JULY 11, 2011 is an intricate date. It ushers in a series of ‘master cycles’ – segments of time that are driven by the power of double digits and the unique chemistry that springs from them. If you are reading this after July 11, it doesn’t matter. This date still has plenty of information to give.

July brings us beyond the midpoint of 2011 and, although the first six months have been breathtaking in terms of major events, exposure to truth, and shocks to the system, the second half of this 4 global year (2+0+1+1=4) will bring even more unprecedented change which will continue to affect our feelings, senses, and circumstances. All of this emotional movement is helping us develop the strength to cope with whatever lays ahead, to open our stifled imaginations and find solutions, and evolve into more whole, capable and compassionate beings.

Evolution is a series of breakthroughs. Number 4 sets the path for this, but it does so in a way that requires very hard work, meticulous attention to detail, dedication and determination. Breakthrough often occurs at that point when we know our only other option is to give up. So, the part of us that we need to develop more than anything right now is our feminine, emotional WILL – the part of us that never gives up – the survival instinct – the will to live!

As we evolve emotionally, not only are we learning how to survive the collapse of this monstrous patriarchal system, but are also becoming more WHOLE in the process. It was lack of feminine input that enabled raw unevolved masculine energy to control the world for so long, and it is important to remember that feminine energy does not want to control, it wants to be accepted as equal so that what it has to offer can bring balance into the world. Emotional healing is the next phase of our journey. It’s the only thing that will bring our imbalanced world into alignment.

In any year, July 11 adds up to 9 – the number which intensifies all the other numbers. So be sure to read your weekly forecast again. You get a double dose of it today

Additionally, the world is in a 4 year which means that the 4 energy applies to all of us. The 4 daily forecast for July 11, 2011 is:

“Your thoughts and feelings are constantly changing. They are never the same for long enough to understand what’s really going on in your head, heart, home or workplace. Your thoughts are fragmented because you are not giving your feelings enough time to complete themselves. Now, an intense emotional movement can provide some much needed clarity – a moment of truth.”

July 11, 2011, has double 11 energy. (11/11). 11 illuminates. It inspires. It reveals. 11 energy enables us to reflect upon ourselves – to see our true reality and gain the power that comes from SELF-ACCEPTANCE.

Self acceptance is the result of emotional healing and is the key to peace because there can never be peace in the outer world without inner peace. It really is that simple – and yet complicated beyond our current ability to sustain.

The second half of 2011 will provide opportunities for us to develop this vital characteristic which comes from the number ONE. We keep telling ourselves that “we are one”, but the meaning of ONE goes much deeper than common concept.

1 is the number of the self, and SELF ACCEPTANCE is a gigantic evolutionary step which can effect whatever is happening in the world. Lack of self-acceptance is enabling others to rule our lives. This month, the double 1 vibrations of 11 are likely to change our perception of our own power and potential, in dynamic but sobering ways.

July in the 4 global year is an 11 global month: 7+4=11/2. This means that every day in July is an opportunity to experience the clarifying and enlightening 11 energy first hand.

July 11 in the 4 year is the 11th day of an 11 month. 11+11=22. The number 22 is also a factor when you add the global year to the day and month: 7+11+4 = 22.

Therefore, double 22 energy is also woven into this equation. 22 is the master number associated with 4.

22/4 is the number of the master architect and builder. It utilizes its abundance of sensitive and caring 2 energy to improve conditions for the masses. But when sensitivity turns to self-consciousness and fear of how one is being perceived by others, 22’s focus on ‘self’ not only drags itself down and turns opportunity into limitation, but it drags the masses down with it. The feminine energy in unevolved 22/4 then becomes overwhelmed by patriarchal energy which imposes unreasonable limits on humanity for one purpose – to keep the feminine down – because feminine energy brings OPENNESS into life. The patriarchal system cannot operate in openness. It can only run in secrecy, which is something that is becoming more and more scarce – for everyone.

The fight against the feminine can be seen everywhere in the world in the form of so-called ‘austerity measures’. To be austere is to be severe and uncompromising. Austerity is grimness, rigorously imposed ‘morality’,  and the laying down of harsh rules that take the joy out of life – made under the guise of ‘father figures’ who insist that they know best, when in fact, they know so little about life, and how life could be if equality and balance were redressed.

They know so little about the 2 energy of the 2000s which is emerging strongly now, helping us to focus on the true meaning, power and purpose of our emotions and feelings. 11 is paramount here, because 1+1=2. That is why we must never discard or ignore the first 2 digits of any year. We are now in 2011 – not ’11. Without the ‘20’ in 2011, we cannot possibly see the whole picture. As you can see by their appearance, the vibration emitted by 2011 is not at all like that of 1911.

This month, we encounter 11+11+22+22 = 66 – a grand series of master numbers that are likely to disclose previously hidden information about ourselves and our potential as a species. 66 has a major role to play in the next couple of months because of its connection to (1) the industrialization of nuclear power and (2) the industrialization of communication. I will be elaborating on this soon.

