NOVEMBER 28, 2012 is the 333rd day of 2012, which leaves 33 days left in this leap year.

3 represents communication, creativity, friendship, surface appearances, and joy.

33 represents communication, creativity, friendship, and joy, in global proportions, and takes us beyond the illusion of mere surface appearances into the deeper and more authentic aspects of ourselves and others. 33 gives us 6, the number of family, responsibility, healing, education, and balance.

333 represents multiple aspects of our evolution and transforms our very understanding of communication, creativity, friendship, and joy. 333 gives us 9, which represents diversity, drama, honest expression, the entire emotional range, letting go, and giving.

Therefore, today is a 3 6 9 day. These are the numbers of emergence, survival, integrity and continuity. 369 represents ALL the numbers combined. Just add them up! 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 3+6 =9.

And as Nikola Tesla famously wrote: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

November 28, 2012 is an 8 day in the world (11+2+8+2+0+1+2=2+6=8) – the number of POWER on the material plane – the power of attraction and manifestation. Today, the power is in your heart, your head, and your hands, to combine the creativity of 3 and the drawing power of 8 to make something materialize – to bring something to fruition. Do so with loving intent in your heart, and it is likely to last. 3+ 8 = 11 – the number of illumination, inspiration, and the crossing of one dimension into another.

Most importantly, today starts off a whole sequence of 3, 33, and 333 energy that flows through the remaining days of 2012. Just as we went through the transforming 11/11/11 energies last year on November 11 and 29, 2011, this year the same phenomenon occurs with the number 12 (3), on December 3, 12, 21, and 30.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,
it will make more progress in one decade than in all the
previous centuries of its existence.”Nikola Tesla
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKOLA TESLA (and a very cool video)

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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53 Responses to THE MAGNIFICENCE OF 369 and 333

  1. 12/12/12 is the start of it. There will be 9 days that change the world to follow, preceding 21/12/12 when the next great cycle begins.

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  2. BTW I believe that Tesla was talking about the harmonic relationship between 3, 6 & 9. He said it was the secret to understanding how electricity really works, which we still haven’t figured out.


    • Ferret, the harmonic relationship between 3, 6 and 9 was exactly what he was talking about, since vibration formed the basis of his work – but surely not in the context of electricity alone. There is also magnetism and form to consider in the equation. And those are the elements that I talk about on this blog in the form of numerics. I wonder what we will all discover as these final weeks and days of 2012 play themselves out. It’s going to be very interesting!


  3. vivian says:

    Thank you for sharing Christine. Have a lovely day! 🙂


  4. Virginia says:

    I’m so happy to read this post about the magnificence of 369. In my numerology chart, all my numbers are 3, 6 and 9, my Life Path # is 3. My first name , Virginia , adds up to 8 and my childhood nickname , Ginny adds up to 33. I have always felt an immense excitement about my numbers and I’m thinking that Christine is pointing me to the significance of of this right now. Thank
    you for that Christine, these are exciting times indeed ! I love numerology.


    • That’s so interesting, Virginia. You should be feeling this vibration strongly for the rest of the year.


      • Virginia says:

        Thanks Christine, you’re a sweetie !


        • My middle name is Heather , which adds up to 11 and my last name, Larstone ,adds up to 5. My soul and expression are 6 , my quiescent self and ruling passion are a 9 , Life Path #3. Virginia is * and Ginny is 33/6. I think your numbers
          are trying to tell me something, any thoughts? Is the 33/ Ginny, my childhood name , significant, I’ve read 33 really only comes into play in the main numbers, but I am hesitant of rules , when it comes to numerology. I was born June 30/56.


    • Anonymous says:

      My numbers are 369 too and I’ve been seeing those three numbers in various combinations for the past few weeks. Lots of synchronicities and manifestions of thoughts as well. What does it all mean?

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      • ANonYmoous369 says:

        you are not alone this combination has been with me for my whole life i mean it was everywhere, when i started seeing first i thought it was luck, but not i feel it is a key to lifes philosophy.

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  5. Solon says:

    Everything about me is a 3, Life Path and Name. 3 is a lucky number 🙂


  6. Thank you Christine for sharing your knowledge, numbers are so interesting, and, they never lie!


  7. john coop says:

    wow that was great thanks


    • it’s exciting stuff!


      • Faye says:

        My daughter had a dream last night about the numbers 369. My mother is dying with cancer and my daughter had the dream that she walked in my moms house and the numbers 369 were all over the walls of her house. Can you tell me what the meaning of these numbers are and why did she see them.


