We are traveling through strong karmic energy which effects us all. Our reaction to it may not immediately change the dynamics of what is happening on Earth, but it can change our ability to cope with it which, in turn, will effect those dynamics significantly.

The karmic numbers are 13/4,  14/5,  16/7  and  19/1. (I have written about the 19/1 karmic energy separately. See link at end of page).

Karmic numbers can act as major stumbling blocks, or evolutionary stepping stones. Their vibrations cannot be avoided without constant repetition of the same old problems. Nothing can progress until we recognize these patterns in our lives and how they are the cause of history forever repeating itself, our personal history included.

Karma is not punishment for past or present misdeeds. Karma is the effect of not knowing HOW life works. It is the result of things we have been unable to learn, both now and all the way back to previous generations and lifetimes. These ruts and routines are reaching such climactic proportions, in so many areas of life right now, that it feels as if we are on the brink of disaster one moment, and the brink of breakthrough the next. We are in the process of understanding the cause and effect of our present situation. The laws of karma and the laws of cause and effect are the same – any action or event will produce a response to that action in the form of another event.

It is that response that we have been discovering since our arrival in the 2 energy of the 2000s. 2 is responsive energy, feminine energy, which explains why we are all feeling our emotions more deeply than we ever thought we could. That response is in recognition of reality.

Through a clearer understanding of karma, this huge global learning experience we’re all having can become a great source of opportunity. By understanding why certain situations keep repeating themselves, we can develop a more realistic and optimistic outlook about the future. Recognition means that we finally know what we’re dealing with – and that is half the battle right there!


13/4 KARMA

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”     Picasso


The karmic implications of 13/4 involve misunderstandings about accomplishment and long term wellbeing. On a personal level, we can find ourselves in jobs or situations that offer no satisfaction. Individuals either hate the work they do, the environment in which they work, are not adequately compensated for their efforts – or all of the above. Most of us recognize how destructive and all-consuming this industrial system is, but we depend on it to keep a roof over our heads and survive.

4 is the number of limitation. Those who control the system right now want no limitations whatsoever, while they place as many limitations on the population as suits their purpose. 4 is the number of work, but also of ‘how’ things work, and nothing can work well when it is out of balance. 4 is the number of ORGANIZATION, and that is what balance requires. In any system, balance means arranging things in a way that enables energy to move freely, and as it needs to.

Quite the opposite is happening on Earth. Things are being arranged so that Earth’s abundance is siphoned to the top. With all that weight so unevenly distributed, the system cannot hold itself together. It will crash if appropriate regulations are not implemented to keep the balance. That is the main purpose of government – to keep the balance points clear, free, flexible and supported, so that people can coexist freely and peacefully, not only with each other but with all of life’s immeasurable diversity. The problem is that governments, as they stand today, do not understand that their true purpose is to serve, not exploit.

Many people are feeling an urge to be more organized, but are not sure how to go about it. 13/4 makes us rigid and uncompromising, or utterly helpless if we do not have a specific GOAL to aim for. 4 needs a goal to work towards in order to satisfy its enormous desire for PURPOSE. It has to have a REASON to work, otherwise it starts to make hard work out of easy tasks.

13/4 can make us complacent, indifferent, judgmental, selfish, disorganized, and lazy, especially when it comes to taking an unusual or solitary stance. When we are not true to ourselves, we are left with strong feelings of dissatisfaction. We don’t like ourselves when we cannot summon the courage to stand up for what we believe in.

In 13/4, we tend to judge ourselves on how productive we are. “He’s such a good guy. What a hard worker!”  But what does being a hard worker have to do with being a good guy? If we do not keep a balanced perspective between the importance of one’s job and one’s value as a human being, many problems arise, including feelings of superiority – those delusions of grandeur which seem to consume many of the people in control – and the feelings of hopelessness being felt by those who depend on those in control for basic survival (which is almost everyone on Earth).

