“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.  John Lennon “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

May is the 5th month of this 5 global year (2+0+1+2 = 5), and the nature of 5 is CHANGE. This month’s double 5 vibration produces strings of life-altering energy in our personal and collective lives. And because development in the 5 energy tends to be sudden and unexpected, it teaches us that we cannot possibly plan for every eventuality and that nothing in life is completely predictable. Therefore, we must learn to live our lives as fully as possible while adapting, adjusting and learning as we go.

5 is the number of FREEDOM. It is filled with twists and turns from which we can grow spiritually, emotionally and/or materially, as we learn to cope with unforeseen or first-time situations. 5 represents EXPERIENCE and EXPANSION, both of which are gained by learning from past and present mistakes, both our own and other people’s.

May in the 5 year is a 1 month (5+5=1+0=1). When 1 is derived from double 5 and its compound number 10, innovative new ideas arise and things are accomplished which were previously considered impractical or ‘before their time’. Here we are in a 10/1 month, in the decade of the 10s, and things that were stuck may find a way to move forward now. 5 is the number of OPPORTUNITY, ADVENTURE and CHANCE. The numbers 1 and 5 intertwine constantly throughout the month and, just as a tree bends with the wind, we must learn to bend with changing circumstances. 5 is the number of FLEXIBILITY. (May 5, 2012 is the 127th day of this leap year, which also adds up to 10.)

On MAY 5th, 14th and 23rd, we experience a shock of 5 energy – TRIPLE 5.

5 MONTH, 5 DAY, 5 YEAR. 

 I use the word ‘shock’ because 5 is electrical, masculine, sensual, sexual and physical in nature. 5 is the number of the SUDDEN, the UNUSUAL, and the ‘DIFFERENT’. 5 sends jolts of realism into the old programming that stands between us and reality. There are very few safety nets in the 5 vibration. It is an accident-prone energy simply because so much is happening all at the same time, making it difficult to focus. The traffic of life is moving in all directions and dimensions. So we need to stay awake and aware. Our senses need to be fully alive!

5 is the ultimate ‘action’ number which highlights movement, travel, foreign lands, various cultures, and important issues with which we are UNFAMILIAR. 5 branches out into so many different directions that it would be easy to mistake its vibration for chaos itself. But, no, it’s not chaos. 5 brings expansion, and what we are experiencing now is the result of our expanding consciousness and a corresponding wider view of the big picture.

The fact that the biblical number ‘666’ forms out of 555 is very interesting – (see the above table of numbers). As a numerologist, I see 666 as 18 – the combination of 1 and 8 – a numeric set that we all need to better understand if we are to bring constructive rather than destructive change to Earth. 1 is the number of SELF and 8 is the number of POWER.

However, at our most unevolved level, we misinterpret the 1 energy as selfishness and ‘winning at any cost’ (being #1), and 8 as greed and belligerence. Consequently, ancient prejudices and hatreds, based on race, religion, sexuality, appearance, ideology, and social positioning are now coming to light in the form of the BULLY. Perhaps that is what 666 has always been about. (6+6+6=1+8=9).That’s what I saw in Nelson Mandela’s prison number, 46664 – with 666 representing an evil regime that was based on the premise of supremacy – the belief that one ‘type’ of human being is ‘superior’ to another. Of course, this sentiment did not die with the end of South Africa’s apartheid system. In fact, today, worldwide, this level of class consciousness, in its many forms, is more noticeable than ever.

The 366 days of this leap year also add up to 15/6. (3+6+6=15/6). 6 represents balance and extremes. 15 also implies that we must take care of responsibilities in the most creative (as opposed to destructive) ways.




5 represents DIVERSITY and highlights ‘differences’ and disparities. This is why there is so much focus, all over the world, on the rights of women, children, workers, voters, LGBT, immigration, all minorities, the entire spectrum of civil and human rights, and the terrible state of imbalance that life has become. Equality, fairness, and justice are major issues now because balance cannot be achieved without them.

Slowly but surely, humanity is leaving denial, and May’s concentration of 5 energy is likely to speed this process up. But as the extremes continue to lose support, they are becoming more dangerous than ever. The majority of people do not want to be associated with fanaticism and blatant hatred. But it’s anyone’s guess as to just how far the controlling forces, and the extremes who back them, will go to prevent humanity’s journey into Free Will.