        • Hello Faye, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. There is an obvious meaning to this dream, but it could go much deeper, depending on whether your daughter has strong 369 energy in her chart. I would say that this is more about your daughter than it is about your mother. A house, in dreams, usually represents one’s mind or consciousness. Walls represent the different ‘compartments’ of the mind. Doors and windows are the ‘connectors’.

          Naturally, your mother is very much on your daughter’s mind. 3 represents the child (in this case the grandchild). 3 also represents communication, happiness and unhappiness, images and appearances. 6 represents the house and home, family, responsibility, and love. 9 represents endings, deep emotions, loss, and letting go. It does seem that your daughter is attuned to numeric vibration whether she realizes it or not.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hello Christine,
    I truely LOve your messages which I starting reading a few months ago…you seem so ‘in-touch’ with the pulse of life’s energies which I also agree has a strong bond to numbers ! The energies that numbers hold, I find quite fascinating !! There is a number that has attached itself to me & has been part of life for quite some time…I would be interested in your vision of what ’37’ means from your perspective. Thanks so much !…LOve & Light to You !!!~


    • It could be that you are ready to take something to the ‘next level’, since 3 + 7 =10, but you must be careful not to become so critical – or so determined to be ‘perfect’ – that you hold yourself back unnecessarily.


  9. jaguar389 says:

    Wow this is awesome. On the 28th Of Novemeber my partner and I looked at a rental Property at number 369! and plan to move in on the 12.12.12 😀

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  10. Stephanie Doherty says:

    Thank you for sharing. Some of these forecasts have essentially helped me grow and unlock feelings I wasn’t aware I was holding on to. I find it all fascinating and have told all my friends and family.


  11. thx1138v2 says:

    Does anyone have a citation where Nikola Tesla made that statement? I find many references on the web but no citations. i have been studying his work for two years now and often run into the quote but have yet to see a citation where he actually said it. I would like to know the context. Thanks in advance.


  12. debstarts says:

    Personally, I feel flattened by my 3-6-9 number. There seems to be nothing but interference in my world when I try to achieve magnificence. I have been involved in a lot of things, done lots of workshops and therapy, been to healings and sweats and energy healers (yikes) and now am working as a cust serve rep, at age 54 living with my Mom for the 2nd time in 10 years. I also seem to get attention from the ones in power or the decision makers, the good news and the bad news. Nearly every professional experience has had me used as target practice. I am way sensitive, which gets in the way of my relationships…I have a double 3 (june 30, 1959). I am sad or angry most of the time because of feeling so much. Much psychic attack has come my way. There have been bright moments, but I cant shake the feeling I was a major abuser in a previous life and paying for it dearly now. If I could just know that, I could perhaps take all this sh*t with a grain of salt. But if feels personal, like a pecking party and I’m the bloody chicken. I feel warped and stunted. any feedback would be welcome, maybe it’s physcial.


    • I think I understand this, Deb. My name, Christine DeLorey, is also 369 and it’s a deeply sensitive and emotional combination. It means that we have to feel our way through life, rather than rely on the mind to lead the way. We are evolving in the direction of emotional balance, but we are not there yet, by any means. This throws those of us with strong 369 energy a little off the ‘accepted’ path of society – or a lot.

      I think the ‘magnificence’ alluded to here is about how 369 works in the makeup of life. It creates a fabric out of triangles which is actually very thick, rich, and luxurious (diversity), but because humanity is still very much on the surface, not only does our depth go unappreciated at times, but those triangles also get warped and broken. Think of the triangle as having hinges at its 3 corners. If the lines of the triangle are allowed to drop naturally on those hinges, another triangle will form immediately beneath it, forming continuity. But if any of those sides are bent or otherwise damaged, the whole fabric loses its pattern and starts to fall apart. Those seeming “failures” in your life are not failures, Deb. They are the path you are walking. They are experience, painful as it may sometimes be. There are many similarities in my own life. Yes, you have double 3 and double 6, since June is 6 and so is 1959. But then again 6+6 gives you yet another 3.

      3 represents popular matters, as in populace, people, “society”. As humanity evolves, there is no need to compare yourself to others. It’s all going to change. Granted, you want to feel some satisfaction with your life but, frankly, I think your experiences actually place you slightly ahead of the game. Appreciate yourself just as you are. Do you know how beautiful the honesty of your words sound? This level of realness is what we are all evolving towards, but few have your authenticity.

      You came into this lifetime to find REAL happiness which cannot come from outside of yourself. I wish you the VERY best.

      Much love to you, Deb.

      p.s. we are going into week #30 (3) on Tuesday, July 23, (12/3) which begins on the 204th day of the year (6). Where is the 9? 9 is present wherever there is 3 and 6. And all that is doubled on Monday, July 29 (7+2+9=1+8=9). It should be an interesting week for you – and the world!