Don’t worry about the number 13. There is far too much superstition about this number which was brought about centuries ago by power hungry leaders who used it as a fear tactic to keep the masses under control. There is nothing ‘unlucky’ about 13. It represents originality, breakthrough and evolution. It helps us create change by ending obsolete belief systems and opening new levels of consciousness that are based on curiosity, freedom, peace, love, learning and creativity.

In its unacknowledged form, 13/4 can produce dishonesty and lack of integrity. In the other extreme, it can produce the lack of desire to put any effort into gaining material and financial stability. But, when effort and work are accepted as a means of achieving what we want, a positive transformation occurs within, which is then reflected into our outer reality. Self-discipline and FOCUS, when needed, will enable us to succeed.

Because 4 is the number of how things work, we need to pay attention to what is happening in the world of science. The meaning of the word science is KNOWLEDGE. Science is a system which researches and organizes everything that is known about the physical world. It is essential that we turn to science for information, but it is also essential to regulate science in a way that does not curtail its capacity to discover new things, but also does not allow individuals and groups within the scientific community to hold the world hostage the way the industrial system is doing. For example, it is quite obvious that many so-called ‘scientific studies’ are concocted to boost the profits of corporations rather than protect or educate the population. Science must not become a new ‘god’ to compete or collaborate with that other ‘god’, money.


*14/5 KARMA

“… yes indeed, you’re gonna have to serve somebody, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” ~Bob Dylan



14/5 involves grabbing freedom for oneself at the expense of others, or in a way that undermines one’s own best interests. It involves overindulgence in the physical aspects of life at the expense of inner development. 14/5 involves lack of accountability and exposes self-centeredness, laziness, incompetence, lack of caring, erratic behavior and the inability to finish what we start.

The 14/5 vibration exposes excesses of food, drugs, alcohol, sex, and all kinds of addictions, including phones, TVs, computers, and anything else that we are unnecessarily dependent on. Many of the electronic devices we use are supposed to give us more freedom, but have ended up consuming our time and attention and are actually taking our freedom away.

The unstable nature of 14/5 prevents us from getting what we want until we recognize mistakes, stop repeating them, and find new and more effective approaches. But problems worsen when we allow guilt to deride us for making a mistake. Making mistakes is often how we learn. However, since we also need to be accountable for what we do, we must learn as quickly as possible before serious mistakes are made and harm is done. Learning from mistakes is how EXPERIENCE is gained. Once we understand that, we can proceed in a more intelligent way, which means learning as we go.

One of the most important lessons that 14/5 has to teach is, in freedom, no one owes anyone anything. Only by taking responsibility for ourselves can we ever loosen the grip that this slowly collapsing industrial system has on us. 14/5 encourages us to support and sustain ourselves in ways that are true to one’s spirit. The 14/5 karmic vibration teaches us how to deal with the  unfamiliar – and with the shock that often accompanies sudden change and unforeseen events – without losing our compassion. We must regain our sense of adventure because fear of the unknown is preventing us from making the changes we need to.

We must learn to adapt to unexpected or unusual occurrences and, at the same time, stay focused on what needs to be done, otherwise the shock of sudden change will keep us confined and too afraid to take the next step. Since life may often feel like a roller-coaster, we must learn to be flexible and have faith in our ability to cope.

14/5 exposes our appetite for distraction and teaches us to use our freedom more constructively. We must learn to stay focused for long enough to accomplish something and, then, know when to detach ourselves before we become trapped in it. We must know when it’s time to stay and when it is time to move on. 5 is the number of gambling and, as any gambler will testify, “you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”.  We also have to know whether taking a gamble is the right thing to do in the first place, or whether a more tried and tested approach would best suit our purposes. We must rely on our instincts and feelings more than we ever had to do in the past, but when we realize that’s what we’re doing, we will probably not want it any other way. Deep down, human beings crave to be independent and lead our own lives. Those are strong principles of the #1 – the number of the individual.

Some people feel that they have no responsibility to others. This often means that someone else is shouldering responsibilities that are not entirely theirs – and/or the plight of those who really do need help is ignored. A balance must be reached.