When the numeric energies are looked at as roads and passageways, route #5 is the widest and busiest. This is where all traffic seeks a change of course or, at least, confirmation that we’re on the right path. The most frequently asked question in any 5 year is “which way do I go?”

The outer circumstances of May confirm what we have been feeling inside for a long time. People everywhere are gaining understanding and intelligence. Humanity is evolving and, on a very large scale, people are learning to CARE beyond pure self-interest. I AM is gaining a much greater appreciation of WE ARE.

5 represents SENSUALITY and the information we receive from our senses. It enables us to FEEL and SENSE our way through a variety of situations. The more deeply we allow ourselves to feel what’s going on inside us, the more accurately we perceive what’s happening on the outside, and the more able we are to take the necessary action to shape the OUTCOME we desire. This is how life on Earth will change its shape – according to the WILL of the people, the way people feel – and the magnitude at which people are honestly able to feel their feelings. This is Free Will. 5 is the number of FREEDOM and, of course, the Will of the people has never been free. The Will is made of emotional energy which is feminine and magnetic in nature. And now, in the 2000s, feminine energy is rising into her place of equality to bring BALANCE to life.

There has always been a WAR ON WOMEN, and it goes way beyond reproductive rights, health care and equal pay for equal work. This has always been a man’s world – a dangerously dishonest and imbalanced world. It will continue to be so until we understand and accept that feminine energy IS negative energy – yin – magnetism – but we have been conditioned to believe that negative is bad while positive is good. This is one of our greatest misunderstandings. Both polarities are essential to life and each contains both loving and unloving energy. There is no superiority here. You cannot be all positive or all negative and still be balanced.

Women who understand their equality are labeled, not strong but radical; not feminine, but feminist. However, in 2012’s 5 global energy of CHANGE, the disparity between masculine and feminine is visible to the masses now and can no longer be denied. This major gap between male and female, between electricity and magnetism, between our spiritual selves and our emotional selves, will be bridged when we realize that feminine emotion is just as sacred as masculine spirit, and neither is complete without the other.

5 is the number of SEX from which all physical life begins. And sex is the basis of the constant inner battle that all of us are fighting whether we give it consciousness or not. Each of us has both masculine and feminine energy – mind and emotion, thought and feeling. And each of us has our own masculine/feminine war going on inside which is the root cause of the great imbalance that is gripping Earth right now. The outer wars cannot stop until we make peace within. We must BE the change we want. And we must remember that all change starts within – always.

1 is the number of ACTION, and the masculine mind can get things done provided there is a road available – a means to do it. But when it comes to creating change that will hold, endure, and respect the needs and rights of others, it is the emotions that are out there paving the way for the mind to follow. We must develop the courage to speak the truth in our hearts rather than the conditioning in our minds.

The human Will is our ability to feel and sense. It enables us to guide and conduct ourselves according to our uniqueness… to be who we really are, and lead our own lives. The human will is our emotional pulse. We are all feeling our emotions more emphatically now because the human Will, all over the world, is rising to free itself. The human Will is that part of us that never gives up. It is the will to LIVE – the survival instinct… the very part of us that the ruling forces are forever trying to break so that we will be dependent on them and bend to their demands.

The time lapse between the triggering of a feeling and when we actually express it creates space and discomfort between us. The longer we take to express what we feel, the more distance we place between ourselves and whoever else is involved. That is how powerful our feelings are – and it’s time for us to learn more about them by experiencing them more fully. Everything starts within – every war, every kindness.

I think therefore I AM.  I feel therefore WE ARE.

5 is the number of FREEDOM, which I cannot define for you, nor you for me. But do be aware of how freedom becomes fragmented when we pluralize the word. There are no freedoms. There is only freedom. But because laws are constantly made to curtail freedom in whatever way suits the controlling forces, we find ourselves having to fight for freedom, one fragment, one law, at a time. Remedying this situation must also start within the individual. Very often, we don’t realize how many laws and conditions we set for ourselves by giving our free will away to others and allowing them to ‘decide’ how we should be living our lives.

We are starting to heal the damage now, first within, then without, but the extent of humanity’s brokenness is quite daunting when you look closely at it. In the 5 energy, we can see the symptoms clearly, and the resulting 6 energy that comes from 5 5 5 can help us find solutions. 6 is the number of the PROBLEM SOLVER.

