THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 48)

The Final Weeks of 2012 – Week 48 – Creative Spring

2012 is a 5 global year (2+0+1+2= 5).  5 is the number of CHANGE, RESOURCEFULNESS,  and FREEDOM.

Week 48 is a 3 global week. (4 + 8 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3).  3 is the number of CREATIVITY, FRIENDLINESS, and COMMUNICATION.

When 3 and 5 mix, as they do in extraordinary measure this week, suddenly we are all in a more creative time and space, giving new ideas and new life a chance to develop. 3 and 5 enable us to feel our individual and collective heartbeats – the creative pulse – and transform our destructiveness into creativity, and our misplaced guilt into dignity. 5 transforms. 3 is the child. Humanity is growing up … evolving.

3 represents art form, artists, and communication. 5 represents the exciting, the exotic, sex, gender, and reproduction. 3 = expectation. 5 = the unexpected. Together 3 and 5 conceive and form ideas – a real child or a brain child! 3 and 5 is the ultimate pregnancy vibration. To be pregnant is to expect! And yet we don’t know what to expect. Week 48 brings us into very fertile and unusual territory which can open our imaginations to new levels.

Talking of artists and communication, Tuesday, November 27 is the 70th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s birth, who wrote these prophetic words:

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

This poignant phrase has special meaning this week.

3 is the number of the arts – which are essential to our evolution. Not only do the arts reflect reality back to us, they also engage both emotion and intellect at the same time. Music, for instance, is the outer reflection of inner harmony. Perhaps, this week, we will have a chance to sing a song that’s in our hearts.

In the multi-dimensional vibrations of 48, there is great potential for all of us to overcome the debilitating fear of being judged, (worrying about what others think of us), and allow our feelings to become the inner strength they are meant to be. This can only happen when all the old emotional energy that is stuck inside us is finally released from our bodies. 48 facilitates this healing movement through outward expression, and 3 provides the optimism (hope) that will carry us over any rough patches which lay ahead. As we give consciousness to emotion, emotion gives depth to consciousness.

We are awash in 3 energy this week, which starts on Sunday November 25 – the 330th day of the year. All the day numbers this week begin with 33. The 333rd day of the year falls on Wednesday, November 28 , leaving 33 days left in this leap year. This will bring us into the 12th month, December, and of course 1 + 2 = 3.

It’s triangular nature makes 3 one of the most complex numbers of all – and yet 3 is often thought of as a ‘shallow’ energy. Far from it! Every number has its opposite ends, and while 3 does indeed denote shallowness on one end, there is great depth on the other. The shallowness in which we have been living has been all about outer appearances, which can be fun at times, it has its place for sure, but without substance and meaning, we cannot grow and change. It does seem that we the people are more than ready to venture into deeper waters as our journey through 2012 nears its end.

3 is the number of FRIENDSHIP, NETWORKING, COMMUNICATION and CREATIVITY. As a master number, 33 offers an unusual level of communication for the purpose of healing, teaching and inspiring through unusual but effective methods.

Communication comes from the heart of Mother Nature. It is what keeps us aware, connected to each other, and to reality. But those who run the system have commandeered the lines of communication to control the emotions and, therefore, the WILL of the people. However, as we move further into the openness of the 2000s, the messages that the system is sending no longer have the same effectiveness. The old resonance has gone. These are the days of ever increasing openness – and we can see through the ruse.

Transparency and truth are called for in this evolving world – and it is we, humanity, who are calling for it.

We are here to experience life in physical form, not to destroy it with our inexperience. We are here to learn about the value of space and time – not its market value, but the amazing framework of potential that it provides. The extreme nature of the Earth Changes, which are underway, show that the lines of communication between us and Mother Nature need to be unclogged as quickly as possible. This week, an important climate change conference is occurring in Qatar. Now that the USA has been hit so badly by extreme weather, and the awful aftermath of Hurricane Sandy prevails, will the American voice on environmental matters communicate more intelligently about this now?

33 feels a responsibility to communicate impartial truth, and is instrumental in our efforts to express ourselves more freely and honestly. The desire to uplift and encourage others, in the spirit of unconditional love, is also part of 33’s visionary energy. 33 has the desire to change the world in a positive way – to heal and make things better. 33 also finds the physical means to put its vision into action. Within its influence, we find ourselves both offering and receiving whatever is most needed at the time, often through our connections to other people. 3 is the number of networking. Double 3 takes networking to a whole new level.