  13. sj says:

    Interesting. Born on a 3 date 6 month and year adds to 9. Been thinking a lot ablut relevance of numbers and heaps of surprising uncanny things lately


    • Yes, 369 is most relevant throughout September 2013, but particularly this week – calendar week 36. Wherever 3 and 6 exist, there is always 9. I have been writing weekly articles based on week number for several weeks now. I hope to have this week’s finished today or tomorrow.


  14. Anonymous says:

    my first name adds to 3 middle name to 6 and last name to 9
    is it good enough?
    life path is 8


  15. empath says:

    hey i born at day 18=9, at 11. when felt interest to numerology, got numbers like 3, 5, 6, 7, 9. 2011 was my process, 2012 awakened, 2013 fully healed, felt there are no accidents, and my birth is a reason, now doing two jobs, humanitarian(waking others) and technical. Synchronicity.


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  17. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been studying Tesla’s works for about 5 years. I have been looking for a citation for the 3 6 9 quote for a couple of years. I know where the “energy, frequency, and vibration” quote originated but although the 3 6 9 quote is all over the internet, I’ve never seen a citation for it. Do you have a citation?


  18. We are also life. And life is far more complex than its physical exterior. You say “even in a sense it lives”. In a sense? In EVERY sense it lives, Jared. Understanding emotion is all part of understanding energy, frequency, and vibration. That IS thinking in bigger, wider, and DEEPER terms.


  19. marie says:

    Hi my birthday is 3/12/72 and my son 6/6/99 really need to understand this meaning


  20. Hello, glad I found your blog. For myself we all think in 3 to the 3rd power comprehension. Too much to write here. And if you look closer at how the number three shows up in many ways, Think of songs, books, and even how many times the number three is written in the bible. Look at things in this manner. And as a switchboard going back and forth on the different perceptions and our own personal core of understanding.

    This as one.
    We the individual.

    “Father, Son, Holy Spirit”
    “Body, Mind, Soul”
    “Me, myself and I”

    In the deeper sense the brain is going back to its understanding the world and how like a computer taking it all in. There is the “I Am” also “I Have” always at the center of who we are.

    Reason. Association and Symbolism = determines comprehension based on the switching back and forth of the three, six and nine. Like they all are interchangeable in how we think. This is my belief.

    And to some extent idea, thoughts, and concepts are results which has advanced or say many better understanding than we had a hundred years ago. Very hard to go into as I have yet to write a very detailed outline or write it out. I have been thrinking about it for years. Being no academic I cannot claim any what may be worth considering or its just nonsense.

    Actually on writting about it two heads would be better than one. It would take a good bit of work spelling it out. Haven’t written a book or anything, just mess around what wordplay I use on whatever comes to me. Good discussions between others can lead to better understand on the grand scale as we each learn and interact on several levels. For each person brings new, let us say understanding of other viewpoints and perspectives. I had to put this out there and sorry for it being long. This can be considered for what its worth, for it may not mean anything to others.

    Again sorry for the long reply, and enjoy reading through your blog.


  21. ancestor says:

    hi chris in your addition of all the numbers you added from one to 8 what about 9 any where the answer will still be thesame


  22. ancestor says:

    i am a martial artist and spiritual person in love with spirituality and equally very curios on the mysteries of this world


  23. ancestor says:

    i think there are many things you can help me overcome and control


  24. ancestor says:

    my birthday is 9/6/88


  25. Adam says:

    Strait toward thinking and communication is always better for men


  26. Chantel says:

    Hey love, my birth name equates to 3,6,9 (soul urge, personality, destiny)
    And for whatever reason, without knowing previously, I have always been drawn to 3,6,9… I just today started researching and have come across the brilliance of these numbers together. That said though, would this equation have any purpose or meaning to my life specifically ?

    I have a married name now (however divorced) and the numbers changed to 4,2,6
    My name has never resonated and looking at those numbers they don’t resonate … wonder if I should go back to my maiden name haha !

    Anyways, thanks for the blessing of information
    Love and light


    • Yes, if you are no longer attached to your married name, what is the point of keeping it if you are no longer married? Some women choose to keep it because it is their children’s name, (or other reasons) but if you are more comfortable with your birth name, you should use it. Your birth name is a natural vibration, whereas the energy of a married name is ‘acquired’.

      369 represents empathy, continuity, flow, direction, and the patterns that build framework. There are 3 more articles about 369 listed above which will explain much more. Love and best wishes, Chantel…



  27. Jeremy says:

    Strangely, my life path is 3, my expression number 6 and my soul urge number is 9, and my destiny number is 11/2 … I was born August 2, 1982 at 1:23 AM. I have a pretty awesome looking birth chart:
    I would really love to hear what you guys think…


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