings ahead of time. Time gives us the space – the interval – in which to learn from the experience.

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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18 Responses to September’s 9s and 11s

  1. Sylvia says:

    Wow, Christine, thank you!!!! Here’s an exciting November 11 coming up. For me, the NINEs are always comforting despite their balsamic, letting go requirements, they’re also liberating in that way, a bit like the dark of the moon. Hope all is well with you. Love, Sylvia


    • Sylvia, how lovely to hear from you. I hope you’re well. Things are pretty good with me. Yes, I love 9s too. I’d better. I have so much of it myself. Yes, liberating is a good word for 9. Again, great to hear from you!


  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Christine,

    Great post! And yes, it was enlightening for me as you said. Great spiritual angle to the approach in this post, something that’s quite often missing from such an ‘academic’ subject.

    September and November are certainly linked it seems and equally important. It never occurred to me about the date for November, but of course you’re totally right about and I look forward to reading what you will have to say about it.

    I have plenty to read on your blog in the meantime, starting with reading this awesome post again!




    • Thanks Catherine

      I failed to mention that the theme continues in October (the tenth month) 1+0=1. So, on the way to 11:11 in November, we will be dealing with 1:11 throughout October.


      • Catherine says:

        One of the reasons I love numerology is how everything just interacts and is related!

        My son’s birthday is in October, in fact he was born on the 11th:

        11/10 (1992)

        Amazingly he was born at 11.10am!!

        Ten past eleven, on the eleventh of the tenth!

        I love numberology 🙂 and I love your blog!


  3. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Christine!

    I actually discovered your website a month or two ago when googling information about numerology because I am a triple 9 in numerology—and never knew much about it–and wanted to see how it plays into my life. I couldnt find much on 999 anywhere even though ive heard of it being lucky im other cultures and having significance for a person living that life.So technically—this is not 999? My life fits the 9 description to a T—-but I am unsure what 999’s influence is….I’ve been told it means im a master-but dont quite know how to take that lol…

    Well–my birthday month is also 9 too—-my bday is 9-24-1983.
    My first name, middle and last also make 9–in which ever way its added. My destiny # is 9-and expression #–not sure what the last one is called.

    I am a psychic, medium and healer–and have seen amazing opportunities arise in the last month–and life seems to be taking off after a pretty interesting few years–i wonder what role this plays.

    Side note–I had my first child, Miles,my son on 4-29 of this year–he was due may 16th.
    What significance might there be—if any—be that we have the same bday backwards—his is 4-29, mine is 9-24?

    I love your articles–ive always been interested in numerology but recently felt a big push into actually learning much more about it.

    Thank you very much,


    • Elisabeth, with you born on 9:24 and Miles on 4:29, it would seem that you have similar lessons to learn (before each of you are 50-ish), but you are learning them in a different order. For instance, what you had to learn as a child, he may not have to experience that until after he is 27. What you have to learn from 27 on, he may have to learn as a child. (Sounds like you’ll be learning together). Either way, those numbers add up to 6 which makes the main lessons, relationship, balance, LOVE, and responsibility.

      Your Destiny Path number is 9.

      Miles’ Destiny Path is 8. In being so late in his arrival, it could be that one of the things he came into this lifetime to learn is GREAT PATIENCE i.e. waiting until the time is just right.

      Read about your Destiny Path # at



  4. Carole says:

    Hi Christine,
    Great article!

    One little detail… I believe President Obama speech regarding healthcare is on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

    ‘Note that on Wednesday, September 11, (9/11) President Obama will give a major speech regarding health care – one of the most contentious issues of the times in the US.’


  5. ahrcanum says:

    Counting on tomorrow, today! Great article.


  6. Carol says:

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for an eye-opening article! Your constructive take on letting go is especially enlightening. The explanation of how inner hatred frightens people, and manifests itself as paralysis–I will take to heart. I admit to being frustrated with those who are trying to block change, but understanding and love must be the keys.

    With love and thanks,


  7. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi Christine

    Love numerology also. Im a bookkeeper so love numbers.
    Stange thing happened this year Im a 9 and Iam now living with my boyfriend we just hooked up this year we have been friends for 5 years and he is a nine also and 9 & 9 make 9. Any comments on this situtaion.

    Love Always Anna-Marie


  8. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Christine!