5 is the number of all things ‘different’, including different beliefs, races and cultures. 14/5 exposes the prejudices we hold inside, and how we pre-judge people and situations simply because they are different. Much of our karma will lift when we learn to live freely among others who are trying to do the same thing.

We cannot continue to pretend reality away, and 14/5 exposes our tendency to lie to ourselves. For as long as we keep up the pretense of how we feel, lies will be accepted as the norm… We are evolving from an era we named the information age – into a new reality of truth. The resistance to this continues to be fierce!


*16/7 KARMA

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”
~ Mark Twain


16/7 affects matters of SELF-AWARENESS, DIGNITY, and PRIDE, as well as SECRETS and LIES. It involves the abuse of power, and the formation of partnerships for the purpose of outdoing or controlling others. 16/7 is the number of conspiracies, and not just the theories behind them. This is the ultimate ‘smoke and mirrors’ energy which, like 14/5, comes from self-centeredness, arrogance and lack of accountability. Love can exist within this energy, but distorted motives can result in some decidedly unloving behavior.

16/7 energy has a very large presence on Earth right now. The self-centeredness from which it stems is actually a form of fear, in denial – the fear of rejection to be precise. 16/7 energy holds many fears in denial which, of course, does not make the fear go away. Fear in denial cannot be soothed and healed. Therefore, until the denial stops, the individual must carry its weight around, making him or her very difficult to get to know or even approach. This is a very moody energy which makes a person appear calm and confident some of the time, and then, out of the blue, paranoid and unreasonable.

In the 16/7 karmic energy, people tend to be very successful, only to fall from grace later on, and lose more than they ever bargained for. This is the energy from which scandals are made. The ‘16/7 fall’ occurs when people have been overly secretive, or engaged in some kind of conspiracy to improve their own position regardless of the harm they inflict on others. This karmic energy can bring out criminal tendencies and an appetite for secretive, illicit behavior. We are likely to see many scenarios like this play out on the world stage in the weeks and months ahead. It seems that a lot of prominent people are headed for a fall. When the masses understand HOW this system works, the system cannot work because it depends on secrecy to operate. Empires fall as truth closes in on them.

Wherever people are expressing themselves with exaggerated pride or vanity, or are seeking revenge, their difficulties are likely to grow worse.

The answer to 16/7 is OPENNESS and HONESTY. This is what will help us maintain FAITH in ourselves and other people, and in life itself, no matter how tough the going gets.

There is a ‘strangeness’ about the 16/7 energy which acts as a veil for all kinds of deceptions and secret activity. Many situations that appear to be mere quirks of fate or “coincidences” are often the result of 16/7 energy reaching its point of no return.

Read about the 19/1 karmic energy here. OUR 19/1 KARMIC RUT



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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54 Responses to KARMIC NUMBERS

  1. Interesting Christine. I wonder if this would effect people who have a current karmic debt more than it would others?


    • I think it would, Louise. A double whammy if you will. But what an opportunity this is to reach the comfort level that comes with truly accepting one’s karmic reality and rearranging one’s life – and one’s decisions – around that. I can see certain aspects of the 14/5 in my birth name, which I need to be more aware of now. What a great question!


  2. Ivan Filipp says:

    I was born on 13-th. During my youth I was thinking this is a very unhappy number. It was at the period of 20-th century when numerology have not been so known and a person with this number was represented with an unhappy future. I have been always a very strong personality, very good studying and involving in profi sports so my ego was good enough ready not to accept all of those ideas all aroud me. And finally I was right, stepping into the new century starting with feminine energy of 2 and accepting new view of point on this outstanding knowledge things have started to change as I had felt that 20 years ago. Number 2 for me means also air and new wisdom, so if I can fill up 13 with 2 I will get an order of numbers 1-2-3 which is a plain of thinking in classical numerology square. I had kept my sports very hard and incereasing my level of self-discipline for now I have a true power to change things my way and creating a new positive structure or software how things work really, at least at all environment close to me. However my path was pretty tought and strong one I have never gave up, in the contrary I have increased my level of daily conscious range of preparation, mainly physical one to absolute perfection. For last two years I was strarting to be really happy and very successful in my field of work, relationships and money. So, all is an outcome of the very strong will and being very active and helpful for others with discipline and feeling of responsibility all the time. This is a way of winner and however I know it was a part of my destiny to conquer formerly and old one explanation of number 13, I have really change it cos I wanted to do so. I AM a living proof of how one man can win his destiny.