5 is also the number of gambling and speculation, and since it is now well documented that the bankers and industrialists have been gambling and speculating with the world economy, it should be interesting to see what changes take place now. But we should remember that 5 is also the number of CONSEQUENCE, not only as far as the economy is concerned, but in all aspects of life. For every action, there is a reaction. 5 is the number of OUTCOME which, of course, is CHANGE.

5 is the number of RESOURCEFULNESS. We need to figure out what has to be done and just get on with it. If we wait for the approval of others, the opportunity will pass us by. At the same time, we have to be aware of the possible consequences of our actions. We have to think things through with care. We have to care what the outcome might be. Unfortunately, much of the industrial world has yet to learn this lesson or even understand the question. When people are careless, accidents happen.

5 represents the PHYSICAL experience of life, including how the physical presence of one  person – you or me – affects another. On a larger scale, it teaches us how the physical presence of our species is effecting the physical planet from which we were all born.

What we are doing to Mother Earth with our drilling and fracking and blasting and poisoning – draining every last drop of Earth’s life blood (which we call ‘resources’), will, I believe, be felt heavily this year, maybe even this month. The year 2012 became etched in people’s minds because it is a fixed balance point in our journey into the feminine 2 energy of the new millennium – the energy of CONNECTION!

It is true to say that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But that is not an excuse to ignore anything of a physical nature that we don’t like. We are here to GAIN the experience of PHYSICALITY – FORM – BODY, not to ignore it whenever it becomes uncomfortable or inconvenient. The physical world is in terrible shape and so are we. Our position is precarious – but as evolving beings our potential is limitless.

I believe that there is nothing more urgent right now than the condition of Mother Earth herself. The PRIVATIZATION – THE OWNERSHIP – OF NATURE is a massive mistake – the passing of man-made regulations and deregulations in a deluded effort to change the laws of nature – without realizing that we are not separate from the natural world, but a part of it. This is not resourcefulness. It is mindless destruction.

Perhaps when we learn to CONNECT naturally to Mother Earth’s resources instead of mindlessly digging them up out of the Earth, we will also discover how to create without having to destroy! Yes, that may be a long way off, but the potential is nonetheless there.

The war on mother nature is a war against feminine energy which is mirrored by the war on women. There is nothing on Earth, nothing we possess on the material level, that did not come from Mother Nature. It is through HER that everything is born. But this man’s world has not yet evolved passed the selfishness of 1, and cannot give credit to the feminine because it’s fear of losing its #1 position is just too great. Feminine energy is FREE WILL, which a patriarchal system cannot allow to spread.

As 2012 unfolds, we must take each day as it comes and learn as we go. That is the nature of 5.


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About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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17 Responses to THE TRIPLE 5 ENERGY OF MAY 2012

  1. Gerald Buddell says:

    Dear Christine, As ever you are truly In Tune with the Infinite. Ralph Waldo Trine will be proud of you; perhaps he is even looking over your shoulder and helps with your words when you type them?!? I recommend EVERYONE who has read the above TO PRINT IT OUT not just leave it in the computer. WE MUST BE AWARE of the energies that try to flow through us and BE READY to act on them. This World needs FREE SPIRITS to act, She is crying out for help. The time draws closer when Women will find their true calling and to help balance the Male action to create the best reaction for all of us and our childrens children and those that inherit Mother Earth. Thank you as always Christine….Gerald


  2. Pat says:

    Hi Christine, love reading your postings. You stated above that, “things that were stuck may find a way to move forward now.” This is how I’ve been feeling for the last few years. I do feel that things are finally starting to move along and take shape. But my question is, why were things stuck in the first place? Is there a reason?


    • Hello Pat, I think we have been stuck because we were moving around in the same old rut when, in fact, the new millennium, the 2000s, brought a huge shift of energy and direction… like the old saying, ‘a bend in the road is not the end of the road – unless you fail to turn”. We seem to be making that turn now, or at least realizing that a turn needs to be made.


  3. jounisakari says:

    Hello , I have participated in this discussion in FAcebook , and would like to share the thread as I saved in hope to share the valuable information that was discussed :


  4. Shravaka says:

    Dear Christine, Wonderful insights and observations… And I resonate with TRMS as well. A question came up in reading this post you might be able to help clarify. When you speak of Free Will, how does this relate to: “Not my will, but thy will”?