However, without sincerity and devotion, and the understanding that you cannot preach to others what you yourself have not yet learned or experienced, 33 can make our forms of communication seem extreme and unattractive. As we evolve into the open frequencies of the 2000s, both sincerity and dishonesty are being picked up by all of our expanding senses.

33 adds up to 6 – the number of  balance – and extremes! Therefore, while all this 3 energy is active, we must be aware of any tendency to want to control people and situations. As we move closer to 2013, which also adds up to 6, we are reminded about the dangerous nature of extremes. Some of those extremes involve self-consciousness, to the point of paranoia, and controlling to the point of tyranny. Master numbers could be better named, since their potential includes some rather ugly extremes.

Wherever there is control over others, there is also fear. Fear dissolves in proportion to true inner confidence, not the outer appearance of confidence that is currently accepted as real. We cannot just eliminate fear. It is an essential part of our emotional range, the purpose of which is to alert us to danger. This is the same emotion that is behind caution and common sense. We have to learn how fear really operates and make choices as to what requires attention and what does not. Meanwhile, we remain scared of love, afraid of being alone, scared of getting hurt, terrified of the truth, scared of the dark, scared of the light, and scared of anything that takes us out of our comfort zones. So, yes, we must learn what needs to be feared and what does not, because our ‘does not’ list is irrational fear, and keeps us at a standstill. We have to have acceptance for both fear and confidence because both feelings contain the very messages and understandings we need at the time.

It’s an 8 day in the world on November 28, the number of power on the material plane. 11+1+5=1+7=8). A gigantic balance of power has been underway on Earth for quite some time, not necessarily between nations, corporations, and other recognizable symbols of the system, but between the people and those who control the system. The pace of this shift is likely to accelerate between now and the end of the year.

Week 48 is the 9th week of a 10 week run when all the weekly numbers begin with 4 – the number of order, system, work, and how things work. 4 represents limitation and obstruction, and helps us recognize that the way we are existing, the way this system works, and how it prevents us from fulfilling our true potential as human beings, by programming us to believe we are so much less than we are. And as we continue to make our way into the transparency of the 2000s, it is easier to see how guilt is used to keep us under control. Emotional energy is magnetism, and we must move guilt out of the magnetic field, otherwise we will continue to mistake judgment for truth.

4 and 8 – what a strange dynamic. They work so hard together to manifest on the material plane, and yet they work just as hard to pull each other apart. These are the numbers of entitlement. 4 believes it is entitled to attainment and recognition for achievement through hard work, dedication and attention to detail. 8 believes that attainment comes through the power of attraction; and the less work and detail the better. Both energies have an equally important role to play when it comes to manifesting on the material plane, but those roles are seriously misunderstood and twisted by greed and indifference in the current system. 4 digs deep for knowledge. 8 incorporates that knowledge to get what it wants. 4 is the number of work and represents the workers, and 8 represents those who prosper from other people’s work. This misunderstanding has resulted in the dire imbalance we are now experiencing in the world in which 8 feels superior to 4, and 4 feels like its being crushed by 8, which it is.

‘GRACE’ ~ With kind permission of “CircleArt” – view this artist’s work  at


But when 4 and 8 work in harmony, we have perfect balance, abundance, satisfaction and the continuity of life – infinity. 4 and 8 results in deep friendship which, of course, is a form of LOVE. A little more genuine friendliness between people would go a long way to smooth some of the rough edges of this journey that we’re all taking together. 

This week, 4 and 8, show us that when we encounter situations we can do nothing about, we may not understand our power to change things. We can have an impact on any situation if we are willing to put the necessary effort into it. Unfortunately, most of us cannot retain our focus for long enough to realize just how much effort we are capable of making. We underestimate ourselves terribly. If you believe you cannot help yourself, you will not be able to. If you think that an adverse situation is just karma which you simply have to accept, you can never release yourself from that karma (which is actually the laws of cause and effect in action). Change is the nature of life, but unnecessary guilt is holding us back.

For most of us, there is nothing we have done in our lifetimes to warrant the level of guilt that keeps us stuck in our habits and patterns. Guilt is everywhere. By letting go of guilt, without denying its presence, we release our feelings from the holding pattern, which then enables us to feel those feelings that we could not bring ourselves to feel – the feelings that guilt told us it was ‘wrong’ to feel – emotional realities that we sent into denial with the help of the infinite supply of distractions the system puts at our disposal.