    • Hello Ivan, thank you so much for sharing this. Yes, the number 13, and the number 4, have been terribly misunderstood over the years. But like everything else, numerology is evolving. We are now able to look at numbers now through so many different angles and levels which, of course, broadens our understanding significantly. You are obviously very attuned to these energies yourself. I wish you continued happiness and success.
      With love,


  3. dana says:

    Do you explain how to know our set of karmic numbers on your website? Seems to reason not everyone will fall into these 3 particular sets of numbers?


    • Hello Dana, in this instance we are not talking about personal karmic numbers but a concentration of karmic energy that is coming from the calendar itself. In terms of our journey through the cycles of time, this is energy that we’re passing through. In that sense, it affects us all. 19/1 is also included but, as I mentioned at the end of this article, I will write about that in a separate article.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christine….love your website. I was interested in the 14/5 energy. I was born on 5-5-64 and I noticed that some of what you were saying did apply to me. Is this possible?


    • Yes, the 14/5 traits have the potential to manifest wherever there is 5 energy. But we are exposed to all the karmic energies now because they represent so much of what is preventing or delaying our evolution. It’s good that you recognize it!


  5. tcardone1 says:

    Hi Christine,
    Your website is amazing. I’ve been studying numerology for about 11 years now and you always make me think. I’ve noticed that all of the karmic debt numbers have the number “1” in them. Do you think that is because to work through these issues we need to gain confidence and push through our fears? I’d appreciate your insight!

    Thanks so much!


    • Hello Taran, thank you for your kind comment. I’m so glad you are enjoying this work. Yes, the fact that 1 is in all the karmic numbers is a very important factor. Collectively they are our ticket to evolve. 1 is the number of the SELF – the individual. We evolve by leaving self denial and gaining self awareness. This is followed by self acceptance, which is to be at peace with oneself. Only then can we be at peace with others. Self acceptance, collectively, is peace on Earth, and it develops one individual at a time.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. aklaura says:

    What I like about reading your site it gives me pause to reflect and that is worth it’s weight in gold.


  7. Hi Christine! I was just reading the new article on the 14th Amendment and came back here to review what you had to say about 14/5. I appreciate what you had to say in the comment about facing one’s fears and self-acceptance. With this Leo new moon I hope we will, as Americans, find courage in our hearts to make the changes with awareness and collective personal power. It all starts at home! Thank you so much for your work! It encourages my growth!


    • Hello Robert, it does seem that people are more aware to day than we have ever been. Consciousness is expanding. But, of course, we have a long way to go towards gaining back the power we have traditionally given away. I think we’ll get there. My very best wishes to you.


  8. Alison says:

    Hi Christine,

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I am unsure as to how the calendar represents these karmic numbers? On reading your article, I found it deeply reassuring (that I’m not going mad!) given some of the things going on in environments around me, particularly with the 13/4 and 16/7 energies – I’m just not sure where in the calendar for the second half of 2011, these dates are extrapolated from!

    More generally, thankyou for your site and work – its fantastic to know that it is here to come to!



    • Hi Alison, well, the calendar I have devised for this work is pretty extensive. It includes the millennium we have just left, the present millennium, the century, the decade, the year, the month, the week, and the days, and other cycles that form from this structure. And there is a lot of intuitive work going on as well. I’m glad you relate to the interpretations. I think it’s important information. Thanks so much for commenting.