  5. S says:

    “This has always been a man’s world – a dangerously dishonest and imbalanced world. It will continue to be so until we understand and accept that feminine energy IS negative energy – yin – magnetism – but we have been conditioned to believe that negative is bad while positive is good. This is one of our greatest misunderstandings.”



  6. Justin Keith Maughan says:

    This article you have written is so what i am going through right now. This year is my 5 personal year also the same as my mothers so what i gather this is a bigger year for us than other people am i correct?
    It seems that way because on April 23rd my mother was diagnoised with terminal cancer of the pancreas & liver and was informed that she has only 2 months left to live…
    Is this the change that the double strength 5 year has because everyday since i have found out about my mothers condition seems so raw and i am finding it hard to keep it together so to speak…
    My mother and i are both Pisces, born in the year of the Rat, and both of us have the same personnal year!!!
    Life is tough for us, i just hope the rest of the year gets better…


    • Justin, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. What a difficult time this is for her and, of course, for you. I do hope she is as comfortable as possible, both physically and emotionally.

      The fact that it all seems so ‘raw’, and that you are having difficulty ‘keeping it together’ is quite natural. You are in emotional pain, Justin. When we know we are going to lose someone we love, we cannot help but grieve, even before it happens, and even if we are able to maintain a cheerful persona for the sake of the other person. Grief is the heaviest of all the emotions and the most difficult to contain. Losing one’s mother is a major milestone in this journey of life.

      We know that death is part of physical life (as we know physical life to be at the present time) and yet this logic does not make the loss of a loved one much easier to deal with at the emotional level. Like all the emotions, grief must pass through us in order to leave our bodies – which can take a long time – and I mean years.

      We tend to see this process as ‘getting through’ the situation when really it is the emotion that has to get through us – until there is no more of it to express. You will have good days and bad days. All you can do is take each day as it comes.

      Try to remember the happy times and remind her of them. Let your Mom know how wonderful she is and how much you love her.

      Yes, I do think those with strong 5 energy are feeling this concentration more intensely, and each in their different ways.

      You are both in my prayers, and I send you my love.


  7. Michele FitzGerald says:

    Enjoyed your article, especially the explanation about women, negative v positive. It was like you read my mind, or vise versa. 😉 Tells me the collective mind is at work. The energy of Mother Earth is feminine, is it not? When she has had enough (and we see it already) she becomes “radical”, “feminist” once her compassion for mankind is worn thin. I say “you go Mother Earth!”. Days have ended when men possess women and women are property.


  8. majick says:

    My wife and I chose Beltane May 1 for our wedding. On 05/05/2012 at 3:11 PM we celebrated the surprise birth of our daughter (2wks early). This was the largest full moon of the year and I was not completely settled on the name Lillie but it became clear pretty quickly that we had a Moon-Lllie on our hands and any objections I had disappeared. So if the birth numbers are added individually they come to 5555. If they are are further combined they produce 6 or 3 if the birth time is factored. I’ve heard mixed opinions on reducing like numbers which appear side by side. Any opinions?


    • Congratulations on your wedding on 5/1/5 – the numbers of both sudden and gradual change. This was demonstrated just a few days later on the 5th with the early arrival of Lillie. What joy! And more congratulations of course. Lillie’s numbers, although anchored with the stability of 6 (5+5+5=1+5=6), makes her full of surprises. And do you know that the name Lillie also adds up to 5? The vowels add up to 23/5, the consonants add up to 9, and the entire name adds up to 32/5.

      You appear to have a good relationship with numbers and I think you should continue to read them as you see them. Let them speak to you rather than have someone else tell you the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to perceive them. A set discipline is needed when it comes to calculating a personal chart, but numbers also need to be looked at from a much broader angle.

      Wishing you, your wife, and Lillie the VERY best.

      With love,


      • majick says:

        Thanks for the kind words, additional considerations and the reminder that there is never a single perspective. I failed to mention the year in the previous post, but my wife would probably appreciate me clarifying that the wedding was on 5/1/2011 with Lillie arriving 1 yr 5 days later 🙂 ~Best wishes



  9. thehotchick says:

    Dear Christine, I just read your post here. No wonder I was feeling so much of the CHANGE inside me last month. I thought I was closed to depression. I felt so much the struggle in me wanting a radical change freeing me all that has been vacumming my need for independence (by the way, I am a strong 1 with a 10th day). I hope to find my freedom and independence soon as how my DOB dictates my destiny.

    I follow your monthly readings and they are so insightful. Thank you!


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