In this 4 year, it is no wonder that the media is under such scrutiny. At last! It’s as if the decline and fall of the Murdoch Empire is right on cue. Journalism is, after all, otherwise known as the 4th Estate.

6+6=3, and 3 is the number of communication. 4 represents work, workers, how things work, method.

As many of my previous articles explain, especially those written in 2010 (a 3 global year) 3 is one of the most important survival numbers in the spectrum. It is the number of continuance, the child, the JOY of life, represented by the triangle, the color yellow, and the musical note C.

Calendar week 29 starts on Saturday, July 16. 2+9 = 11, so the concentration of 11/2 energy continues. July 15 and 16 are also auspicious dates on the calendar – with strong connections to the karmic numbers 14 and 16. I will explain this closer to the dates involved.

And because master numbers 11 and 22 are in play simultaneously, so too are all the master numbers from 11 to 99. We have been through this before in 2009 – an 11 Global Year. But since then, our ability to absorb the light that 11 sheds on reality has increased significantly. As a result, we are more awake and aware this time around, more able to digest the information coming in – and act on it.

11/11 energy dissipates to a large degree in 2012 which suggests that, next year, there will be no way left to deny the truth about life on earth and how we need to evolve. Therefore, 2011 is the time to take advantage of what this special energy offers, especially now that we have passed the midpoint of the year.


Read PART TWO of this article, “2011 – Karmic Numbers


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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17 Responses to 2011 – THE SECOND HALF

  1. Anonymous says:

    Christine: You are so knowledgeable! Thank you for so generously sharing this important information. All the best to you, pamela


  2. Anonymous says:

    im sorry ol chap, but i can’t see what the ruckus is all about. i understand that 11 is a significant number to you but can’t find anything of planetary significance happening on 11/11/1111, for instance. As for all these master numbers you mentioned coming to the playing field today, i failed to notice where you saw them. i suppose you’d be inclined to take my modernistic numerology lite rather lightly as well, but really, do show us something we can sink our teeth into, will you?


    • well, anonymous, you would have to look at all the numbers involved – millennium century, decade, year, month, week, day and fixed day – and place them in the right order. Then see if you can notice what I noticed.


  3. Anonymous says:

    you are really a gifted one! all of your dates, numbers & cycles are very accurate in my personal life… i analyzed your works very well & it amazed me, on how your knowledge even reflect upon the people i know! you’re such a genius… job well done! 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    anyway, my name is lillette… again, job well done & more power to you, christine! 🙂


  5. Hello again Christine,
    Haven´t read your emails lately because I was travelling..Got back to my Swedish home yesterday and started moving things around….Furniture, paintings, plants, new sheets….. asking myself how on earth i could have lived with it before ( I thought it looked good, but maybe it looks better now…!) Never planned on moving my furniture around, but suddenly it seemd so necessary…Does the 11 energy have anything to do with this ?…It seemed so VERY urgent …and totally unexpected!
    Thank you for your knowledge, Have a good summer, Love,


    • Hi Helena, how lovely to hear from you. First of all, let’s not forget that your birthday is 11/29 which reduces to 11:11. Therefore, you are always directly connected to this energy. What you describe has happened to me before, and it resulted in the ‘opening up’ of my home. I needed more space, which meant rearranging the space I already had. So, Feng shui it was! The energy flowed so much better after that.

      You are in the 8 year in 2011, and at this point of the 8 journey, week 28, a deeper sense of balance is developing (see your weekly forecast). Yesterday, your weekly forecast was repeated as a daily forecast, which always happens when the day and month add up to 9 (7+11=18. 1+8=9). Today, July 12, you are in a 9 day, so read the 9 forecast today. Put the two together and you will see that yesterday, you moved your furniture around. This changed your surroundings and the atmosphere in which you live. Today you are able to gain valuable insight because you are looking at things from a different angle.

      I hope this was helpful. We must chat soon.



      • Christine, Wow…You gave me so much more than I had hoped for. THANK YOU…as always you are right on and SO knowledgeable ….. I’ll stay in Europe all through summer and a bit more…


  6. vintage'58 says:

    Loved the bit about the decline of the Murdoch empire, especially with what’s happening in the UK at the moment. My only thoughts on this is, that it’s a WOMAN who has been at the eye of the storm – Rebekah Brooks – and Ruperts steadfast loyalty to her has caused him some major problems.


    • Hey Vintage’58! What an amazing turn of events this is! It’s going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds. As for Rebekah Brooks being at the center of this, it is not surprising to me. Women are just as capable of ruthlessness as men, but they do give up a lot of feminine energy in the process. Such is the nature of competition when it reaches that level. The whole thing presents an opportunity to clean up the communications ‘industry’ worldwide, but I don’t think we should hold our breath waiting. The potential is enormous here, but do we have the Will to change things? Yes, it’s going to be interesting!


  7. Y says:



  8. Rebecca says:

    thanks a sharing this kownledge. my name is rebecca. born on the 23 of june 1983. can you tell me the meaning of my name, strength and weakness ans possible solution


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