  9. Alison says:


    That is why you are the numerologist and I am the reader :))

    Thankyou again for sharing the karmic/numerological information – thematically, it almost runs word-for-word with frustrations that myself and my colleagues have been feeling, and it is really reassuring to know that everything is part of truth coming to light and an evolving female energy to help balance this sheer imbalance (!) out.

    Kind regards,


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  11. Jason says:

    Hi Christine,

    I’m in a 4 year and it has/is being everything you have described it would be. It’s uncanny actually how everything has been right on track sometimes even just slightly ahead. The amount of personal transition and change I have experienced so far this year and am continuing to experience has been both frustrating and very, very fulfilling at the same time. Your guidance has been a huge help in understanding what I have been going through.

    Can’t wait for my 5 year next year as I sense I’m being lined up and prepared for something truly remarkable!

    Thanks, Christine!



  12. Thomas says:

    So I’m in a 16/7 life path, 14/5 year, and 16/7 month. This is bad news for me? I saw my transit numbers too. I don’t know if those count but I have a 19/1 transit number this year. Now all I need is a 13/4 somewhere to complete the chain of misfortune 😦


  13. I think what really matters here is that it’s an opportunity to learn what you need to learn in order to evolve. From that perspective, this is a time of karmic HEALING for you, Thomas, and places you at a potential advantage. (Yes, transit numbers count). I would imagine that your awareness is expanding rather rapidly. Trust yourself.


  14. Bhartti Goel says:

    plz send medetails of karmic no 19/1.


  15. Suzanne says:

    Hi Christine, right now I am in a 7 cycle and it has been an eye opener for me… in a good way! How do I know my Karmic number I was born on 9/21. Thank you, Suzanne


    • Hello Suzanne, for full details of your karmic energies, I would have to do a full chart for you. This would include not only the above mentioned 13, 14, 16 and 19 karmic energies (if they apply to you), but also your karmic lessons which come from your birth name. It would also include your Birth Day Karma which is based not only on your day and month of birth, but also the year in which you were born. It tells you a lot about your purpose for coming into this particular lifetime. But your karmic energies are only one part of this service. Your Personal Profile is brimming with vital information about you, which you can actually use. For more details, go to: http://tinyurl.com/ybstqqq

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  17. Charles says:

    Hi, Christine? What advice would you have for a 16/7 souls urge person regarding romantic relationships? Is this energy not suited for marriage or traditional kind of relationships?


  18. Jacob McNamara says:

    Hi Christine, for a long time I have been studying numerology and have visited many sites on the web. But only today I came to find your site which is the vesy best out of all the sites I have visited. I am not flattering: eg. I am yet to find a site which has such a lengthy account of each personal year. I have a question which I sincerely hope you will be able to answer even with a few words: my birthday is 14 Sept and I will have ended ny year 9 then and begin year 1. Am in relationship with someone I love very much who entered year 6 in July. She has become quite removed and taken somewhat a cautious stand, where as I am going through several waves of emotional termoil. Is this to be expected? I would really apppreciate your help to understand. Thank you so much


  19. Mr. Saturn says:

    I was wondering, is there a point in time when these debts are repaid in our life, or do they hang over our head no matter how much good works we do. I did a reading on myself and my debts are 13 and 19. Will these be over me until the day I die no matter what, or is there a point in time where enough good acts, forgiving enemies, good deeds etc pay off the debt and I’m free from it in this lifetime? Just curious.


  20. Mike says:

    Thank You very much for this article. I often run into numbers through my days and today I ran into the number 16 13 14. I immediatly knew I needed to pay attention.


  21. olivia says:

    Hello, I realize this is an old post! I just wanted to know if being born on the 13th, 14th, 16th or 19th of any month signifies a connection to these karmic debt numbers? Or would they really affect your life only if they were in your life path number, soul urge etc. Hope that made sense! Sorry if you already answered this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Olivia, yes, you made perfect sense. I would say that these numbers hold karmic properties wherever they exist, including one’s day of birth.


