November Numerology ~11/22 & 11/29

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2010  ~  (11+22+3=3+6=9)

This is an ideal day for conceiving and developing BIG ideas which require organization. Just remember that being organized is not meant to be the end result. The purpose of organization is to have a solid foundation and framework from which to expand your horizons, and make discoveries about life, yourself and others. Foundation is solidness and structure on which to build something worthwhile. As we move toward the end of the 3 global year of 2010 – 3 is the number of creativity and communication – people are developing greater creative skills than ever (and not just in the arts)

And of course, 11+22 = 33.

11 illuminates and inspires.

22 organizes, negotiates and gets the work done.

33 expresses it – delivers it – to the world.

3 is SO prominent in our lives right now that I don’t think we can help but become more creative as a result. Or more destructive. There is always that choice.  That’s what we have to remember as circumstances arise, personally and in the world, which shock us and require urgent solutions, or appear to have no solutions at all. We have to remember that outcomes are created by the choices we make. Behaving responsibly is what the 3 energy is helping us do now by exposing how childish and irresponsible we can be.

1 is the number of the father.

2 is the number of the mother.

3 is the number of the child.

There is such great potential before us – and so much resistance to this level of change that it is hard to understand how we can make any progress at all. But here we are, traveling through this highly charged creative and inspirational energy at the end of November, and the fact that this is calendar week 47 which adds up to 11, and November is the 11th month, intensifies the 11/22/33 vibration even further.

A week later…….

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2010~  (11+11+3=2+5=7)

November 29th is not only another 11/11 day in our lives (2+9=11), it is also the 333rd day of the year. How fascinating. Allow these energies to trigger your own insight. We are learning to open our hearts as well as our minds. We are evolving emotionally as well as spiritually. That’s how we will balance ourselves. Mind and emotion, masculine and feminine, coming together in mutual acceptance, in the heart.

Consciousness and creativity expand when the trio of mind, emotion and heart are free to do their own thing, and exist, coexist, CO-operate, and work together. To operate in harmony with ourselves requires SELF acceptance. We do not accept ourselves fully unless we allow all the different parts of ourselves to work as they need to. The term ‘unconditional love’ is meaningless if we cannot fully love ourselves, including certain feelings that we’ve been placing heavy conditions on or have shoved totally into denial. We cannot do that any more and remain conscious enough to evolve.

November 29, (11/11) falls in calendar week 48, which adds up to 12, which adds up to 3. The number of communication. The lies and confusion going on in the outer world are reflections of the lies and confusion going on inside us. We lie to ourselves constantly. Communication also starts from within. To be in harmony with oneself, one must speak one’s truth.

The more we communicate from our hearts with peaceful intention, the more difficult it is for cold-hearted others to manipulate hearts and minds with fear and deceit. 3 is the number of music, art, beauty, networking, promoting, and outer appearances. 3 is the number of words and images and the setting of scenes. 3 provides the stage. But 3 energy is also used to create illusion, sometimes for the beauty or intrigue of it, and sometimes by those who shut down their hearts in order to control others. Don’t be easily fooled. We can only understand reality if we are open to receive what experience has to teach.

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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6 Responses to November Numerology ~11/22 & 11/29

  1. Mia Love says:

    great insight as always…


  2. Gerald says:

    As always Christine, you are truly gifted and inspired to receive such wisdom and truth. As you know, I am out in the world trying to breakthrough in to a difficult sector. I shall let you know what transpires from today and from next week. We live in an extra-ordinary and exciting time, with much to experience and therefore much to learn. Blessing to you and yours. Gerald


  3. Gayle says:

    I found you today! Nice site. I love how you explain the numbers…thanks!


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