Fear of our own feelings have kept us anchored to the past. And even that fear sits in denial much of the time. A feeling is meant to be felt – and felt again and again if necessary, until it has run its natural course and evolves into clarity. This is part of the process of learning from mistakes (and successes) and gaining experience and confidence.

Guilt is a judgment one makes against oneself. It keeps our feelings locked within us, to the extent that the most deeply buried feeling we have is that of being trapped with no way out. And, because we do not allow ourselves to feel or even acknowledge this feeling, it has not been able to do what it needs to do in order to heal. It needs to MOVE. It is moving NOW in millions of human beings, as we realize that we are stuck in situations we cannot bear. The jolt that comes with facing this fear head-on and feeling it fully, creates an opening in this stagnant energy field through which a way out – an escape – can then be found. And that is how fear works in our favor when we understand its purpose. The creative and courageous energies of week 48, the great combination of vibrations that 48 produces, and the inspirational energy of November – enlightening 11 – will help us to untangle ourselves from guilt and the irrational fear that guilt hides behind.

Humanity is in strong revolutionary mode and is rising up all over the world to denounce the systematic enslavement that this system is. And the system will fight back ruthlessly because it is fighting for its very existence. But we must learn how to make these changes CREATIVELY, not destructively. If there is one thing most people can agree on is that there simply has to be a better way than all this unjustifiable violence and destruction of life. Of course, humanity has risen up before – but never on this scale, and never with the level of awareness we have today. With so many numbers at our disposal this week, and positioned in such helpful patterns, this is an ideal time to assess what you, personally, can do to live more freely. Just remember that communication is a channel of nature, which has been hijacked and set up to manipulate our emotions.

On Thursday, we have November 29, which is an 11:11 day. Add to that the 5 energy of 2012, and we have a 27/9 day in the world – a number of great sensitivity and intuition. 9 represents endings and deep emotions, completions, and generosity. In this energy, we need to be more aware of how we are communicating, individually, within ourselves. What are our feelings communicating to our minds, and our minds to our feelings? And what does the body have to say about all that movement going on within its physical form? Part of our body is the HEART – which is where the 3 different parts, mind, emotion and form MEET. This is likely to have significant meaning now that we are traveling through such concentrated 3 energy. At the precise point those 3 vital parts of us reach true balance, consciousness expands into the 4th dimension, the nature of which has only been theorized in science, never proven. Perhaps we have to experience it in order to understand it.

It’s time to heal our torn and tattered emotions and nurture them back to the love they originally were. Every emotion is a response to experience, and now in 2012, a 5 global year, the number of experience and change, we must give our emotions what they need in order to heal: understanding, acceptance, love, and outward expression. The heartless age of the corporation is evolving into an era of cooperation and caring. There is no other course that evolution can take and still make sense.

Compassion is the healing balm that will save humanity from itself – kindness for its own sake, and doing what’s right simply because it’s right.

There are ten ways to reach the number 48. Put another way, 48 can be divided up in 10 different ways – by incorporating this set of numbers:  1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 48.

This reminds us that there are multiple ways of looking at the various aspects of life. We have only been skimming the surface. 48 shows us both our depth and our shallowness and, in 2012, this year of drastic change, we must continue to recognize the limitations of the shallow end of life. We are all a lot wiser than we allow ourselves to believe. In the multi-dimensional vibrations of week 48, instead of communicating what we think others want to hear, we can communicate the truth that’s in our hearts.









… and be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. (See sidebar for links)




2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT



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4 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 48)

  1. Kamal says:

    Hi Christine,

    Great article about week 48, I have a question for you I have just moved into an apartment 3 days ago with the number 48 and also my life number is 3 I moved from an apartment with the number 17 can you explain any significance for me with these numbers?


  2. There is definite synchronicity in this, most of which you will be able to discern for yourself as your journey unfolds from here. This move expands your potential from the self-oriented 17 (1+7=8), to the more practical, results-oriented, and multi-faceted (48) 3.

    48 expresses many different sides of a story. It extends your assets (what you have to work with) by widening your networking capabilities – and therefore your view of the big picture.

    And, since you made this move last week, you may want to read more about the 11 energy of week 47, too.

    Good luck Kamal. Wishing you the very best!


  3. Cobalt says:

    “Compassion is the healing balm that will save humanity from itself – kindness for its own sake, and doing what’s right simply because it’s right.” Brilliant, Christine!


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