      • olivia says:

        Thank you! I just received my 4 year book and I’m so impressed by the level of detail and insight. Not an easy year, but knowledge is power and I feel more confident now about my current situation. Thank you! Looking forward to April and getting my personal profile soon! 🙂


        Liked by 1 person

  22. Hilary Daniel says:

    Hi Christine. All things ro do with numerology are fascinating! Can you help explain please if we find karmic debt numbers in just a year of birth (eg 1951) and in part of a name (e.g Brian). I’ve been struggling with this after taking a course, and receiving/reading conflicting information. Thanks, Hilary


    • Hello Hilary, experience has shown me that wherever karmic numbers exist – they have an impact. When I calculate, I keep them whole, just as I would a master number. There is so much more to a chart than just the core numbers (Birth Name and Date of Birth), although I do think karmic numbers are strongest when in the core. On the other hand, I have many clients who have no karmic numbers in their core, but are experiencing, for instance, a 16/7 Turning Point/Pinnacle and along with it, all the characteristics of the 16/7 karmic debt (or Major Karmic Influence, as I like to call it). I do hope this is helpful.


  23. Hilary Daniel says:

    Hi Christine. Yes thanks that helps explain. So ….. when calculating using a person’s consonants – I came across a total of 49. When reducing, this came to 13 before arriving at a single number 4 – does this signigify a karmic debt at this stage please? I realise that it would not be at its ‘strongest’ if arrived at this way. Thanks! Hilary


    • Yes, when it occurs in the birth name it is a karmic debt (or Major Karmic Influence), and yes it IS at its strongest when arrived at that way. The 4 and 9 are added components to to the 1 and 3. Major Karmic Influences are not rare. I have the 14/5. It really helps to be aware of the effect they have.


      • hilary daniel says:

        Hi Christine. I do so love your site – it makes this exciting subject so much easier to understand! Thank you. Perhaps you could help me understand the letter Y. My name is Hilary and when I had my numerology chart done, the Y was classed as a consonant. I have since been researching and learning more, and am a bit confused as to whether my ‘Y’ is a vowel or consonant, and the reasoning behind this.

        Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2015 14:27:42 +0000 To: hilarydaniel@hotmail.co.uk


        • Hello Hilary, I am so glad you are enjoying this work. Thanks so much for the feedback.

          The Y in the name Hilary, is a ‘soft y’, and is definitely a vowel.
          An example of a ‘hard y’ would be “Yolanda”.


  24. sherab Lhamo says:

    Hi Chistine, I recently has my numerology done by a friend. He pointed out that i have 3 karmic debts, birth date 14/5, destiny 19/1 and soul cycle 13/4. Can you please let me know what it means? he was saying that i would want power and freedom but with the karmic debt, i will experience limitations from which frustration will arise. Can you elaborate?


  25. Damien Godchayx Jr says:

    Hi Christine–I Been Seeing the Number 44 for Some Years Now,and I Think it is Another MAIN NUMBER of Mine…I Don’t Know how to Explain it but I CONNECT More with EVEN Numbers than I Do Odd…Lately,I have been researching Surrealism,Realism,and the,”Façade-System”,that we are CURRENTLY living IN…(The Matrix) Also-A Couple More things…My Aura is Absolute White,Now…(Along with Rainbow,and A Rustic Gold)I Also Found-Out that we Are Multi-Versal,Multi-Dimensional Beings living in Universal Outlet of 2-Dimensional Living(2-Face-Life)….My Number is 44,And My,”Abso-Split+Primes” Are 2 & 4!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Damien Godchaux Jr says:

      Sorry,my Name is DAMIEN GODCHAUX, JR…..


    • 44 is one of my favorite numbers. I have written about it a lot, but I feel that we have only touched the surface of its true meaning and function. It’s like a switch-point, a circuit-breaker, the number of reaction and catalyst. It is the power to make things happen – and sustain what it creates. 44 finds a way to operate efficiently even in the most limited circumstances. It is the most balanced form of 8.