    Thank you so much for answering my question. Your interpretation is really interesting–and i thouht you might get a kick out of the repetitve #’s with his birth–so i explained it a bit. I would agree timing is very important for us and our relationship as mother and son–it was “his time” to come–as yourll read below and i sensed that. He looks like me–completely–and, is def his mothers son. I hope he learns the lessons i learned too young–later, lol…but wellll-why amalyze it. He is the happiest baby–tongiht he accidentally laughed himself to sleep–he hates sleeping and gets upset often about it–he laughs constantly though–and after a bit of crying got confused and laughed hyusterally while falling alseep. I was so confused lol!but is called “Smiles” instead of Miles if that tells you how he is 🙂

    He actually was born 3 weeks early–He was due around May 16th….Im not sure what you meant by him being late and patience—–BUT, he was early, and Patience still would be an important theme if you knew how he came into this world—it seemed nothing could stop him—after 2 pregnancies with my IUD perfectly in place that left my OB baffled–ending in a miscarriage from the IUD-I began to reaalize this baby meant business-and was coming no matter what. In August 2008–during a cycle from 8-8-8, I did more pregnancy readings than ever in my life-and either I wasnt protecting myself enough energetically or the new BC was no match for my impatient boy, but on 9-8-08 i found out Miles was on his way and just said “your here–you sneaky guy you–well i guess your an impatient one.”So-you might be onto something.

    his birth is GREAT story of him picking his day–is that how you would looka t it? i mean not him–but everyone? they make it happen that day?
    how does that work?
    We thought i would go ovedue because at 37 weeks–never even had a braxton hicks,etc–on 4-27-09, had an OB checkup-great,no signs of labor-no dialtions-nada-My OB said it would probabyly be a few weeks.went to another checkup-great, then went to an US, that i had schedule 6 weeks earlier bc of normal but borderline low fluid–and they said —very lowfluid, dangerously low-when the week before i was great. they said i wasnt going home-i was shocked. This was 4-27–and i knew almost nothng about numerology—but knew his bday would be importsant so i kept adding up the days–4-27–did NOT seem right, we thought would be his due duate…but 24 hours later–4-28…we assumed of course–he would come on 4-28 (if you had told me how long it would take i would have given up lol)…4-28 turns into 4-29, And, FINALLY-i met every antestheologist—every nurse–after 44 or so hours (last 4 pushing-hell), he was born at 4:30 am on the dot.

    there is a theme of him coming at a time thats really hard for me too-and some sort of sacrifice or someting mentioned by others-but i dont want to write too much more-he appeared shortly after i had major spine surgery, etc

    I didnt even realize that 4-29 was my bday backwards for a few weeks lol! But my Mother in law was thrilled—the most important days of her life and her husbands life–all happened ont he 29th of the month. She couldnt believe he had somehow made it to the 29th (she thought it was impossible)

    is age # 27 an important date for every body?

    what is that about? or do you have a link? interesting—-i turn 27 in a couple weeks and finally feel like im done with a really crazy difficult lesson full 26 years–which led to me becoming a psychic, healer, medium and empath- thougth, and taught me a lot.I was going to be an acupuncturist but this sort of just happened over time…..

    Ive been offered my own tv show–etc–my businesws is taking off after a “interesting time”–and i was saying to someone “it seems like the next part of my life is going to be completely differnt”

    if you could point me towards indo in 27 year old cycles, thats grea too—this is all so facinating, i would love to learn more

    Elisabeth Smith


  9. Jan says:

    Dear Christine, Thank you once again for your brilliance. I have your book and buy my yearly Creative Numerology books from you and so I only go to your web site when I feel the need for more information and guidence and you always have something very helpful to read.
    The info above is fantastic and in harmony with this weeks astrology in the Power Peek at 12house dot com and Neal’s nealscapesnow at that site (he is also a former Brit)
    Then it is added to by another prospective from Paris France in todays parlerparis dot com where the insite is from Hebrew and Chinese teachings and from Pythagoras.
    I am in a period of great change and you are a great comfort and help to me. Thank you.


  10. Paige says:

    Hi Christine,
    Just found your blog through following you on Twitter. I found this post to be very interesting and enlightening especially in regards to the number 11. I have an interest in all this and am just beginning to learn more. Your site will be an excellent place to learn. I am wondering if you can tell me what it means to be born on 11/11? This is my birthday and I always see 11’s and I win stuff with the number 11. It’s always been my lucky number and now I see ones all the time when I look at the clock…11:11 or 1:11. I have taken it to be a sign from my guides or angels? So here’s my birthdate: 11/11/1966 and I was born at 11:34 p.m. See eleven’s surround me!! Thanks for any guidance you can share!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chris Meuser says:

      Wow…your the first person I’ve seen with a 44 life path number…they really don’t even acknowledge that but they say you dont break down master numbers so you have 2 11’s and your year is a 22…thats awesome…im an 11 life path born at 1:28am! And about a million more crazy things that go together also haha…really though!!!!


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