      And what fascinating subject matter you’ve delved into.

      Wishing you the VERY best, Damien.


      • Damien Godchaux, Jr says:

        Christine-I Found Out that 44 is the Number for THE ORIGIN POINT,And is A Stabilizer for The Beginning of Life,Death,and Rebirth.Also,the # 44 represents youthful expression,as well As HeavenlyAuthority…It Is A Promising # that Allows the Bearer to UNDERDTAND AND OVERSTAND Both the Material and Spiritual Worlds–And how they INTERLINK With Each-Other…The Number 44 is Also the Number of Young Phoenix,or A,”Guiding Phoenix” or Phoenix Alond its Last Rebirth,or Still in A Natural Development…Since I’m Aquarius(which I Think is the 11th Sign of the Zodiacs) it is procured to be the Water-Bearer-but if you look more Deeply it is juxtaposed to be,”THE LIGHT-BEARER”,Which intensifies the Creation of the 3rd Element which is of the Holy Trinity,and refers to Chokhmah(which is inherently the 3rd Pillar of the Kabbalah) Also,I Noticed as that I Grow and Understand that the Numbers that I’m Seeing is All Corresponding to A Certain Element(44 is the Element of Wind(Air),Fire,and the increasing Depth(Characteristics) of WATER…Which makes if there is Air/Carbon Dioxide+Fire(Heat) and Water(Chemical-Temperance)can Create New Specimens of Energy{Energectic Creation}[Either on A Nuclear,Thermal,Atomic,or Even(Miraculously) Elemental Component]…This Shows the 44 is the Basis(or Origin Point) of Creation…It is THE BEGINNING IF AN INEVITABLE END…It is the Beginning Rebirth of An Infinite Relaspe,that is Finitely Created Due to the Sponsorship of Destiny(or the Destiny the Creator,Created{Creation})….

        Lastly,showing that 44 is the Number of 8-As A Super±PRIME it denotes POWER,INFINITE BEGINNINGS,And Accounted PATHS,And the Creation out of NOTHINGNESS……. 44….!!!!


  26. Sebastian says:

    Hi. Excellent article. I have a karma 16 and I always have problems with love, I lose all I get, I would like to know how to solve this karma, because it is very difficult to live, thanks you!!!


  27. A D'Lorenza says:

    I’m very curious to understand the difference (if any) between Karmic Debt numbers originating from DOB and Name numbers? Would you explain? thank you


    • Karmic Debt numbers are 13, 14, 16, and 19, and can occur in the date of birth and the birth name.

      Karmic Lessons are derived from the name only – when an entire number value is missing from the name. For instance, the letters C, L, and U, all carry the 3 energy. If none of those letters occur in your name, you would have the 3 karmic lesson.

      I hope this is helpful.


  28. DV says:

    I’m beginning to doubt the whole thing about Karmic debt numbers, as all the wealthy, happy people I know, including family and friends, have one or more karmic debt numbers in name and or DOB. Can you explain this?


    • Hello DV. I don’t think the major karmic influences work in that way. They don’t determine one’s level of happiness or wealth, and can be dealt with effectively by adapting to them. And many people, through experience or instinct, know that if they act in a certain way, things do not go well – or perhaps they’ll go very well. So they either avoid or continue those behaviors.

      Even when we know someone very well, (friends and family), we cannot read their hearts and minds or know what is really going on deep inside. As for the money aspect, it makes no difference whether one is rich or poor. The circumstances may be different, but the lesson is the same.

      I hope this is helpful.


  29. DV says:

    Thank you so much for the response. Many numerologist promote the fear factor to gain business with name change and other such applications in order to feed their enterprise. Your honesty is refreshing and integrity admirable. I have been struggling with name change for personal reasons and want a name that reflects who I am regardless of karmic debt numbers or lessons. My birth name has 2 karmic debt numbers and one karmic lesson number.

    Liked by 1 person

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